Episode 97

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The post-freak-out conversation is often an awkward one, for both the freak him/herself and those who witnessed the event. There are a number of valid concerns to address following the freak out, not the least of which being “Is the group safe with this person now that they’ve thrown their little shitstorm?” Someone in the group will make a sortie, probing the freak to determine his/her capacity for further insanity, while the rest of the group ponders what to do should the situation worsen.


Lich Barrister

So does… nah, not cool as a joke. 😉

Still – good extra conflict. It’s always essential.


For some reason i think Sam will turn on the group later to protect himself


Well, I had a 9-day hiatus from webcomics due to a hospital stay. Perhaps Sam will come up with some redeeming traits after all. Or perhaps he’ll just be zombie food! 😉

I wonder how much time has been wasted entering this apartment just to find out the zombies beat them to it? My thoughts are that they should quit wasting time sorting Sam out and get ready for the next zombie attack, because I’m sure some of the zombies outside might have sensed their whereabouts by now.


Well the zombies aren’t going to be eating the Chicken Noodle soup and Beefaroni that might be in the apartment; they’ll still be able to ransack.

Sorry about the hospital stay. I hope everything is well.


Actually, I was figuring that the people in the apartment were people before they were zombies, and that they could have used up a lot of their food supply. A good zombie novel or film certainly wouldn’t rely on a crutch like a freshly stocked larder. 😉

Short version: There may be food there, but is it something they can actually use, and in sufficient quantity to extend their foreseeable lifespan to where they can find a much bigger food supply? It’s always going to be finite, if it does exist!


Indeed so. Besides which, even if the people in the apartment hadn’t touched the food, how much does the average person keep on hand to begin with?

They’re not going to be able to stay here long. The dessicated corpses don’t help either.


Its great how Cheryl is standing in the blood n’ guts in the 1st and 3rd panel 😛


Hah, I was waiting for someone to point that out! Sam did the same a couple episodes back.

These characters are just galvanized against gore at this point.


It’s The standard Grumpy Face thats really Common, But Lego hasn’t Featured it for a while, They may be getting rid of it 🙁


Yep, that’s the regular old frown (I believe Doyle calls this combo “Officer Grumpypants”, which seems fitting).

I have been swapping out some other faces onto Murphy to convey some emotion, like the skater’s smirk and the weight lifter’s strained expression.


One day I think all this cowarding and hiding will Be Sam’s end……….

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