Adaptation Challenge

UPDATE: Winners announced!

In celebration of Bricks of the Dead‘s upcoming first anniversary (which is February 12th), I’m happy to present our first official contest: The Adaptation Challenge!

Adaptation Challenge Logo

Imagine that everyone’s favorite zombie webcomic (just to be clear, I’m talking about Bricks of the Dead here) is being adapted as both a feature length film and a video game. Your job will be to flex your creative muscles and create some advertising materials: either a movie poster or video game box art.

The contest will run from January 17th, 2011 through March 14th, 2011 (Episode 102).

The Prizes:

What’s a contest without prizes? We’ve got a great one for each category!

The movie poster winner will receive BrickArms’* “Shaun UK Zombie Fighter” custom minifigure:

Brickarm's Shaun UK Zombie Fighter custom minifig

The video game box art winner will receive the BrickArms* Zombie Defense Pack 2010.1 (note: this item is no longer available for sale so this might be your best opportunity to pick it up):

BrickArms Zombie Defense 2010.1

Official Rules:

  • There are two categories:
    • Movie Poster – Must contain:
      • The title (Bricks of the Dead)
      • A short tag-line (e.g. “The apocalypse has never been so fun!”)
      • MPAA rating (e.g. PG 13, R)
      • Bonus Features (not required):
        • Short credits, such as the director, production/distribution company, and lead actors
        • Pull quotes (i.e. short quotations from reviewers/celebrities)
    • Video Game Box Art – Must contain:
      • The title (Bricks of the Dead)
      • Supported systems (e.g. Playstation 3, PC, XBox 360)
      • ESRB rating (e.g. M, T)
      • Bonus features (not required):
        • Short credits, such as the developer/distributor
        • Screenshots of the game in action
        • Pull quotes (i.e. short quotations from reviewers/celebrities)
  • One entry per category, per person.
  • Entries must not have appeared online prior to January 17th, 2011; all work must be original.
  • All entries must be added to the Bricks of the Dead: Adaptation Challenge” Flickr Group.
  • Entries do not have to be built using LEGO® bricks. You are free to use whatever material (including original art or photo compositions) you like.
  • Bricks of the Dead is not responsible for any loss or damage to the prizes while they are in transit. I will, however, ship them in padded envelopes to cut down on the risk of damage.
  • Deadline:

    All entries must be submitted no later than March 14th, 2011 by midnight EST. Any entries after the deadline will be ineligible.

    The Judges:

    1. Dave of Bricks of the Dead
    2. Rollen Lee of Ye Olde Lego-Time Theatre
    3. Chris Doyle of Brick House

    Additional Resources:

    * BrickArms is not sponsoring this contest in any official capacity, but we do have their permission to use their products as prizes.



    ive got a question, where do you get all of those weapons?


    Most of the weapons I use in the comic are BrickArms, BrickForge, or BrickWarriors. All third-party accessory makers, and all very cool people to work with.

    For instance. I recently placed an order from BrickForge, and two items were left off. I emailed them asking if they could just add them to my next order or credit my account, or whatever. They said they would make it right, and two days later I got the missing items, plus some extra stuff. Awesome people.


    sweet, cause i’d love a LEGO machine gun, for my web comic, i’m down to using MEGA BLOX weapons, mostly ones from HALO


    BrickArms makes several different machine guns. Check out GI Brick, they’re the reseller I work with. Really good people, reasonable prices, and fast shipping.


    Does the game box/ poster have to be real, or can the be drawen on a piece of paper, or made on computer?


    You can create it any way you like: computer, hand drawn, photography, built in LEGO, etc.

    Drew S.

    Hi for the video game boxart bonus features do we include them on the box?


    That’s completely up to you. You can include characters, just zombies, or go for something more obscure.


    Signing up for Flickr is another big hassle. Would it be alright if Brikwarrior PM’d my entry to you? Could you maybe add it to Flickr then?


    Like, reading the terms of service and privacy policy… I know a lot of people skip them, but I it’s the law to read them, and they’re so loooong and uniteresting and they all say the same thing except for slight variations and you have to read the whole thing to get to those slight variations.
    Wrighting that made me realise just how rediculous my complaint was…
    I’ll read them. If I’m old enough.


    I got it, Colonel. I’ll try to get it posted on Flickr for you this afternoon when I have a few minutes.


    I….AM…..GETTING……THAT…..VIDEO GAME!!!!!!! (make it for x-box 360 🙂 )


    Sounds like a great contest! Two questions though… Firstly, do we need to use characters from this webcomic in the posters?

    And second, we ARE allowed to enter something in each category?



    Thanks CountZeppelin

    1. No, you do not have to use my characters if you don’t want to. Like any adaptation, things get changed from the original. In fact, I think someone could have some fun making a ton of unnecessary changes from my comic to the movie/game. Go nuts!

    2. You can absolutely enter both categories if you want.


    Another question I forgot to ask – If we were to make bonus features like screen shots but don’t want to put them on the box art, do we post them in the group pool?


    That’s a really a really good question. Yes, go ahead and post them in the group pool.

    If the four photos per day limit is a problem for anyone, let me know and I can bump it up.


    I got another quick question. Do we get the freebies from the Brickarms order if we win? 😉


    I had another question I forgot to out with the other. Does the video game/ movie cover have to have a back as well as a front, or can it just be the front?


    Hah, the freebies have already been pressed into service I’m afraid.

    All that’s required is the front, but if you want to do the back/side and really flesh out the packaging, then that would be cool.


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh zombies hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaahah zombied world ah

    Drew S.

    Is it okay if we make our poster and videogame similar but with a few modifications or do we have to make completely different entries.
    Also can do your characters have a sort of signature weapon they like to use so each of them will have the right fitting weapon on my adaptations 🙂


    You can make them similar, as thought they were released in tandem, but I would make sure they’re both distinct.

    They do sort of have signature weapons: Cheryl’s got a baseball bat, Sam has a crowbar, Stewart uses a machete, and Shannon has a hatchet. Murphy has a gun presently, but it’s not terribly useful as it’s out of ammo.

    Tom Spring

    hi, can anyone tell me the address I can send it to. It because I have made one and it is the type that cannot be taken a picture of. Thanks
    p.s. can you send the answer to my email-


    I just submitted mine. It’s pretty bad, and I also just noticed that the entry ‘Bricks of the Dead’ was submitted for Colonel, and it’s an actual entry, not an example. So it’s pretty much over. 😛


    It’s still anyone’s game; you never know what the judges will like.


    I hope not more than a few days. We’ve only got three judges so it should go pretty quickly.


    What!? I thought It ended the ninth? I don’t stand a chance against that 3D wizard, so I won’t enter the movie category anyway.
    I think I stand a pretty good chance in the Video Game category though.

    All these people using Photoshop… it makes me so sad. D: GIMP is the way to go.

    (Now that I’m old enough, maybe I should make myself a Flickr account…)

    Oh, and, Thanks Bren. *Returns High-five*

    ~The Epic Bracketed Colonelness


    I was supposed to end on the 9th, but I accidentally put the 14th in another advertisement, so it’s going to stay open another few days. My fault.


    Here, facebook, twitter, this site’s blog, and probably the BCN.


    You should probably also announce it on our flickr page, just so everybody gets the word.


    Just waiting to hear back from one judge. Hopefully posting the winners tomorrow morning.


    awesomesauce! I shall wait patiently 🙂 I think all the people who entered did a dandy job 🙂

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