Episode 98

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Conventional wisdom states that there’s strength in numbers. This is true in more cases, but zombie stories like to shatter this perception with liberal doses of craziness and mistrust. All it takes to weaken the cohesiveness of the group is a single member acting against the good of the group for what ever reason (greed, anger, fear, etc.). Once that element of mistrust is introduced, it spreads like a grease fire and is extremely difficult to quell. When people should be worried about not getting eaten by zombies, they’re busy wondering whether the guy next to them is going to sell them out.

10 thoughts on “Episode 98”

  1. I guess one of them is going to volunteer to play psychologist or claim they have a degree in it? 😀

    • Hah, maybe so.

  2. I love her!

    • Cheryl’s a straight shooter.

  3. I love lego characters, they can say and go through the worst things but all with a slightly happy face…we should seriously base our community around these guys…Hey guys it’s the zombie apocalypse…but don’t worry! Free Twinkies for everyone!! … hang on Tallahassee?

    • The limited expression is half the fun!

  4. The fourth panel I thought.
    “Where did her arm go?” But then I realized that the red was fitting into each other way to good, might be a good element to remember in the future.

    • That’s a good catch. Poor framing on my part.

  5. What sofeware do you use for your sppech bubbles?
    I’m trying to find something better to use for the Extra Awesome Webcomic.
    I’m trying The Superlame.com sofeware at the moment (well, Testing it)

    • I use Photoshop to make my bubbles. I did a pretty in-depth tutorial on it here.