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Brick Review – Flammenwerfer

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve done a product review. It’s kind of fun to get back to it. Today, we’re looking at a set of items from BrickWarriors that, when combined, make a pretty scary looking German flamethrower trooper from World War II: the flammenwerfer. Behold: Note: The helmet and suspenders don’t combine… Read more »

Brickin It George A. Romero Minifig

As a fan of both LEGO and zombies, we are living in a pretty exciting time. When I was a kid, I had tons of ideas for new LEGO themes, pieces, and accessories. I even wrote the company a couple of times with all my “brilliant” ideas. They were all soundly ignored, of course. Today,… Read more » Custom Minifigs Review

If there’s one thing that makes LEGO┬« so damn addicting, it’s the minifigs. There’s just something magical about them. The way you can mix and match them and create an infinity of possibly creations. This has become increasingly better as more and more third-party companies have entered the marketplace, offering a variety of custom minifigs… Read more »

BrickWarriors New Accessories: January 2015

BrickWarriors, one of my favorite brick customizers, has recently released a whole bunch of exciting new accessories. Let’s take a look at their newest items.

Review: GI Brick & BrickArm’s Late 2013 Items

I recently received a care package from my friends at GI Brick with the latest cool stuff from BrickArms. This time around, we’ve got a lot of crate-based collections with some super cool stuff. Bloodshed Crate Okay, just look at these.

Brick Review: Lifelites – Modulite Kit

Now that I have finally got round to building my modular Fire Station I decided to light it from within. In order to do this I ordered the Modulite Kit from What you get in this package is 1 x battery box that holds 2 AAA batteries(pic 1), 2 x 6 inch jumper cables… Read more »

Brick Review: Citizen Brick 2013 Zombie Items

Our friends over at Citizen Brick has put together a bunch of awesome new zombie stuff for 2013, including custom printed heads, torsos, and a minifigure of everyone’s favorite hillbilly zombie slayer. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Brick Review: MiniBigs Zombie Pack & Zombie Al

I recently received a package from MiniBigs with two of their popular items: the Zombie Defense Pack; and their custom zombie minifig, “Zombie Al“. Let’s take a look, shall we?