The most pressing issue facing the world today is the ever-present danger of a pestilent horde of the walking dead devouring every man, woman, and child in their path. Thus, it is our job to do everything in our power to prepare for the inevitable plague of zombies that will no doubt wreak havoc on civilization. As a longstanding member of the human race, I thought it was important to do my part.

But what could one single, rakishly handsome man like me do? Why, create a zombie comic book to entertain and inform the public of exactly what they should do when the zombies show up at their doors. Unfortunately, I have absolutely zero artistic ability. Since being able to draw reasonably well is generally a prerequisite when it comes to making comics, I was out of luck.

Or so I thought until I stumbled upon my first LEGO® Comic, Adventures of S-Team. After this epiphany I ran to my parents’ basement (after a lengthy drive to their house) and unearthed my lost bin full of LEGO® and started concocting a story.

This is the result of my endeavors.

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  1. As a zombietologest myself. Id say that this webcomic is pretty accurate. exept for the machine guns. where do you get a machine guns?

    • As far as I can remember, the only people in the comic with automatic weapons were the prisoners, who stole them from guards.


    • Comments on pages like this are easy to miss. Plus, I think you posted this comment elsewhere, and I replied to it there.

      • oh, sorry, hey i read some of the adventures of S team, it said that it was made by a guy named ion

        • Ian, Ian Healy. Nice guy.

  3. did you just help him out with the comic?

    • Ian? Nope. Seeing his comic helped inspire Bricks of the Dead though.

  4. but i thought that you said ”until i stumbled on my first comic, the adventures of s team”

    • I meant the first lego comic that I had seen, not that it was my creation.

      • oh sorry, by bad, hey, you know i thought that the dads favorite room would be like a room full of wepeons

        • Isn’t that second part more a comment for Episode 238 than BotD’s “About” page?

          (I suppose I’m only making it worse by commenting here as well…)

        • Yeah, this discussion belongs on that episode.

          However, a lot of people thought we were going to see a room full of guns.

          Classic bait and switch.

  5. no no no, your fine

  6. but yea. its more of an episode 238 coment

  7. oh well

  8. if you were any charecter from this comic, who would you be?

  9. yea, i always try to predict what happens next, ( oh and my sister posted that last comment, sorry about that )

    • Yeah, your best bet for getting responses to comments is to post them in the current episode. People don’t tend to see them on pages like this.

      • ok, ill do that next time

  10. hey dave, do you think that you could have another contest soon, ive got 2 ideas for one

  11. you know dave, ian uses the same face you do, if you could, would you change your face,

    • Yeah, but Ian has hair, where I shave my head.

      Out of all the available faces, this is the one that looks most like me, so I’m keeping it.

  12. i have my person made in lego, he has the old red ninja guy from ninjago, i just need to put it onto my picture profile, do you think that you can help me out?

    • It’s pretty simple. Just sign up at Gravatar.com and follow the directions.

      • Yeah, just take a good picture of it and upload it to Gravatar. I’ll be switching back to my scrubs pic soon. No more milking graduation in July.

  13. thanks! you guys rock!

    • So, any luck with Gravatar?

  14. ill have the new gravatar out by tomorrow, sorry i swore at you bo, back on episode 247… or maybe it was 248… whatever it was, im sorry.

  15. oh… well i tried to register, 3 times in fact, ive got a good picture, i folloed the steps. do i need to cheak my eMail?

    • Are you using any kind of script blocking software that might prevent registration? If not, you should be good to go.

      • It sends a verification email to you that you have to click through. Check your spam, I think it ended up there for me the first time I signed up.

  16. as soon as i find out how to edit my pictures, ill make you a star in my comic… maybe even someone in your family, ill do anything that i could fit into my comic.

    • Picture editing is pretty easy once you grasp how it works, and there are a load of free tools out there: Gimp, Paint.Net, or even something simlpe like Picasa.

      I believe Adobe has a free tool online as well.

  17. well… im not sure if you have to wait 24 hours or something for my gravatar…

  18. oh well, my guy is ready, and so is my webcomic, the stalking dead. and this is mostly about looters, or in other words, an old gang, very intresting, and very very bloody,

  19. hey dave, good news, tomorrow im REALLY getting my new gravatar

    • That was five months ago…

      • Maybe he’s using tomorrow in reference to another planet’s length of a day.

        • Sometimes I wonder if AC is a bot.

        • Whose brother has to buy him sodas?

        • Or maybe the worst troll in history.

        • “Worst” meaning he’s just not that goot at it?


        • Exactly

  20. “Since being able to draw reasonably well is generally a prerequisite when it comes to making comics, I was out of luck.”

    I can’t draw worth of shit either. But that doesn’t stop me from making a Webcomic anyway. 🙂

    • Looks like you’re cheating, just like me. Isn’t cheating great?

      • Yes man! Cheating is great!

  21. Using LEGO is so much better than drawing! 😀

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