Brick Review: BrickArms’ Offensive Combat Series 1

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BrickArms recently put out a weapons pack based on the game Offensive Combat; GI Brick was kind enough to provide me with a set to review. As with most video game based items, I’m not familiar with the source, so I’m going to review these on their own merits.


BrickArms' Ferret

BrickArms/Offensive Combat‘s take on the Barret is a fine weapon. It’s big and nasty looking, with it’s distinct muzzle break and over-sized magazine (the hold the over-sized ammo, naturally). I like the way BrickArms manages to include stocks on weapons like this, fitting just perfectly into the crook of a figures arm. Sure, they can’t actually shoulder a rifle, but this is about as good as it’s going to get.


BrickArms' Libertine

The other sniper rifle in the set, the Libertine, is probably aping something, but I’m not gun-savvy enough to know what. I do, however, quite like this weapon. I’m impressed at how visually different it is from the Ferret; I was a little concerned at having two different sniper rifles in the set, but they manage to be more than distinct enough to share the space.


BrickArms' Auger

I’m not 100% sure what the Auger is, but it looks big and mean, and that makes it okay in my book. It sort of reminds me of Snake’s weapon in Escape from New York, only much larger.


BrickArms' Arbiter

The Arbiter looks like something an accessory-loving gun nut created. This thing just screams “kitchen sink aesthetic” to me, what with it’s exaggerated scope (possible night vision?) and under-barrel secondary weapon.


BrickArms' FurrbergThe Furrberg is another big, nasty looking gun. It looks like something mass-produced; designed in such a way to be as effective as possible while still being relatively easy to manufacture. I imagine this thing in the hands of a bunch of storm trooper-like soldiers, evil and anonymous.


BrickArms' Peregrine

The Peregrine is, without a doubt, my absolutely favorite item in this bunch. This thing is just cool. It’s super-compact, and just packed with beautifully textured details. My favorite bit is the folded down fore-stock on the front, which makes this thing look like it was quickly pulled out to respond to some sort of dire emergency.


BrickArms' Badger

I know I’m on completely the wrong game, but this thing reminds me a lot of the 10mm pistol from Fallout, and I love it for that reason. It’s big, boxy, and bulky, and looks like it means serious business.

Battle Axe

BrickArms' Battle Axe

The battle axe is an interesting addition to this group, but certainly not unwelcome. I like guns as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to see something completely different in the mix, especially when it’s so well rendered. This axe looks like it’s seem heavy use, with a number of knicks on both blades. The handle also has a nice textured wrapping, which really gives it a finished look.

Combat Knife

BrickArms' Combat Knife

Finally, we get the combat knife, which is so huge I’m tempted to call it a combat short sword. It looks like a mix between a Bowie and one of those saw-back survivals knives that you see in moves like First Blood. It doesn’t look terribly practical, but I kind of like that about it. Everything in this set is exaggerated and over-the-top ,so the combat knife fits right in.

The Verdict

I think this is another really nice collection. I’m really happy to see some non-ballistic weapons thrown into the mix here. Sure, the battle axe might not have a place in a real modern combat scenario, but it’s you have to admire it for it’s sheer craziness.

The set goes for $10 on GI Brick, with is a pretty good deal. A bit over a dollar per weapon, but when you consider you get two large rifles, I think it’s a solid value. Especially since the Peregrine is part of the mix. That thing is sweet.

Pick up Offensive Combat Series 1 from GI Brick today.

31 thoughts on “Brick Review: BrickArms’ Offensive Combat Series 1”

  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. That axe.

    I love slightly chipped battle axes.

    • Oh and the Auger, even if the name does some what make me think of the Steyr AUG for some old raisins.

    • The chipping gives it a lot of character, doesn’t it? Looks like it’s seen some hard use.

  2. I played the game but decided to quit it because the controlls were a little clunky .

    • How does it work in-browser like that? I’m impressive they can pull it off.

  3. And still not a passable GLOCK in the lot.

    I really like the “S” guard on the survival knife. It’s not quite a Bowie knife; but it’s close. I might pick up a couple of those.

    As for the firearms, none of them really look like my bag. The Arbiter might be ok, after I took a pair of side nippers and cut the scope off and dressed it down with an emory board. The Auger and Furrberg (who comes up with these names, anyway?) look like sci-fi shotguns, and might be nice for the breacher of my X-Files SWAT team. I like the lines of the Peregrine; but the magazine is much too large. It looks like it’s larger than the supposed .30 caliber magazine on their SASS rifle. What’s that thing chambered for, .30-06?

    • Yeah, I think everything here is supposed to be over-the-top, hence the exaggerated magazine on the Peregrine (which I still think looks awesome).

      We really have to start bugging these manufacturers for your Glock (I wouldn’t mind a few myself, the 1911 is cool and all, but still).

      • Hopefully these will become available individually.

        • I wondered about that myself. Hopefully they will.

      • Yeah Dave, it’s all supposed to be over the top, you’re talking about a game where you are rewarded for t-bagging the people you kill, and one of the weapons is a “water pipe”, you aren’t going to get much realism from it.

        • A water pipe, eh? Interesting.

        • You mean like a bong?

        • That was my assumption.

        • Yeah, I wasn’t sure how some people would react if I cam right out with “you can beat someone to death with a bong then stick your privates on their face!”

  4. Dave my b-day’s coming p soon and I’m planning on making a review of some items from GI Brick, Brick Forge, and CitizenBrick.

    • Excellent! Let me know if you do; I’d love to check it out.

  5. It’s gonna be uploaded on YouTube.

    • I’ve been toying with the idea of doing video reviews; seems like it might be fun.

  6. And maybe you can help me upload it on BOTD?

    • You do a good review, I’ll post it. I love getting new content!

      • Oh, but I like to keep manufacters seperate. One for BrickArms, one for BrickForge, etc.

  7. Sounds good Dave.

  8. Yeah I was thinking about doing that make more videos more possible subscribers.

    • Yessir!

  9. Wait when you mean I do a good review and you’ll upload it that means you’ll upload it from YouTube and Put it on BOTD?

    • Yeah. I’d frame the YouTube video into a post here.

  10. Ok my channel is QContZ

    • Cool. Shoot me an email when you post though, otherwise I’m likely to completely miss it.

  11. I’ve heard the request and we will make it happen! I’ll get these listed individually on the site ASAP! And…Thanks Dave for another great review!

    • Outstanding! Thanks Julie!

  12. Guys I finally ordered the weapons from GI Brick and the gear from Brickforge. Citizen Brick will have to wait for tomorrow.

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