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LEGO Zombie Creation: Lab Escape

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to check out an awesome LEGO Zombie creation. This week, the creation is “Lab Escape” by Clement127. This isn’t some huge, complicated build with a bunch of clever parts usage and tens of thousands of parts. Rather, it’s a very simply scene that shines thanks to great staging and… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation: La Revanche du Bison

This week’s featured zombie creation is called “La Revanche du Bison” by Bong18Studio. Google Translate tells me this is French for Bison’s Revenge, which is a pretty damn cool title if you ask me. The creation is presented without any commentary, so I can only guess as to the meaning. But don’t you work, guess… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation: Sleeping

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time to take a look at an outstanding LEGO zombie creation. This week we’re looking at another build by 69ZombieSlayer, “LEGO Zombie Survival Guide: Sleeping“. Unfortunately, it’s a little tough to see here, since this site it’s terribly wide; I’d suggest clicking through the link and taking a look… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Creation: A Goldmine

It’s Thursday, once again, which means it’s time to check out a LEGO zombie creation. This time around, we’re taking a look at “This Place Could Be a Goldmine“, which was presented at Bricks Cascade by JM Forman (photographed by wiredforlego). This is another build based on The Walking Dead, in this case, it’s a… Read more »

“Rooftop Zombie Attack” – LEGO Zombie Creation

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation was sent to me directly by a fellow named Nicolas, which is always cool. I’m calling it “Rooftop Zombie Attack”, because it didn’t really have a title, and, I mean, just look at it. What else are you going to call it? It is indeed on a rooftop, and includes… Read more »

No Escape – A LEGO Zombie Creation

Hey everyone, it’s Thursday once again, which means it’s time for me to venture deep into the bowels of the internet to find us an interesting LEGO zombie creation to check out. This week I have another build from AlexNidhogg, whom I’ve featured several times before. It’s called “No Escape“, and as far as I… Read more »

LEGO Zombie Analysis

Hey everyone, it’s Thursday, and that mean it’s time once again for our LEGO Zombie Creation of the week. This week we’re taking a look at “Zombie Analysis” by Clement127. It’s a great little scene with a couple biohazard-suited scientists and a chained up zombie. Check it out:

LEGO Zombie Apocalypse

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for our LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week. This time around, we’re looking at a creation called “Zombie Apocalypse” by Mexican Zombie. Check it out: