Brick Review: Lifelites – Modulite Kit

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Now that I have finally got round to building my modular Fire Station I decided to light it from within. In order to do this I ordered the Modulite Kit from

What you get in this package is 1 x battery box that holds 2 AAA batteries(pic 1), 2 x 6 inch jumper cables for connecting the Modulite units together and 3 of the Modulite units themselves It only shows one of each item in that pic as I had already built them in to the fire station before I thought about doing a review.

Battery box

Lets take a closer look at the Modulite unit itself. What it consists of is simply an led on a small section of PCB (printed circuit board) with connectors at each side. There are two holes drilled out that take 1×1 circular plates which are used to connect to practically anywhere you want on your build.The simplicity of these units allows you to place ’em, plug ’em in and switch ’em on; its that simple! The color of the LED’s supplied is classed as “Warm White” which I think is just perfect for interior lights. The other colors available are Red, Blue, Green, and Bright White. These are available separately from the website. The other cool thing about these is that they can be daisy chained together and up to 32 can be run off the one battery pack.

Circuit Board

I’ve included pictures of how I positioned them within the Fire Station. This shows the underside of the roof, with the modullites placed at either side to light up the top floor of the building evenly.

Hooking up the Lifelites

This next shot shows the underside of the first floor. I placed the modulite so that it sits above the vehicle bay but still shines enough light over the entire ground floor.

Positioning the lightingHere’s where I modified the side wall slightly to enable the connecting cable to pass out to the battery box.

Allowing for wiring

And this last photo shows the overall effect.

Lighting up the fire house

So to wrap up, this little package is available from for $10.00.

11 thoughts on “Brick Review: Lifelites – Modulite Kit”

  1. Hmmmm, methinks my Winchester might need some of this!

    • If you do, share some pictures. Sounds like it could be super cool.

      • Oh Mad, that’s a great idea! But if you do this you’ll also need to add a music player that plays “Don’t stop me now” each time you switch the lights on!

    • The Winchester would look awesome with some of these added to it.

  2. That Fire Station looks neat enough to be in the webcomic as a set someday! Hopefully soon! 😀

    • This one isn’t mine, unfortunately. Good ol’ Dex wrote this one.

      I am intrigued by these things though.

  3. These are cool. The developer is in my LUG so when we meet he brings a bunch down, they’re usually gone by the time I get there… He also shows off prototypes and talks about what people might want. What’s nice is that they’re bright and light up really well.

    • Very cool. I need to look into LUGs around here.

  4. Thanks Dex for the review, these look cool but I’m not crazy about the wires…

    • I think you could probably come up with some pretty creative ways to hide them.

    • No problem Greg, was happy to do it. I had promised Dave a review of these from a while back!
      I’m not happy about how visable the wires are either and still working on a solution for hiding them, also still working on connecting it to extra lights for my Palace Cinema and hiding the wiring for both.

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