Review: GI Brick & BrickArm’s Late 2013 Items

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I recently received a care package from my friends at GI Brick with the latest cool stuff from BrickArms. This time around, we’ve got a lot of crate-based collections with some super cool stuff.

Bloodshed Crate

Okay, just look at these.

BrickArms' Bloodshed Crate

These things are awesome. The printing is beautifully done, being just subtle enough not to be overdone. These things would look perfect in any sort of MOC where characters might use melee weapons. Now, I’m not likely to use a claymore in the comic anytime soon (it’s tempting though), but you can bet that the top two weapons will make an appearance before too long.

And, as the name suggests, it also comes with a blood-splattered crate:

BrickArms' Bloodshed Crate

Golden Crate

The Golden Crate is an interesting item. It comes in an opaque, sealed package and includes one gold plated item, as well as a four others in unusual colors.

BrickArms' Golden Crate

The crate itself is semi-transparent with gold flecks in it. It’s not something I’m likely to have a lot of use for in the comic, but I think it’s cool how you get a specially designed crate just for this pack. Here’s how I shook out with the standard items in unusual colors:

BrickArms' Golden Crate

No complaints here; these are cool items. I really like their new knives. They just look brutal and nasty. Again, I can’t find a ton of use for these in the comic because of the unnatural colors, but they’ll make for some really interesting items in MOCs. The revolver is especially cool because of the texture it has. The flecks of white in the plastic looks really interesting; I’d love to see something similar in gunmetal.

Ah, but what about the gold stuff? Well, I’m going to cheat a bit there.

BrickArms' Golden Crate

Yeah, I got two items, which is super cool. The plating here looks really great, and I love that it’s cool to the touch. The plating is well done, and doesn’t add any appreciable thickness to the product, so it still fits comfortably in the hand. These make for great decorative items, and perfect for outfitting your favorite pimp minifig.

M2HB Signature Crate

I have maintained a long tradition on Bricks of the Dead to keep most of the weapons improvised, just because I think that’s a cool staple of the zombie genre. But then I got this machine gun, and I have an overwhelming urge to feature this thing in the comic. I mean, just look at it:

BrickArms' MSHB

Awesome, right? It’s made up of a bunch of different pieces, with the tripod being compatible with other guns and LEGO® in general. Doesn’t it make you want to build an abandoned fixed position? Maybe one that was overwhelmed by zombies?

BrickArms' MSHB

Now, what makes this the signature version? Well, the custom-printed crate it comes in is signed by Will, the guy behind BrickArms.

BrickArms' MSHB

And, once again, they don’t disappoint in the packaging department. The card that comes with this item includes some nicely printed directions:

BrickArms' MSHB

“Reloaded” AK47

One thing I was really excited about was getting my hands on one of BrickArm’s new over-molded weapons. The AK47 didn’t disappoint. This thing looks incredible.

BrickArms' Reloaded AK47

The contrasts between the wood hardware and metal pieces looks beautiful, as does the extra texture on the magazine. The only downside to these is that they’re pricey. If you want something special for a hero character, its probably worth the investment though. Hopefully, the manufacturing process will continue to be refinded, and these things will come down in price over time. I really hope so, because they’re awesome.

Oh, and I dig this packaging:

BrickArms' Reloaded AK47

Bonus: Keep Portland Weird Zombies

Finally, we’ve got these guys:

Keep Portland Weird Zombies

Now, you can’t buy these guys from GI Brick, but you might be able to win them. That’s right, these are going to be prizes in a contest I’m going to be announcing on Halloween (I might throw in some more stuff too, just for fun). So make sure you check back on Thursday.

Buy You Some BrickArms

Like the items here? Then head on over to GI Brick and pick up some BrickArms. If you use the promo code “ZOMBIE” before Halloween, you’ll get 10% off and free shipping. So get on it.

25 thoughts on “Review: GI Brick & BrickArm’s Late 2013 Items”

  1. That color! It’s getting better and better it would seem, and I absolutely love those beginning blades.

    • Oh I know, aren’t they incredible? The texture is amazing.

  2. I really like BrickArms products, for the most part. The limitations of the minifig anatomy make using some of them difficult; but that’s not BrickArms’s fault.

