Episode 174

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
When it comes to inexplicably ambulatory undead creatures that are trying to eat you, you can never take too many precautions. Sure, we all know that you catch the zombie bug from getting bitten (or sometimes scratched), but that doesn’t mean the characters in the story do. So dressing in head to toe hazardous materiel protection with a separate oxygen tank to ensure clean air not only looks badass, it’s the smart thing to do.

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  1. Gas Mask.. That is all.

    • Gasmasks are badass. I haven’t found one I like quite yet for the comic, but I do want to use one at some point.

      • that one I sent you doesn’t fit with with head accessories sadly.

        • Nope, neither does the other one I found elsewhere. I really like the design of it, but it needs some tweaking.

        • You can combine it with the mad scientist hair piece, because that one is a bit soft.

        • Are you looking for one with a larger air filter? Visually that seems like a better fit for the comic

        • I’ve got one like that, and one with a dual-sided filter as well. They all have the same design to fit to the figure’s face, however, and none will work with a hat/hair/helmet piece.

  2. One of them is female, whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen! 😀

    And perhaps these aren’t the prisoners, but I’m still sure they’re some sort of bad apple! 😀

    • Diversifying the cast is always a plus. Whether she’s a good character, well that remains to be seen.

    • As a girl with glasses, I’d love to see a girl minifig with glasses too.

      • Hell yes! So far as I’m aware, there’s only one girl with glasses face, and that’s on in one of the Alien Conquest or whatever sets.

        • Actually, there’s 5 different female glasses faces shown on BrickLink and that doesn’t include the sunglasses variations! 😀

          Simply search the minifig, head category using ‘female glasses’ to find them! 😀

        • Huh, I stand corrected.

  3. Okay, so I was wrong assuming that it was the prisoners that got Sam. So it’s these guys in Hazmat suits? Well, I can still see where they’d want Sam to take off his clothes to inspect for bite marks but why’d they lock him in a dungeon-like room? Hmmm….

    • Hmmm indeed. Don’t worry, all will be explained soon enough.

  4. For some reason, seeing the hazmat suits puts me to mind of Ghost Busters. but that is highly incongruous.

    At least it’s not the prisoners. They’ve probably got Sam locked in a dungeon in case he had turned. They might be wanting him for a guinea pig for their experiments to cure zombies.

    • Or maybe they’re just hungry cannibals.

      • Yeah, about the only thing more horrifying than flesh-eating zombies is flesh-eating humans. I wonder what human flesh tastes like…Actually, I take it back since it probably wouldn’t taste as good as anything else I’ve ever tasted.

        • Word is that people taste like pork, hence the terms “long pork” or “long pig” to describe human meat.

        • Dave… I have never heard that. 0_o

        • Look at that, Bricks of the Dead is entertaining and educations. Entercational, if you will.

        • Actually Larry, Long Pork reportedly tastes very good. It’s something of a sticking point when trying to persuade people to stop eating it.

  5. The one one the end looks like Amir Blumenfeld! http://amirblumenfeld.com/ And the zombie behind himWHY DO YOU MOCK ME DAVE D:(

    • 😀

    • Yeah, he kind of does. I’d never heard of the dude before today.

      • He’s a TV presenter.

        • Ah right on.

  6. These strangers seems to be enjoying this a little too much if you ask me…

    • I don’t understand this concept.. Shouldn’t everyone enjoy slaying the bane of their society?

      • Sure, getting a sense of satisfaction from slaying the undead is a must… but doing so with a smile on their faces tells me that there must something wrong with these guys. They just look over confident to me and that’s bad omen.
        (either that or Dave is running out of anxious heads – I just wish Lego would make more of these btw).

        • There are never enough anxious heads, especially for people with glasses, facial hair, or a pair of X chromosomes.

  7. I don’t know if there are any other French speaking people around here, but the last frame really made me think of that quote from the movie “la Cité de la Peur”: “Attention Benjamin derrière toi c’est affreux!”.

    • I’m no Francophone, but it seems like we do have a couple in the audience.

      • I speak a bit of Swedish.

        • Skol ofenstrü!

        • Vad heter du? Och ja sig der pig, Yatkuu!

    • Je suis francophone (mais pas natif)… “La Cité de la Peur?” Je ne l’ai jamais vu, puis-je le voir sur Netflix?

      Je ne connais que l’anglais et le français, alors es-tu trilingue, Yatkuu?

  8. Ha, another episode and more writings in bloodsplats! 😉
    Are you doing this on purpose, Dave? 😀

    Guess one of them says “UAGH” , not sure about the other 😀

    • Hah, nope. These are just a set of brushes I found somewhere. I never realized they had hidden messages.

    • Now that you mention it, they DO look like hidden messages in panel 3!

      • But what do they mean, man?

  9. Hey I recognize that zed in panel 4!

    • Hah, I’ll bet you do. I just had to use that guy quickly.

