Episode 175

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I’d say it’s time for another challenge, wouldn’t you? Well check out The 16×16 Challenge. It should be a fun one, and we’ve got some sweet prizes for the winner.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
When it comes to killing zombies, it’s really easy to start over-complicating things. What’s the best caliber gun? Do you need a scope? A suppressor? What about something like a crossbow for silent kills? That’s all fine and good, but when it comes down to it, sometimes you just need to grab whatever tool is handy at the time and lay your goon hand down on that zombie.

34 thoughts on “Episode 175”

  1. Of course, there’s always the question of who’s watching his back! 😀

    • Always a good question.

  2. That guy is just ASKING to be bitten by that head – it doesn’t look dead or uninfected yet.

    • I doubt that a severed zed’s head is really posing a threat… unless of course you happen to fall exactly on top of it, which would really be bad luck. On the other hand they make nice decorations (anyone who has read the Walking Dead will know what this means)

      • I just read a book called Remains of the Dead book as you’ll see in a review published tomorrow (shameless promoting) and there is a scene where someone comes a room with a severed head that had been a zombie for about 5 years. Freaking creepy….

        • Looking forwarding to reading it myself today.

        • A 5 years old zed’s head… nice and creepy indeed! That being said… and I know that it’s completely unrelated but the creepiest story pitch I have yet to see is still the one from the movie the Human Centipede…

          oooooh that gives me an idea… how about “the Zombie Centipede”??

        • You’re a sick man Yatkuu, that’s why we like you.

        • hah….wow.

          And for the record The Human Centipede is bad. Its a movie based on shock value with zero substance. Its a fetish torture porn movie. Nothing else. It wasn’t an issue of me being morally offended or prude…just an issue of a movie based on one concept with nothing built around it.

        • That’s pretty much what it seemed to me. Come up with an insane concept to get people talking and then laugh your way to the bank.

        • A Serbian Film, Human Centipede and Hostel are all trash torture porn movies. There is nothing creative or interesting about any of them. All of them, at best, should have been a small part in a movie as a really insane moment. Not an entire story.

          A Serbian Film had a chance to be great I guess but I don’t think they knew how to end it so they thought of the most hardcore and shocking thing they could possibly come up with and had that be the ‘grand moment to leave you speechless.’

        • I can’t comment on the movie, I haven’t seen it and certainly never will but I agree with what you said – the only purpose seems to shock people. I wonder how they managed to get the fundings for this crap (not to mention finding actors willing to play it).
          It may not be flying very high… but I’d rather enjoy the South Park version.

        • I’m happy to say I’ve seen none of those movies. I do need to check out the Southpark one, however.

        • Hostel…when I saw that it completely change how I view horror movies and from that moment on I because pretty biased against them.

          Serbian and Centipede you could say I skimmed.

      • Yeah, the (SPOILER) fish tanks full of zombie heads were a hell of a creepy site. I need to get back on my reviews for TWD.

    • Maybe he’s going to give it a soccer kick and make it someone else’s problem?

      • thinking back to the My-Own-Adventure you made, THAT could be a problem. The cheerlieader kicked a zombie head and we all remember what happened to her, granted it was still…umm…De-alive.

  3. Undead or not undead, the guy was asking for it. Shirtless with pants on? DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!

    (Lich Barrister’s “Fashion Faux Pas Cavalcade” is published by Random House in Q2 2012.)

    • He’s an upsidedown backwards visor away from being Fashion Hitler.

      • WHAT? Where’s my machete?

  4. Wow no one has yet to make a comment about the challenge till now.

    • While we’re on the subject… https://bricksofthedead.com/extras/the-16-x-16-challenge/


    • Seriously guys. Contests. Prizes. Excitement.

  5. I love love love beheading zombies! thanks

    • Meant to add that my weapon of choice would be the chainsaw gun from Gears of War (I can never remember the name) or a baseball bat with nail through the top.

      It would be nice to work out some pent up aggression on a zombie that way. =)

      • As far as improvised weapons go, I’d probably go with a machete or a baseball bat. Widely available and easy to use. I’d probably opt for the machete since it’s got a few more practical uses.


    Angela Givens has dissapeared…Ha explain that Dave!

    *Sorry I was trying to find one so hard that I had to be silly*

    • Oh don’t worry, Nekrospike, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot continuity errors soon (like where all the zombie bodies end up compared to where they were when Stew, Cheryl, and Murphy found them).

      • Speaking of continuity errors, Dave, would you care to explain why the zed in the brown box moved between panel 2 and panel 3? 😀

        That’s pretty good though, if you’re doing this all by yourself IRL without help. 😀

        • My guess is that I clumsily bumped my lightbox and that zombie fell out a bit, but it’s really hard to say.

          And yeah, I do this all by myself, except for the first dozen issues or so, where a buddy of mine helped with setup.

        • perhaps the zed is not “dead” but just power napping (something I like ot do after a heavy meal lol)
          the proximity of a fresh meal has stirred him from his slumber 😀

  7. At least it wasn’t one of the last couple episodes of Walking Dead where Glen only partially beheads the Zed and it gets right back up, coming at him.

    But that’d be the creep factor in a ZA, making sure that once the zed is down, it stays down…. and not having to deal with still animated heads.

    • That just gave me a cool idea. Thanks Silver Fox!

    • That’s what the double tap is for Silver Fox. =)