    My problem with the prototypes, overmolds, and “limited editions” is the cost. I completely understand supply and demand. Further I am sure that Mr. Chapman sells the hell out of them. As a user and a gamer (not to mention working stiff and father of small children), I cannot justify the cost. The AFOL cottage industry sucks up enough of my money without blowing more on limited runs.

    Sorry, Mr. Chapman. Maybe next time.

    • My take on that is that the overmolded stuff will likely come down in cost over time as the manufacturing process gets more efficient. If people have the money to live on the bleeding edge (I certainly don’t), then they can have at it.

      As far as Will Chapman is concerned, hat’s off to him. I think it’s incredible the business he’s built here, and hope he continues to find success.

      • Oh, I am a big fan of capitalism. When supply meets demand, and exchange creates value for all involved parties, and all of that. I am just noting that I cannot afford fifteen dollars, plus shipping, for one (almost) minifig-scale AKM. That’s just not happening. Same for the printed melee weapons. The killstrike and Damien sword are cool pieces; and I have them in standard colors. I just can’t see paying that kind of premium to add a bit of flair to an MOC, comic, or game. If you can, great. Admittedly, they are way cool pieces. I guess I am just mentioning all of this because you didn’t mention cost in your review. I think that cost is a fair consideration in reviewing any product, at least as a cost/benefit comparison.

        • That’s a fair criticism. I should have noted that these are premium items, so to speak.

        • CONGRADULATIONS! You’ve volunteered in the act of ‘Capitalism’ where you, the possibly customer and Capitalism volunteer, have made a capable and wise decision!

        • That got a laugh out of me; thank you, sir.

  3. Holly molly, 15$ for one gun? I’ll give you that they look great but at this price I’m afraid I’m out too. LEGO is already an expensive hobby as it is and I try to make the most out of every buck I invest in it. I’m on Bo’ side here as I just cannot justify such a premium for an accessory. And… I mean no offense to Mister Chapman who was able to build a profitable business but… what’s with the signature on the crate??

    I had to google the “portland weird” thing because to this day I had not heard of it… and although I have now paid a visit to Wikipedia I’m still unsure I get it! But, hey… CONTEST TIME! Woohoo!

    • On a side note – if anyone is interested in building their own LEGO weapons, here is a great example on how to build realistic guns out of regular bricks – check this link. Yes, these are all made out of non custom items.
      Another example (this one is one of my own), you may check these instructions to build a simple mounted gun.

      • Wow, nicely done!

        • Thanks Dave, and I’m sorry if I sound like I’m bashing on the customizers because it’s not my intention. I really think what they do is great but in my book LEGO is first of all about building.

        • Oh not at all, Greg. I think both approaches (third party parts or brick-built) are completely valid.

      • Pretty cool I wish the first pictures were bigger, though. I can’t make out the details.

        • You can see close-ups on MOC pages.

    • I believe the Portland zeds were a promotional item from a Portland expo, but I’m not 100%. The Keep Portland Weird things isn’t something I know a lot about, outside of seeing the mural a the beginning of Portlandia.

      As far as the autograph goes, I think that’s just a cool thing for the die hard fan, and judging form Flickr, there are quite a lot of them. A cool extra for them, but for guys like you and me it’s not a selling point.

      • I agree, there seems to be a huge community of fans for these customs. It’s strange when you think of it, at first the customs were there to compliment the LEGO Minifigures… now very often it looks like it’s the other way around.

        • Oh yeah, that’s definitely an interesting development, isn’t it?

  4. That’s a nice little batch you’ve got yourself there Dave. That 50. cal is just gorgeous! I’m a little bit jealous 🙂
    I’ve looked at the ‘overmolded’ items on the brickarms website and it all looks fantastic but I have to agree with both Bo and Greg that the pricetag leaves a bit to be desired. Once I factor in the cost of international shipping it’s a bit much unless I’m buying in bulk. I have managed to find an affiliate online retailer based in Belgium, cheaper shipping costs but doesn’t carry the full range.
    On the plus side, another excellent review Dave of some pretty cool items.
    Will the Halloween comp run to us international fans? 😀

    • Thank you, sir.

      Yes, this contest will include international folks; I always feel bad leaving you guys out.

      • Awesome sir! I await this competition with baited breath 😀

  5. Keep Portland Weird is just part of our culture here. For example this is keeping Portland Weird…

    –GI Brick

    • It’s official. That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.

  6. where can i buy the m2hb with 11 pieces?


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