    • Yeah me too… that dude is everywhere! (…even in my new upcoming MOC… I was finally able to make a good use of him!)

      • glad you two found use for the highly overpriced custom zeds I bought….because I sure haven’t!

        • Hah, I’m sure I’ll use him again someday. The head at least, the torso is pretty damn recognizable.

        • They don’t come cheap indeed… did you see their new “clown/zombie”?

        • The problem is they have to buy series 1 clowns to slap the custom head onto. I asked them twice if I could just buy a few heads…considering how much money I have spent with them I would like to think I was worth at least a response saying “no” but I guess not. Never again will I order from them. Definitely wasn’t expecting them to say yes…but at least to respond.

        • Are they pretty big? Big enough that they don’t need to respond to customer queries? That sort of thing always annoys me.

        • Exactly. A simple “no” …that’s it..in fact I would have simply bought the clowns whole if they had responded not giving it a second thought.

          I was going to have them as pieces on that other large MOC I started 5 months ago…so now I am looking elsewhere for a different solution.

        • Yeah, that’s not cool. I mean, they probably get a ton of emails, but they could at least setup an auto-responder saying “Hey, we get a lot or emails here. We try to respond to everyone, but occasionally some slip through the cracks. If you don’t hear back from us, please accept our apologies.” I’d be happy with that.

        • No company should back down a customer problem. When I won that competition I spoke to LEGO about a sending failure and Marketing Affiliates Manager Frank in Enfield, CT, saved the day with a simple reply: Dont worry Miles you are still qualified.

  10. OK GUYS! I need a great site for Zombie survival research.. This is for a school research paper and I decided I’mma use a loop hole for this one. We were to pick a topic out of our book and I decided to go with survival (As the Pendulum swings motivated this) And I decided to broaden it out even more to Zombie survival.. SO YEAH!

    • http://zombiehunters.org/forum/index.php

      look no further

    • This is another link but its pretty weaved into the zombiehunters forums


      ^ thats the guy who is in the military who wrote Day By Day Armegeddon. Intelligence officer JL Bourne.

      Granted those are forums but they are loaded with links and discussions to other sites, books and essays.

      If you make a post on zombiehunters I am betting they will direct you to everything you can possibly needs. Those guys LOVE survival issues more than anything else.

      • Good!

        • I can see Calicade in 6 months…

          “Where should adjust the canteen webbing on my Alice pack; gun side or balance side?”

          “You have room for one more bottle … germicidal or iodine tablets?

        • I can only use one website saddly.. The rest has to be a written resource or such.

    • This guy is very serious as well:


  11. I think these guys totally need a bad ass theme song. Love the hazmat suits for sure and the chic too!

    • They do need a badass theme song. Any composers in the audience?

  12. How about “Bodies” by Drowning Pool….rather apt song I would say.

    New characters are always a good way to keep the story fresh. Are they scientists trying to find a cure or are they ordinary people who “lucked out” in a surplus store……only time will tell (unless Dave spills the beans) 🙂

    • I’ve never been terribly fond of that song. I don’t know why.

  13. YESSSSSS HAZMATS! And I agree, “Bodies” by drowning pool would fit nicely 😀

    • I’ve been waiting to use these hazmat guys forever.

  14. Did you use the atlantis heads. @ nikoli my gamertag is james bond223. Sorry for not being on as much but my mom and my brother gave me the stomach flu virus.

    • The guy with the eye patch is from Atlantis. I’ve been waiting to use that head for quite a while now.

  15. Scratched? I thought that was usually werewolves…
    Vampire: Bite
    Zombie: Bite
    Mummy: Mummified
    Witch: Magic
    Werewolf: Bite/Scratch
    Plantsim—oops wrong list of monsters

    • Depends on the story. Usually it’s some sort of fluid transfer. Sometimes all it takes is a scratch. Sometimes everyone is going to rise from the dead anyway, and the bite just kills.

      • Ah, touche. Hm, so basically, if a werewolf, zombie, and vampire all went to donate blood (the latter being VEEEERY unlikely) then an outbreak is almost guaranteed? No wonder the monsters’ve been talking about discrimination in hospitals.

        • Yeah, we’d just have to hope the Red Cross’ blood screening was top notch.

  16. Oh also, at first I thought that far-right hazmat was making the zombie noise 😀

    • Hah, nope.

  17. Finally, HAZMAT guys! I love that guy with the eyepatch!

    • Hell yeah. I’ve had this hazmat team build and ready to go for months now.

  18. Hey zombiemutts Dave if you don’t mind how old are you two?

    • I’m 31.

    • I’m 35 going on 18.

  19. Badass. I wonder – these guys are wearing civilian hazmat suits, does that indicate they’re not military, or did you just not feel like trying to make up a proper military NBC suit?
    Are we looking at CDC, FEMA, or just a bunch of guys who raided a warehouse somewhere? That ‘dungeon’ didn’t look terribly official, but that doesn’t really mean that much.