Episode 480: Clear!

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Pat Down

When meeting another zombie apocalypse survivor for the first time, you should definitely try to disarm them if that’s at all possible. You just never know who you can trust, and who might have another weapon squirrelled away, just waiting for an opportunity to use it. Any opportunity will do.

Of course, there’s another way to look at this, and that’s from the point of view of the person who was just disarmed. Things don’t look quite as good from that perspective. Not only do you not know the motives of this new survivor and are completely at their mercy, but if a zombie or twelve happen to show up, you’re completely defenseless.

About this Episode:

The character I’m introducing here is part of a pair that I received from ShiftedBeef. He offered to send me a couple to make into temporary characters, which I thought sounded like a fun challenge. I’m not sure if this is what he had in mind for them, but here they are so far. The other character will be revealed soon.

That said, this isn’t something I plan to make a habit of. It was a fun one-off thing that I thought could be interesting. I’ve never tried using a character I didn’t create, after all.

Discussion Question: Rule 1

The film Zombieland made zombie survival rules famous, most especially Rule 1: Cardio. I’ve always thought it was a fun idea, and probably the strongest part of the movie (which I think is funny, but more than a little overrated).

At any rate, I’m curious what everyone here would consider their first rule of zombie survival. It can be really anything here. Something physical, like the original, psychological, or just general survival advice. Boil down your overall strategy to a single, bumper sticker-friendly quip.

28 thoughts on “Episode 480: Clear!”

  1. Typo alert, Discussion question, first paragraph, in the brackets: if–>is 😀

    Same section, second paragraph, first sentence, after the comma: considering–>consider 😉

    • Fixed. Much obliged as always.

  2. Well, at least Stewart’s not one of those macho stereotypes who likes to throw his machete into a convenient tree or other hard object when asked to put it down! 😀

    Here’s a discussion question for Dave, related to that: What would you do if you came across a macho stereotype in a zombie apocalypse? Would you want them as part of your group, or would you prefer to deal with the testosterone imbalance some other way? 😀

    • Cool question, I’ll use it Friday, although I might tweak it slightly.

  3. My zombie survival strategy boiled down to a bumper-sticker motto?
    Hmm, probably my daily survival motto: Do what you gotta do. In my daily life, that means doing the chores at home or the tasks at work that no one else wants to do, in my personal life that means sometimes letting go of a friend who I can’t help but can’t keep in my life because they have a toxic personality.
    In a zombie apocalypse, that could mean a lot of things, few of them pleasant. It could mean killing a child if they become a danger to the group (either from being infected or going crazy), it could mean using zed body parts to get through a group (like Rick and Glenn did in TWD), it could mean making a hard decision to leave someone behind because of an injury, fundamental disagreement, missed rendezvous, etc. Hell, it could mean missing a couple meals so that someone with stricter dietary needs gets (diabetic, hypoglycemic, food allergies…) the nutrition they need.

    • I’m thinking you wouldn’t have to worry about diabetics for more than a month or so in a SHTF event.

      • It would depend on whether they’re insulin-dependent, wouldn’t it?

        • As I have said before, Im no Doc. But I believe that even insulin dependent diabetics can manage their condition by eating many very small meals throughout the day and exercising like crazy immediately afterward to keep their blood sugar at acceptable levels. I had a friend who did this for a summer just to prove to himself that he could. He had to resume insulin use in the fall when school stared again because he couldn’t maintain the regimen. I know he was a type 1 diabetic but I dont know exactly how insulin dependent he was.

        • That’s extremely interesting, Damage. I had no idea people could do that.

    • Well said, Darg.

  4. “Don’t get bit.”

    • Hah! I love it.

  5. Lad? Is she a Scot? 😛

    I’d say, “Don’t die” would be pretty important.

    • Don’t die is a good one.

      I don’t know why I chose “lad”. I suppose I thought it was less insulting than “boy”, but only a bit.

  6. Stay Vigellent. Seems like more survivors get killed when they let their guard down and a lone zed comes out of nowhere.

    • Very good call here.

  7. Point a To point b. <–motto. You have to get stuff, help as situation allows & one would get bored forever stuck in one place.

    • Focus on goals; I like it.

  8. Yay thanks for using the characters Dave! Been waiting for this.

    • My pleasure!

  9. rule number one for my survivor group: Your no good to me dead, or undead.

    • Very true.

  10. Always keep more than one weapon on hand, and sleep lightly.

    • Both good pieces of advice.

  11. Sleep when you can, you don’t want to be tired when you have a horde chasing you.

    • Excellent point. Sleep deprivation is nasty.

  12. Never go off to due you “business” without your Poop Buddy.

    • Excellent advice. It’s hard to fight zombies with your pants around your ankles.