Episode 99

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About this Episode:
I was really trying to pull off a creepy vibe in this strip, especially in the forth panel. I’m not sure if I’ve managed it, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Once things calm down after a freak out, the person who lost it is in for a tough fight to regain the trust of the group. This fight almost always starts with some sort of “I’m okay now, guys” soliloquy, which almost never comes across as anything short of batshit insane. This is followed by a long, uneasy silence, and then the story usually jumps to some completely unrelated story to make the long-suffering audience wait a while to find out what happens next.

21 thoughts on “Episode 99”


    As well, everyone knows when you have a mental break down like that the sane people usually begin the apologizing for what they did. BUT THE MENTALLY INSANE, they don’t apologize as is seen in this strip this is a way for them to mentally assure themselves that they were right. When he says I think I’m better now, is a basic threat more than it should be a reliever. The amount of times he said I and how he presented the information about him ‘thinking’ hes better now are all dangerous comments. OF COURSE I COULD BE WRONG, a-lot of my information comes from personal experience I’ve met a-lot of mentally unstable people. And I’ve said things similar to “I think I’m better now” but that was when I was asked a question. Its interesting how words can be a puzzle to figure something out, ANY WHO if I seemed to talk in circles or make absolutely no sense I might be able to simplify it.

    • Well there you have it: no facial hair, no sanity.

  2. I think they should put him out on the fringes of the group where he will no doubt get eaten by zombies early. The only thing is I’m not sure I like the idea of a zombie getting indigestion! ;D

    • They’d need to get plenty of fiber with their Sam.

  3. He thinks he’s better now.

    • Hah, indeed he does.

  4. Im a little concerned about the Zed in the background of the 3rd shot… I picture Sam getting attacked or something or other.

    • Oh that guy is good and dead, don’t worry.

      • I’m imagining a “Dead Snow” moment where the zombie pops out of nowhere are bites his *static* off.

      • Hah, not really my style, Nikolai.

        Man, Dead Snow was a crazy movie, wasn’t it?

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJQL0nlo1hA

        Found this on youtube…personally I think it’s great! 😀

  5. Sam is going to snap any minute………
    Wait, He already has 🙁

    • Hah, damn straight he did/is.

  6. Man, Sam’s arms are shiiiiiiiney!!

    • That’s LEGO for you.

  7. Love the head at the end…the quick change of “Im Cracking up…Oh no! Zombies, Death, and bumpy carpets!!!” to the “Hey Daddyo”

    • Thank you sir.

  8. (old comment on the first comic i read)

    • This was the first one you read? I’m kind of surprised you stuck with it. It’s a really weird place to start. I actually really love this episode, but without the backstory it’s a bit of an odd one.

      • i came across this comic because i was on reasonaby clever(which i too found by accident)and i saw the adaption challenge and i started reading some of them then i said “if i’m so confused why don’t i read all of them?”so i did……thats how i found it……The End.
        most accidents in my life are awesome!

        • That is an awesome accident.