Brick Review: Citizen Brick 2013 Zombie Items

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Citizen Brick's 2013 Zombie Items

Our friends over at Citizen Brick has put together a bunch of awesome new zombie stuff for 2013, including custom printed heads, torsos, and a minifigure of everyone’s favorite hillbilly zombie slayer. Let’s take a look, shall we?

“Go Back” Sign

Go Back Sign

First up, another cool sign (not unlike their “Dead Inside” sign). This is on a 1×4 tile, and the writing looks like it was quickly and crudely written out with whatever was on hand: blood. The printing is great, and I love that there are little splatter marks mixed in there. This is a nice scene-building item.

Male Zombie

Citizen Brick's Male Zombie

These next two are actually a three different items put together: a custom head, torso, and legs. This gives you tons of mixing and matching potential.

I’m calling our fist zombie collection “Male Zombie”, because I’m really creative like that.  The face features broken glasses, which is just fantastic. Lots of people wear glasses, so it’s really nice to be able to reprsent that in the zombie population. I’m a big fan of more diverse zombies, so this is a must have for me. It’s got some nice touches as well, like the pustules, and the blood around the zombie’s mouth.

As icing on the cake, the torso and legs both features torn, dirty prints with exposed gray flesh underneath. There’s even some blood on the pants. I really like the printing here; it reminds me of old-school LEGO®; it’s just detailed enough without being too realistic.

Female Zombie

Citizen Brick's Female Zombie

Next up, “Female Zombie”. Right off the bat, I love that we get a non-male zed. With all the official and unofficial parts out there, I think this is only the second female zombie available, so this is an extremely welcome product form my perspective.

So how do you make a female zombie? Just like in the cartoons: exaggerated eyelashes and lipstick. I really love this look. I also like the expression on this zombie’s face. She looks sad, and tired. I like the aggressive zombies just fine, but it’s great to mix in other looks: sad, confused, bored, etc.

Like out male zombie, the female version boasts torn up, filthy, and bloodied clothes that really add to the overall effect.

Zombie Hunting Enthusiast

Next we get Daryl–er, “Zombie Hunting Enthusiast”, modeled on the breakout character from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I’m really impressed with the custom, and not just because of the great design and printing. What really gets me, is how much Citizen Brick does with this figure. Not only do you get a figure and two weapons (a crossbow and a knife), you also get a cloth poncho and a second torso to give him a different look. Both torsos have front and back printing, with lovely details.

Zombie Hunter with Poncho

Here we find our zombie hunter with his poncho, looking very Spaghetti Western. The texture in the poncho is great, and makes for an interesting contrast to the ABC plastic of the figure itself.

Zombie Hunter with Ear Necklace

Without the poncho the figure has a flannel with the sleever torn off, and a signature necklace of zombie ears. Nice!

Zombie Hunter with Wings Vest

Finally, you can redress him in the biker vest, which features the angel wings on the back. This looks awesome, plus there’s no fleshie-color on this torso, so you can easily use it on your traditional yellow minifigs. Bonus!

This last little bit is probably going to get thrown away almost immediately by most buyers, but I really have to call out the design of the backing card. It’s just perfectly done. It’s got a sort of 70’s style coloring to it, like something right out of the grindhouse. Really nicely done.

Zombie Hunting Enthusiast

The Verdict

As always, Citizen Brick does not fail to impress. They’ve got some incredibly high quality printed items, and I absolutely love how much they cater to the community of zombie LEGO® fans out there. If you’re looking to pick up some LEGO® zombies, look no further than Citizen Brick. They’re also really great people to deal with.

21 thoughts on “Brick Review: Citizen Brick 2013 Zombie Items”

  1. Oops; I messed up the posting time on this one. Sorry about that.

  2. Not again Dave-why do you keep doing this to me! Take my money, take it now I must have these items!

    • I could just take your money directly. Save you the middle-man.

      You wouldn’t get anything in return of course, but it’d save time.

      • lol

  3. Why, oh why do they keep making fleshies!
    I concur on the quality of their products, it’s top quality.

    • I imagine they keep doing fleshies because it’s a LEGO thing to do licensed characters as fleshies, and this is similar – though decidedly unlicensed.

  4. I love the packaging too. Reminds me of “Last House of the Left.”

    • Good call there, Angie!

    • And I love that the female zombie has glasses. Women with glass just do it better. =p

  5. Cool review Dave 🙂
    Some very nice pieces there, as you say Dave the female zombie is a nice touch and good to see.
    The ‘Daryl’ is just awesome (even for a ‘fleshie’). Is it the standard Lego crossbow or is it their own design?

    • It’s the standard LEGO Crossbow. The knife is – I believe – the BrickArms combat knife.

  6. The male zombies torso print is a great retro spin. I love it. Must go buy.

    • For some reason, he reminds me of a soccer fan, which is cool.

      • or this particular soccer player……..just a bit more ‘dead’ 🙂

        • That’s got to be what I’m thinking of!

          Also, just a bit more dead.

  7. You know, in my crazy lego world, fleshy is just another skin color. When you think about it, ”fleshy” is kind of racist, as they are a minority in the legoverse.

    • See, right there is why I think a lot of people don’t like the fleshies. Yellow minifigs are racially/ethnically neutral. Fleshies are just the opposite.

  8. Would you sell them ?

    • I wouldn’t sell review items. That seems pretty unethical.

      That said, I think you can still get most of these items through Citizen Brick.

      • Why Unethical ?

        • Because I’m sent the items for free. Turning around and selling them feels pretty gross.

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