Character Bios

Please note that characters’ status and bios contain spoilers.

Primary Characters

StewartName: Stewart
Status: Alive
Weapon: Machete
First Appearance: Episode 4
Bio: Stewart was a high school student prior to the outbreak, and it shows. The youngest and cockiest of the group, what Stewart lacks in experience and intelligence, he makes up for in aggression and the desire to lead. He butts heads frequently with Cheryl, with whom he appears to be slightly infatuated.
Additional Notes: The four original primary characters have names that start with an “S” sound in honor of the webcomic that inspired me, The Adventures of S Team.
CherlName: Cheryl
Status: Alive
Weapon: Baseball Bat
First Appearance: Episode 4
Bio: Cheryl considers herself the smartest in the group. She’s very cautious, and prefers to stay put and try to fortify rather than running out in the open. Cheryl is often at odds with Stewart.
Additional Notes: The four original primary characters have names that start with an “S” sound in honor of the webcomic that inspired me, The Adventures of S Team.
ShannonName: Shannon
Status: Deceased
Weapon: Hatchet
First Appearance: Episode 4
Bio: An executive administrator at an insurance firm, Shannon is the most social of the group. She’s often the first to greet new characters and, like Sam, Shannon usually tries to act as the group’s peacekeeper, although she takes sides more often. Shannon is also the most likely to put the group at risk to help someone in need. Shannon was bitten by a zombie in Episode 138.
Additional Notes: The four original primary characters have names that start with an “S” sound in honor of the webcomic that inspired me, The Adventures of S Team.
SamName: Sam
Status: Alive
Weapon: Crowbar
First Appearance: Episode 4
Bio: A mid-forties software developer, Sam is shy and timid. He is often cowed into schemes by others in the group because he cannot assert himself. Since he doesn’t like conflict, Sam often intervenes to calm Stewart and Cheryl. The rest of the group distrusts Sam after he freaked out and refused to help Stewart until Stewart apologized for treating Sam poorly.
Additional Notes: The four original primary characters have names that start with an “S” sound in honor of the webcomic that inspired me, The Adventures of S Team.
MurphyName: Murphy
Status: Alive
Weapon: Rifle (no ammo) and semi-automatic pistol
First Appearance: Episode 13 (Background)
Bio: The lone survivor from the police department’s SWAT team, Murphy was trapped inside an apartment and contemplating suicide until our heroes showed up. He is looking for someone, but we don’t know who or why.
Additional Notes: Murphy is named after Robocop.

Secondary Characters

GeneName: Gene
Status: Deceased
Weapon: Magnum revolver
First Appearance: Episode 15
Bio: A producer at the local news station, Gene is shrewd and clever but often considered too direct to the point of rudeness. After losing power, Gene organized Ted and Jeff, ensured everyone was armed, and led them out of the station. Gene was killed when trying to help Ted get to his family. He reanimated, but was later killed again by Barb.
Additional Notes: I picked the name Gene because I thought it sounded like a producer’s name. I still do.
TedName: Ted
Status: Alive
Weapon: Hammer
First Appearance: Episode 1
Bio: The anchor at the local news station. Ted is extremely career focused and generally comes across well on camera, however he isn’t terribly intelligent and often fails to grasp the whole situation. He also has  a very nasty cowardly streak. Ted left with Gene and Jeff after the station lost power.
JeffName: Jeff
Status: Zombified
Weapon: Chainsaw
First Appearance: Episode 15
Bio: The news station’s camera man, Jeff is clearly just working for the paycheck. Jeff was bitten by a zombie while trying to find the station’s electrical generator. He left with Gene and Ted, but probably won’t last long.
Additional Notes: Jeff is the first named character to get infected.
InexName: Inez Louis
Status: Alive
Weapon: Sledge Hammer
First Appearance: Episode 2
Bio: A field reporter who was assigned to do a story on the safe zone. Inez has fallen in with Stewart, Cheryl, and Murphy. She is working with the group, but seems to be constantly at odds with Murphy.
ClarkName: Clark
Status: Alive
Weapon: Spear/Survival Knife
First Appearance: Episode 29
Bio: A former used car loan officer, Clark fancies himself to be a survivalist. Because he sees himself as completely self reliant, he often looks down on those who are more dependent on society. Clark also seems to lack social graces, and comes across as more than a little creepy. Clark joined up with Ted and Barb.
Additional Notes: Clark is named after Clark W. Griswald and William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Abe - Bricks of the DeadName: Abe
Status: Deceased
Weapon: M1 Carbine
First Appearance: Episode 174
Bio: Abe is the leader and father of the group who rescued and/or kidnapped Sam. He appears to have some sort of military or paramilitary experience, possibly a veteran or a member of a militia. Abe is shot in the chest by Sam in the chapel, and later reanimates and attacks his own son.
Emma - Bricks of the DeadName: Emma
Status: Alive
Weapon: Sub-machine Gun
First Appearance: Episode 174
Bio: The daughter of Abe, Emma participates in the rescue and/or kidnapping of Sam. Back at their compound, Emma is the person who is the most sympathetic to Sam, but she’s also clearly loyal to her family. She is devastated when her father and brothers are killed, but it is unclear whether she can forgive Sam for his role in the tragedy.
Danny - Bricks of the DeadName: Danny
Status: Deceased
Weapon: Scoped Pistol
First Appearance: Episode 174
Bio: Danny is probably the most positive and friendly member of Abe’s family. He’s generally friendly to Sam, but he still actively participates in the rescue/kidnapping, and even pistol whips him at Abe’s request. Danny is attacked and killed by the zombie Abe, and in the process accidentally shoots and kills his brother Clem.
Additional Notes: I named this character after a friend of mine because of the accidental similarity in appearance.
Clem - Bricks of the DeadName: Clem
Status: Deceased
Weapon: Riot Shield and Fire Axe
First Appearance: Episode 174
Bio: Clem is the most hostile member of Abe’s family, and is rude and taunting to Sam. Like the others, Clem also participated in Sam’s rescue/kidnapping, and is the most impatient in the group when Sam wants to wait for his friends. Clem is accidentally shot and killed by Danny when the latter is attacked by a zombie.
Additional Notes: While I never got the chance to address this in the comic, I intended to Clem to not use firearms because he lost the privilege due to his recklessness.
Doctor StevensName: Dr. Stevens
Status: Zombified
Weapon: None
First Appearance: Episode 100
Bio: Dr. Stevens was the doctor on call in the emergency room when the first zombie patient arrived. While attending to his patients he was bitten on the neck and died from blood loss. He reanimated a short time later and attacked Officer Skinner along with his former patients.
Additional Notes: Any relation to Chris Doyle of Brick House is purely coincidental.
NurseName: Barb
Status: Alive
Weapon: Hammer/Shotgun
First Appearance: Episode 100
Bio: Barb is the only survivor from the hospital, where the zombie outbreak appears to have originated in town. She fled the room while Officer Skinner was devoured. Barb recently came across the news crew, who came to the hospital looking for medical help for their bitten camera man.
Officer Mike SkinnerName: Officer Mike Skinner
Status: Deceased (Possibly zombified)
