Episode 100

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About this Episode:
Well, I’ve made it to the hundredth episode of my little zombie webcomic. I have to say, I’m kind of proud of myself.

This strip started back in late 2009 on another website, but didn’t really get going until I setup this site in February of 2010. Since then I’ve been overjoyed to see my traffic and comments steadily building until now it seems like I have an actual audience. Thank you all for helping to make Bricks of the Dead a success. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading it as I’ve had making it.

And because it’s a special occasion, here’s a special double-length episode.

Other Business:
Don’t forget, there’s only one week left to get in your entries for the Adaptation Challenge. Get on it!

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Every outbreak has to start somewhere, be it radiation from outer space brought to Earth from a returning satellite, a voodoo priest raising the dead to serve as his mindless slaves, a biological weapon breaking free from containment and spreading chaos, or even just a really sick individual being brought to the emergency room one sunny afternoon. Whatever the genesis, the plague spreads rapidly, quickly overwhelming whatever feeble barriers we’re able to put in its path. Before too long, only small pockets of survivors remain, eking out a spartan existence on the bones of our once great civilization.

19 thoughts on “Episode 100”

  1. I think it’s way too late for that guy with the bite wound. Unless that’s something the Doc can actually reverse the process of, which I seriously doubt, more people are going to get bitten and turn into zombies. 😀

    And yes, I do see his head turning grey – if that’s bad photograhy, it’s very bad if it turns a yellow head grey. 😉

    • Hah, even my photography isn’t that bad!

  2. And there’s a person like me some where in that lego world just sitting in the living room taking up the love seat all sprawled out everything already packed not so far away in the storage closet. Sitting there and wishing for zombies so all that work and money ended up paying off.

    I love this kind of beginning because it is the most possible way of it spreading in the first place, People tend to those who look worse and wait for the bit individual to show signs of anything such as rabies. Important thing is; that it starts off with two individuals being the infected. One already being turned and the other turning in a secluded room with just enough unarmed civilians to start up a ‘riot’ (As media will call it) and so will ensue confusion soldiers suffering mass hysteria as well as politicians taking advantage until they are ‘attacked’ by their constituents (Then you see Mr. Vote for me walking down the street with half of his arm, what looks to be an under the desk job, and fresh new ripped face for the public). People will panic, true faces will be shown, and anti-Gun activist will burn in hell. JUST SAYIN’.

    • That’s about how I’ve always seen it going down. I’m sure are will be people in BotD-land, they’re just hunkering down and keeping a low profile.

  3. I’m working on taking the pics of my first REAL issue of my comic srry I haven’t got to it sooner its just that I’ve been busy oh and congragulations on your one hundreth issue!

    • Thank you, sir!

  4. WHEEE!
    **launching the fireworks**
    The 100th episode! Congrats, sir! 😉

    • Champagne all around!

    • Posted on There’s not much hope for a female lead worth going to see when Joss Whedon jumps ship from Wonder Woman becasue of the direction the studio wants to go in (though Dollhouse is making this look like less of a tragedy). You can only imagine what that direction was- make her sexier for the lads? Make it a romance cause that’s all women are interested in?While Marion Ravenwood was made to look inferior to him, she was the closest thing to a female equivalent of Indy- these days all we get is a Tomb Raider with unnaturally large tits and short shorts! A credible female lead is long overdue

  5. Just realized, the angry fellow in the hat seems to have blemish (Pimple maybe?) On his cheek. I also noticed its on both heads, could this be a foreshadow? OR MAYBE YOUR JUST THAT GOOD?! That you indeed added facial attributes Good man Dave Good man.

    • That’s just the head; it appears to be a little smudge of dirt. The head comes from a Racers guy; I just thought he was appropriately expressive.

  6. Did doyle take up a new job as a Doctor?

    • Hah, I didn’t even realize that was the same head.

  7. Man, I censor myself more then you!

    P.S. Congrats on the 100th comic!

    • Thanks!

  8. Congrats on the 100th comic! When I tried this, I only got to 13, so I can understand how hard it is. Here’s to a hundred more!

    • It’s certainly been a challenge, but a fun one.

  9. What a great anniversary strip! Nothing like some origin story madness to make it memorable!

    Here’s to hundreds more, mon ami!

    • Thanks, Lich. I hope I have hundreds more in me.