Episode 29

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Enter the mysterious stranger! That noise you heard behind you isn’t always a zombie, sometimes it’s another survivor. Perhaps they’re here to help, perhaps they want to rob you blind and leave you for the walking dead. You’ll never know until it’s too late. Of course if his first action upon meeting you is to dispatch a zed that was just about to attack, he might be okay.

3 thoughts on “Episode 29”

  1. isnt that guy from the one of the city advent calenders(apart from the spear)?this being a brick comic version/parody of zombie films i cant see him lasting long.

    • He may be; I’m not certain. I believe I acquired him to fill the minimum on a Bricklink order.

      Don’t count Clark out too soon. He may be around for a while.

      • He was indeed – near the end of the calendar, day 21 or 22. Wherever he shows up in my comic corresponds to where he appeared behind a door (comic should be linked from my name here).