Weapon: Semi-automatic pistol
First Appearance: Episode 100
Bio: Officer Skinner arrived at the hospital with the first zombie patient and his infected partner. Officer Skinner prevented Dr. Stevens from work on a grievously wounded patient to ensure that his partner, John, would be helped. That patient turned into a zombie and attacked Skinner and the doctor. Officer Skinner was killed a short time later.
Additional Notes: Mike Skinner is named after B.F. Skinner.
The lead escaped prisonerName: Unknown (Prisoner)
Status: Zombified
Weapon: Combat shotgun
First Appearance: Episode 44
Bio: This prisoner, presumably the leader of a gang of three escapees, showed up with his buddies to loot supplies from the overrun safe zone. They took everything that wasn’t nailed down and escaped in a panel truck. When they realized Murphy was there, they attempted to gun him down. He later shoots and kills Gene, only to be attacked by zombie Gene moments later.
Additional Notes: The prisoners were inspired by the short-lived CBS show Jericho. In the show some escaped prisoners held a couple principal characters hostage, but the situation was quickly and violently resolved. I always thought that could have been milked for more drama.
Another escaped prisonerName: Unknown (Prisoner)
Status: Zombified
Weapon: MP5 submachine gun
First Appearance: Episode 45
Bio: This prisoner apparently has some military experience, as he talks about being trained to shoot for center mass. Despite – or perhaps because of – this training, he appears to follow orders well. We don’t know how he lost his eye, but it doesn’t appear to affect his accuracy. He is shot and killed by Barb.
Additional Notes: The prisoners were inspired by the short-lived CBS show Jericho. In the show some escaped prisoners held a couple principal characters hostage, but the situation was quickly and violently resolved. I always thought that could have been milked for more drama.
A third escaped prisonerName: Unknown (Prisoner)
Status: Zombified
Weapon: MP5 submachine gun
First Appearance: Episode 45
Bio: This prisoner doesn’t get much dialog, but he’s quick to advise his compatriot on how to deal with the undead horde who are slowly surrounding them. He is also killed by Barb, who shoots off his leg with a shotgun blast.
Additional Notes: The prisoners were inspired by the short-lived CBS show Jericho. In the show some escaped prisoners held a couple principal characters hostage, but the situation was quickly and violently resolved. I always thought that could have been milked for more drama.
Russell - Bricks of the DeadName: Russell
Status: Alive
Weapon: Pipe Wrench
First Appearance: Episode 199
Bio: A city power maintenance worker who is rescued by our heroes. Currently securing a cabin as a potential zombie survival safehouse. May have delusions of grandeur.
Lou - Bricks of the DeadName: Lou
Status: Presumed Dead/Zombified
Weapon: Pump Shotgun
First Appearance: Episode 373
Bio: Owner of the small shop that Murphy, Brent, and Inez visited for supplies, and then inadvertently raided. Paralyzed by Inez and then left to be eaten by zombies.
Karen - Bricks of the DeadName: Karen
Status: Dead
Weapon: Golf Club
First Appearance: Episode 189
Bio: Karen was one of a pair of EMTs who joined up with our heroes in the hopes of escaping downtown. Karen was killed after the ambulance she was in flipped, and she was attacked by a zombie.
Lyle - Bricks of the DeadName: Lyle
Status: Dead
Weapon: Sledge Hammer
First Appearance: Episode 189
Bio: The other half of a pair of EMTs who joined up with the rest of the group to get out of downtown. Kyle was also killed after the ambulance crashed; he lost focus on the situation after losing his partner.
Vicky - Bricks of the DeadName: Vicky
Status: Alive
Weapon: None
First Appearance: Episode 358
Bio: Vicky is Ted’s wife, and the mother of Teddy and Kelly. Gene sent an unnamed intern to check on Vicky, but that intern ended up being infected, and ironically almost killed all of Ted’s family.
Teddy & Kelly - Bricks of the DeadName: Teddy and Kelly
Status: Alive
Weapon: None
First Appearance: Episode 358
Bio: Teddy and Kelly are Ted and Vicky’s young children, who are traumatized by the zombie attack, but overjoyed to see their father retuned safely home.
Michael - Bricks of the DeadName: Michael Hobbes
Status: Alive
Weapon: Semi-Automatic Pistol
First Appearance: Episode 481
Bio: Michael was a gun store worker prior to the outbreak. When the news reports stopped coming in from town, he packed up with his girlfriend and left Canada thinking that America would be safer.
Joy - Bricks of the DeadName: Joy Roberts
Status: Alive
Weapon: Assault Rifle
First Appearance: Episode 480
Bio: Girlfriend of Michael, when reports of the outbreak came in she and her Michael went on a major food and ammo buying frenzy to be prepared. When the reports stopped coming in and electricity was lost they packed up and left Canada for America thinking it would have a better handle on the situation.

Misc. Characters

ScrimshawName: Scrimshaw
Status: Unknown (Presumably dead since he’s from the 1800s)
Weapon: Harpoons
First Appearance: Scrimshaw’s Scruvy Scallawags – Episode 1
Bio: Scrimshaw is the captain of the Dutch whaling ship The Albatross. He and his stout crew harvest whales to ensure a steady supply of lamp oil and other whale-related items.
Additional Notes: Scrimshaw is named for the art of scrimshaw, which involves intricate carvings on whale bones and ivory, often depicting scenes of whaling.
Status: Alive
Weapon: The awesome power to alter the world of Bricks of the Dead as he sees fit
First Appearance: Guest Strip Intro
Bio: By day, Dave works for a small web development company, but by night he fights crime on the streets of old Detroit– no, wait. He just runs a silly little webcomic made out of LEGO® people. Regardless, he is not to be triffled with.
Additional Notes: Dave almost stepped on a very large alligator in Mexico. He was married the next day.

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    • You have me second-guessing myself; I just went back and checked the archives and I did have it right.

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        • I don’t use the same faces when I can avoid it. Clark was an oversight. I need to bring that character back and his him lose his glasses or something.

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    • I don’t know if those characters will ever get revisited. Like the cops in the safe zone at the beginning they’re basically just there short term.

      • You’ll think of something! People like those two are the kind you fall back on when a situation calls for something unexpected! Like the gang’s getaway plan which will be going horribly wrong sometime after Monday! Or whatever! 😀

        • This is true. It’s always nice to have a fallback.

  12. Name: BuilderNate
    Status: alive
    Weapon: Ak47
    First Appearence: A comment
    The young boy grew up in the small town of LA. He enjoyed playing manning games like shoot a brain and run away from horde. Who knew these games would help him as he was growing up. On his sixteenth birthday an infection broke out, turning everyone into blood thirsty zombies. Some how he didn’t get the infection. He is now one of the most well known zombie killers in the world! His idol Is Dave for all his great advice. Additional notes: He once shot a zombie bird

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    • Fixed now. Thanks for the head’s up!

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    Weapon: Mk14EBR, M1911, Bowie knife, hugs, and a big fluffeh pillow.
    First Appearance: Ha!
    Bio: Born in Oklahoma, Calicade(Ben) always knew he would grow up to be a mercenary.. Or the first honest politician in history. His passion for guns, zombies, and chicken Alfredo may or may not stop him from his impending future! See what happens next in ‘Dun de dun dun!’ Generic named Adventures!…. Right… In truth is the above average intelligent 17 years of age teenage boy (Man clearly) that fakes his sanity and plans for the zombie apocalypse for the majority of his day. He loves guns, zombies, chicken Alfredo, and anything to do with politics. An aspiring writer he enjoys slamming his head against the wall to get it working again. Lets hope for humanity his minds creativity starts working again.
    Additional notes: Can fly, leap over tall buildings in a single dance move, and enjoys a nice cup of coffee with cookies.

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        • That “be in the comic” thing is really only as a cameo. Someone in the background, a victim getting attacked by zombies, or maybe a zombie dressed like you.

  20. Hey Dave i’m new so i would first like to say great job on Bricks of the Dead. I really love it! Also i don’t know if you know but Brickarms has really cool weapons the Advanced Recon Carbine(ARC) Heavy Assult Carbine(HAC), m3 Grease gun, and the Browning m1919 mounted machine gun. You should check those out on G.I.brick. Aso when are Steward and the gang going to make an appearance?

    • Thank you, Exterminator136!

      I’ve definitely been checking out the new BrickArms; I’ll probably pick a few up when the budget allows (I want a minigun too, but I just can’t see how I’d use it in the strip).

      We’ll see Stewart and co. again on Monday. The arc with the News Crew is over now.

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    One quick comment though… I presume these are for new readers of the comic…. Maybe it’s a spoiler to tell who’s alive and deceased… For one person you even tell when he/she gets killed. As a newvreader, you might not want to know this. Just a thought…

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