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As a fan of both LEGO and zombies, we are living in a pretty exciting time. When I was a kid, I had tons of ideas for new LEGO themes, pieces, and accessories. I even wrote the company a couple of times with all my “brilliant” ideas. They were all soundly ignored, of course.

Today, we live in a very different world, where LEGO isn’t the only game in town when it comes to producing accessories for our favorite building toy. Now, there are tons of different companies, producing a huge variety of items that LEGO would never dream of making, from realistic guns to horrifically mutilated zombie minifigs.

Today we’re taking a look at something from a relative newcomer to the market: a George A. Romero zombie minifig from the folks at Brickin It Customs. They don’t have a lot available just yet, but check them out anyway; the items that they do offer are super cool.

Custom George A. Romero Minifig

One thing that I really find interesting about Brickin It’s product is the packaging. The minifig ships in a small cardboard box, which closely resembled an old-school matchbox with minimalist design. I’m a huge fan of interesting packaging on items like this. Probably because it’s so rare; customizers usually deal mostly – if not exclusively – over the internet, where packaging serves much less purpose. It’s just a cool little extra that shows how much care some of these companies put into their products.

But what about the minifig? I mean, you’re not going to play with the packaging, or – you know – use it in your comic.

Well, I’m happy to report the minifig is extremely well crafted. Despite the fact that this is a zombified version of Romero, he is instantly recognizable to any fan of the genre.

It features a custom-printed head and torso (front only). The printing is excellent. It’s slightly raised, but doesn’t chip easily under my thumbnail. I’m guessing that it’ll wear out if the figure gets a lot of play, but with moderate use it should hold up extremely well.

Custom George A. Romero Minifig

The legs, arms, and hands are all stock, which is fine, although I wish the legs has some minimal printing on them. I always like finding more legs and torsos featuring torn clothes, so this feels a bit like a missed opportunity. Also, I wish the figure’s hands were light gray, rather than black. Maybe I just don’t know Romero well enough, but it he known for wearing black gloves?

Oh, it also features a pony-tailed hair piece in dark gray, which is a nice bonus.

All in all, this is an excellent figure. The printing is top quality, and strikes an excellent balance between being that classic LEGO minimalism, and the higher detailed work that seems to be becoming increasingly popular. While the figure is clearly George A. Romero, you could still very easily use it as a generic zombie, especially if you change the clothes and hair. As a zombie comic making, this is a huge advantage.


4.5 zombie heads out of 5

Oh, and for those who read all the way to the bottom of the review, here’s a fun bonus. Brickin It Customers sent me two of these figures, and I’ll give one out to a random commenter, however you comment does need to be related to the article and discussion, no pointless spam here guys.

15 thoughts on “Brickin It George A. Romero Minifig”

  1. This is a brilliant minifig. Like you said, the torso would make part of an excellent generic zombie figure on it’s own. I hope we get to see more zombie products from this website. I laughed at the website name !!

    • On the topic of custom Lego parts Dave, I would recommend checking out this:
      It is a piece that many have waited for- a crash helmet, like the ones that jet&helicopter crews wear. But the #1 reason I’m sharing it here is this; the sunglasses that move down like one in real life. I thought that was a really interesting feature that hasn’t been done before.

      • That is quite cool. Si Dan has some really nice looking stuff; I should put in an order soon.

    • Oh, I’m sure he’ll show up; possible as is, possible parted out into different zombies, possible both at different times.

  2. Looks interesting but hoping the skin tone would be more natural. Hope to see him in the comic soon.

    • You mean you’d rather have a living Romero?

  3. Dead on perfect!

    • He’s supposed to be appearing at Toronto Fan Expo this year too(considering he now calls it home). I’d either flat out hand it to him or ask if he’d sign it.

      • Let me know if you get a chance to talk to him; that would be super cool.

  4. I love the idea of zombified zombie directors, it’s as if it were a lego version of the ExHeroes books. It kind of feels like a bit of a fourth wall break to me with the director being a zombie. Is this just me?

    • Not just you; I know exactly what you mean.

  5. It would be nice if the head was two sides and have a regular face and a zombie face.

    • That would be cool, although his torso is also zombified.

  6. I love custom figures- especially when they do things that the Lego Group can/would not do otherwise. Does the figure have a beard? I am sure it does, but I can’t see it well, and my first impression was that it could pass for a Zombie Stan Lee!

    • It does indeed have a beard.

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