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About This Episode:
This is, obviously, the first comic. I shot the first fourteen episodes in one batch. It took a buddy and I two days to build, setup, and shoot it. Another day’s worth of photo editing, spread out over a couple of weeks, followed. My original idea was to present the comic in a series of chapters, each with seven to fifteen eight-frame episodes per chapter. I’ve since abandoned that approach since it’s proven to be far too time consuming.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
One of my favorite mainstays in zombie flicks is when the local news talks about the outbreak and what people should do. Invariably, we’re told to stay indoors until the authorities have the situation under control. Of course the authorities are never able to get things under control, and our intrepid heroes have to set out into the world sooner or later.

21 thoughts on “Episode 1”

  1. no comments?

    • Well now there are.

      The lack of comments here always surprises me. This is probably the most viewed page on the site.

      • why cant shotguns hold more than 8 bullets? (unlike in video games) theres no more than 8 bullet’s in a shotgun, why though?

        • 1. Shotguns can hold more than 8 shells. Some shotguns have rotary magazines and can hold quite a lot.
          2. Most shotguns, however, hold a lot fewer, primarily because the shell is so damn big and shotguns have internal magazines.

      • it.s awesome Dave

  2. I’ve been on a mission to find this set since I finally read from page 1 and got caught up a month ago. Finally found it last night for the right price.

    I also got #6754

    BricksoftheDead.com: Not only does it entertain us, it helps the economy.

    • Hah. If I ever publish a book, that should be a pull quote on the cover.

      I love this set. This was the first of the Creator series I bought, and my first largish set I picked up after re-acclimating myself with LEGO a few years ago. I wish I had bought two or three now. Creator sets are great for mucho parts.

      • I liked the set and the design, but I find yellow a tedious and problematic colour. after all, it’s the tone of one’s actors…

        • Yeah, that’s a pretty serious drawback. Damn need for contrast.

      • hello audeince! what are you doing on botd like or he’ll pee on you boop


        • Oooh… kay.

  3. Necro comment: What set is this?

    • It’s the creator beach house.

      Sorry for the super late response; I completely missed this.

  4. for a first episode, theres not a lot of comments

    • Not a lot of traffic back when the site launched.

    • agreed

  5. I have this set. It’s just taken apart and its parts are spread out in my multiple boxes of Lego. Love the original strips!

    • They definitely have a different look and feel compared to the newer ones.

  6. i like the rabbit ears on the tv.

    \ /
    \ /
    \ /

    • Hah, thanks.

  7. i like this