Episode 45

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
To a small percentage of the population there exists a maxim that states “There is no problem that cannot be overcome by the liberal use of violence.” Sure, zombies are a nuisance, a dangerous nuisance even, but if you have enough firepower and ammunition, what’s the big deal? Of course these people rarely stop to think that all the noise from their turkey shoot is just going to attract an even bigger horde of flesh-eating monsters, but these aren’t exactly big picture thinkers.

11 thoughts on “Episode 45”

  1. Verily.
    Silent weapons are much more effective, though many silent weapons are mele and you dont want to get too close to a zombie.

    • Totally agreed; although “Low Profile” isn’t exactly a priority for these fellas.

  2. I love the background. The Green Grocer has to be my favorite LEGO set of all time, it’s nice to see it in a cameo role here. I use mine occasionally in my comic as of now.

    • Green Grocer is great, as are all the modular buildings. Market Street is still my favorite, although I’ve not gotten the newest one yet.

  3. Great comic, I started reading yesterday after finally finding the BCN. I plan to start a Brick comic at some point…. Once again, great comic, and I’ll be adding this to my weekly RSS reads…

    • Thanks Salamere! I appreciate the kind words.

      If you start a comic, be sure to let us know.

      • Absolutely! There’s plenty of helpful tips and comments on the BCN for a new Lego comic creator, from lighting to computer programs to writing to hosting. It’s one-stop Lego comic shopping. Well, not shopping – we aren’t selling anything.

  4. Actually, we sort of are “selling” views. And please notify us if you do start a comic, I’ll read it!!

  5. I take back my comment about the only zed in site.

    • Good thing they’re well armed.

  6. How big a problem that is depends on your circumstances. If you’re moving slowly through a town, you’re pretty much dead. If you’re doing a quick smash & grab like these guys, not that big a deal if you get out quick enough. If you’re looking to set up shop somewhere and have the firepower to take out everything in earshot (not likely in town but a real possibility in the country), then it actually simplifies cleaning up the area since they’ll come to you rather than you having to hunt them down. You could even fire a shot each dawn to attract any that wandered into range during the night.