Episode 2

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The “Safe Zone” is something that pops up in a lot of zombie stories. Oftentimes our heroes trying to get to the safe zone is what sets the story in motion. Almost without exception, the safe zone proves to be anything but, and our heroes must then try to escape after its been overwhelmed by the walking dead.

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  1. Hehe, and no one will ever know.

    • About this comment?

      • You’re breaking my cover Dave!

        • Hah!

  2. Dave whered u get da mic?

    • R you frum da ‘hood?

      • yes from da hood no from ri

    • The microphone is from BrickForge, although LEGO made a really nice one with their collectible minifigs too.

      • Dave, are you sure you used the right grammar so he can understand you?

        • Oh he’ll have to get his own translation.

      • just found dat out why do i keep doing dat ahhh!!!

  3. minifigures are pretty cool, and i know how dave gets all of them.

  4. i was tinkering around with brickforage.com and found toywiz, everything went downhill from there

  5. oh nice i like it