Episode 176

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In a zombie apocalypse, you’ve got to stay focused. Getting distracted, even briefly, in the midst of the walking dead can get you killed faster than anything. This is especially important when you consider just how hard it will be to not look at zombies getting shot, decapitated, and bashed up with baseball bats and crow bars. If you think driving by a wreck on the freeway is distracting, just wait until you have to try to not focus on the zombie getting blasted with a flamethrower.

38 thoughts on “Episode 176”

  1. A zombie getting blasted with a flamethrower? That’d be a waste of gasoline and time. 😀 Better to get out an Uzi machine gun and mow ’em down by the thousands! 😀

    • But flame throwers just scream”even in the apacalypse I know how to party”

      • Yes but like Jeff and the chainsaw, once zeds start piling on top of you, they’re not going to stop for some mad flamethrower waving maniac under them! At least with the Uzi, you have a range advantage! 😀

        • Well, yes, Uzi>flamethrower… but who says that’s the comparison? What if it’s between flamethrower and Hello Kitty binder? Flamethrower and an Atari Jaguar game cartridge? Flamethrower (weapon) and Flamethrower (Dairy Queen burger)?

          Alright, fine – zombies are irrationally terrified of Hello Kitty. Otherwise, the choice is clear.

        • As The Zombie Survival Guide points out, it takes an awfully long time for a burning zombie to succumb to burn damage, and it can set it’s fellow zeds alight in that time turning a (somewhat) manageable group of flesh-eaters into a terrifying melange of flaming kindling that can burn you, any nearby teammates and inflict massive amounts of collateral damage to the environment and, depending on said enviros, could cut off your planned escape route(s).
          So yea, flamethrowers, molotov cocktails, torches, etc. are all Very Bad Ideas to fight zombies with, regardless of the “That’s freaking awesome!” factor. Given the choice between fire and my bare hands, I’d much rather fight off a bunch of ghouls mano a zambo. I’ll probably die anyway, but at least while they’re om-noming my succulent flesh, they’ll be ignoring someone else who can get away instead of setting the whole neighborhood ablaze…

        • @Lich Barrister: Flamethrowers and Uzis (guns) are both ranged weapons, as for who said that was the comparison, please go back and read my name next to the post I made! 😉

          @Darg: There’s also the fact that a burning zed will ignite any flammable material it comes into contact with including people fleeing from zeds, burning or otherwise. 😀 So a burning zed might actually save people from being infected by turning them into a mobile burning object! Hmm. 😉

        • I’m happy to see such an intense debate on this subject. Carry on.

        • You also have to realize that a zed would be easily blinded by smoke.

          Point Flame Thrower.

        • Also have to realize that fire will do more harm than people think it does. It melts and it melts fast, so much heat will quickly melt the brain through the skull if hot enough.

        • Also, due to zombies being “undead,” their skin would not have the moisture of the living, making them more easily combustible. Point flamethrower.

        • Also, gunshots will splatter infected blood all over the place, while a flamethrower will handily sterilise anything you hit with it. Still, unless you’ve managed to luck into a fireproof building to hold up in, you might be causing more harm than good. A big fire will kill zombies very quickly, but it will spread. That’s good if it spreads to more zombies, but bad if it spreads to your own building.

  2. BTW, typo alert! It should “Don’t stand there staring.” 😀

    • Aw hell. I’ll try to fix that tonight. Thanks BV.

      • Okay fixed now. Thanks again for the head’s up.

  3. Double tap.

    • Hah

      • Just saying because I never saw 3 of the zombies get shot.

  4. Ummm well one of them was a lady rofl?

    • Yes indeed.

  5. Ok, so now we know who’s the leader of this little gang… of course it had to be the one-eyed badass. It’s almost as if it was in the job description:

    Looking for an “ASGTL” – Apocalypse Survivor Gang Team Leader!

    Qualifications required:
    – Minimum 20 years of Combat experience, preferably ex-military.
    – Natural charisma
    – Tough on the outside but soft inside – or not.
    – Loner with tragic past involving deceased family members

    – One-eyed is a plus

    Interested? You feel you have the qualifications to be an ASGTL? Send your resume to Dave.

    • We still on this? Guess we decided Zombiemutts wasn’t too fit for that position?

    • You get a guy with an eye patch, you’d be nuts not to put him in charge.

      • Anyone ever thought.. He could just be a dumb ass whom poked his eye out with a straw the day before SHTF?

        • No way. Homeboy lost that eye in ‘Nam or something.

        • “This? Well, I’ll tell ya, kid… Before the rise of the Zeds, there was a harvest feast called ‘Thanksgiving.’ The day after it, people bought stuff on a day they called ‘Black Friday.’ Well, I also had a daughter and that year – ’83 it was – she really wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll…”

        • He’s eaten fruitcake that would make a billygoat puke.

      • Unless, of course, you have someone who is even more nuts than he is! 😉

  6. Scrimshaw no!

    • Scrimshaw can never die. Only the actors who play him.

      • It could well be Scrimshaw. He has no beard…

  7. I know this has already been said but *there…Schoolboy error Dave 🙂

    • Yeah. I’m pretty ashamed of that one. Bush league.

      It’s fixed now though.

  8. Continuity Error: Zombie in green hoodie and skull is not in right position…I think…It’s hard going back a few pages and what not…Hey don’t look at me, you gave me the idea 🙂

    • Please refer to Bonus Features Episode 12 (this is exactly why I made that comic, by the way).

  9. So in this new group of well equiped survivors (Hazmat suits and automatic weapons) there is still one that wants to go retro……….
    “Hmmm….MP5……M1 carbine……….nah think I’ll go with the fireaxe/riot shield combo”

    hehehe love it.

    • The fire ax guy will be explained 🙂

  10. Hazmat team ftw

  11. Nice blood effects as always Dave! How nice they don’t leave any mess on the streets… 😉

    Good lord, am I behind on my BotD… I don’t know how that happened.