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Attention Star Wars fans! Capture the epic scale and authentic detail of the Devastator Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars: A New Hope with this Ultimate Collector Series set. Made up of over 4,700 intricate LEGO pieces, including an attachable Tantive IV starship, it measures over 17” high and comes with two minifigures, making it the perfect display piece for discerning enthusiasts aged 16+. Please note that FedEx will require an in-person direct signature at the time of delivery for added security measures.

Star Wars
Oct 2019
Dec 2022

Discover the Ultimate Collector Series: Imperial Star Destroyer

Attention, all Star Wars fans! It’s time to embark on an epic journey to build and display a legendary icon of the Galactic Empire – the Devastator from LEGO®. The new Ultimate Collector Series 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer is an impressive and highly detailed model perfect for avid collectors of LEGO Star Wars sets. Dive into a sea of over 4,700 LEGO pieces and explore the intricate design features of this iconic starship.

Unmatched Authenticity and Detail

This stunning masterpiece is designed by none other than the talented Henrik Andersen and accurately captures all the authentic details seen in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope. Builders can marvel at the swiveling guns, tilting radar dish, massive engine exhausts, and intricate surface detailing that mimic the Imperial Star Destroyer with precision. Furthermore, to ensure added authenticity and relive the galactic civil war chase scenes, a buildable scale version of the Tantive IV Rebel starship is also included in this magnificent set.

The Quintessential Collectible for Discerning Fans

Not only does this UCS set boast exceptional design and accuracy, but it also includes a display stand complete with an informational fact plaque that showcases background information about the starship. To top it off, collectors can proudly exhibit their love for the series with two highly sought-after Imperial minifigures – an Imperial Officer and an Imperial Crewmember – along with their respective blaster pistols. The combination of these special elements unequivocally makes this model a highly treasured addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection.

A Challenging Build for Enthusiastic Fans

With an age range of 16+ and boasting 4,784 pieces, the UCS 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer is no ordinary LEGO set. The complexity and scope of this model require patience and dedication, making it an ideal challenge for seasoned builders or those looking for an immersive building experience that recreates unforgettable Star Wars moments.

Striking Size and Appearance

The colossal size of this Imperial Star Destroyer model cannot go unnoticed. Measuring over 21 inches (53.3 cm) in length, 18.1 inches (46 cm) in width, and 15.2 inches (38.5 cm) in height while weighing a whopping 27.36 pounds (12.42 Kg), this incredible set deserves prime-display real estate in any collector’s exhibit.

Build Your Galactic Empire with the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

Prepare to be captivated by the Ultimate Collector Series 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer as it transports you into the heart of the iconic Star Wars universe. With its unparalleled attention to detail, rare minifigures, and a comprehensive informational fact plaque – all at a competitive price per piece – this incomparable set will delight the most ardent LEGO Star Wars fans and collectors alike.

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Product Specs
Product Name: Imperial Star Destroyer
Pieces 4784
RRP £614.99 / $699.99 / 699.99€
Release Year 2019
Theme Star Wars
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