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About this Episode:
So I’m taking a vacation. It’s the first week off of work I’ve taken since my son was born and the first real vacation my wife and I have even taken. Needless to say, we’re quite excited. I had regular episodes scheduled through this week, but I thought it would be more fun to reach out to a few of my favorite comic makers and ask them to do a guest strip.

They – perhaps understandably – told me to get stuffed. But I’m a tenacious fellow, so I just kept bugging until they finally agree… except for that one guy who contacted his attorney. At any rate, I’ve got some really great comics schedule all week (even Saturday and Sunday), so keep checking back.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
It’s very tempting for a writer to insert themselves into their own work, either directly or through some sort of barely disguised author avatar. Sometimes this is fun and charming, but more often than not it’s obnoxious, with the author’s character morphing into a being of such awesome majesty that they completely throw off the balance of the work. Thankfully, these characters rarely stick around very long, but for the duration of their stay it’s a total pantload.

5 thoughts on “Guest Strip Intro”

  1. i use the indiana jones torso for my sig fig wich has not been put on the internet yet but its a more likely look of me then me in a rebel scout uniform from star wars.

  2. God, that Dave is such a pestering fellow…

  3. october the would be more awsome then it would be made on my birthday =)

  4. Wow. Dave be buff. ;D

    • i think hes just been steling torsos from the surfer