BrickArms Review: Printed Crates and Rations

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BrickArms recently put out new crates, which are quite cool in their own right, but better still are all the printed varietions they have been producing. The fine folks over at GI Brick were kind enough to send me over a couple different versions to check out, as well as a bunch of their printed rations on 1×2 tiles.

BrickArms' New Printed Crates

The BrickArms/GI Brick Branded Crate

The GI Brick and BrickArms Branded Crate

I’m not sure if this one is going to be for sale, of if this is more of a cool business card to show off how great their printing works. Either way, it’s a fun piece. The printing on here is excellent; it looks like it’s painted right on the crate.

And the crate itself – printed or otherwise – is a nice piece. It’s big enough to hold quite a bit, stacks well, and just looks really cool in the background of shots (or if you’re actually using your LEGO® for its intended purpose and playing with it).

The Medical Crate

BrickArms Medical Crates

One thing I really, really like about this release is that it goes outside of BrickArms’ normal comfort zone (although they do offer a couple of excellent medical items, like a syringe and a scalpel). Instead of focusing on weapons, we get something focusing on helping people.

It instantly makes me think of the National Guard deploying to a disaster area, bringing in loads and loads of humanitarian aid supplies. In that regard, this is an absolutely perfect item for zombie MOCs. I just imagine a few of these stacked up in the background of an overrun “safe zone”, or horded in some crazy survivor’s preps.

The Rations Crate

The BrickArms Rations Crate

The rations crate is much like the medical supplies crate: a outstanding background item you might see in a disaster area. This has a huge bonus of being packed with twelve ration tiles, four each for Breakfaster, Supper, and Dinner. The design is retro, which I think is really cool. The printing is also outstanding.

A Whole Crate Full of Rations

Here’s a close-up of the tiles themselves:

BrickArms' Printed Ration Tiles

If you’re in the market for some great background items, these crates fit the bill really well. You don’t quite get the same “play value” as you might with weapons, but I love the scenery-building aspects of these. And the rations themselves look amazing. I’m looking forward to using a few of these in Bricks of the Dead.

12 thoughts on “BrickArms Review: Printed Crates and Rations”

  1. Well, I happen to like the idea of crates for the few times I do warehouse builds.

    I can see having a few to help with scenes.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes warehouses.

      • As I continue to do scene builds…. it’s a cliche and requirement it seems in comics for superheroes that villains hangout at warehouses.

        So I’ll want to be able to build them.

        • I think warehouses are just cool places to hang out. You’ve got forklifts, boxes. What more could you want?

  2. Warehouse 13.

    • I never actually watched the show, but the commercials were quite entertaining.

      I always think about the giant warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

      • That one is cool too.

        I’ve only seen a few episodes, I don’t like the show overall, but I like the concept of it.

        Steve Jackson games had a place on their website that you could go looking through Warehouse 13 and find all sorts of things.

        • The concept is fantastic. The show didn’t really look like my cup of tea, but I love the idea.

  3. Medical Supply….I will own this master piece!

    And Warehouse 13 is a good show to have in the background while building 🙂
    I almost stopped watching it but they had an episode with H.P Lovecrafts haunted writing desk and well….how could I leave them after that?!?!

    • See? Right there is why I love the concept. Maybe I should actually give show a chance.

      • What’s kind of like it but superior is Supernatural. Man that show is simply awesome. X-Files meets monster hunting. They based two seasons on the movie Constantine and countless episodes on Lovecraft shorts.

        • Sounds pretty interesting; I know a few people who are into Supernatural.

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