The Bonus Features Episode 12

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Special thanks to Yatkuu for inspiring this one.

A script supervisor is the person on set who’s responsibility it is to keep track of things, including watching out for things like continuity errors, which are extremely easy to make. Mistakes in continuity usually come from repeating takes, shooting out of order, or have to re-setup sets after the original had been torn down or rearranged. Most errors are pretty minor, but big gaps in continuity can really ruin audiences immersion in a story.

Other News:
I always like promoting other brick comics, especially when they about zombies. So in that spirit, check out Risen Bricks about, well, zombies. There are six episodes so far, but the writer seems really motivated to put out a lot more, so make sure you check back.

41 thoughts on “The Bonus Features Episode 12”

  1. I think she’s a continuity error! 😀

    • She may just be.

      • She looks like she would make good zombie bait 😉

        • Possibly, but then what would I do about continuity in the comic?

        • Not worry and get someone who’s not actually full of drugs to do it? 😀

        • Easier said than done, BV. Don’t forgot, I live outside Detroit.

  2. I like how in panel 3, that zombie is up and probably trying to screw his head back on. And then Scrimshaw just appears out of nowhere and tries to steal the spotlight in panel 4.

    • Tries? He does steal the spotlight!

      • Scrimshaw himself is the spotlight we all bask beneath. Give our lives illumination, oh whaler of the briny deep!

        • So well said, Lich. We all bask in the warming light that is Scrimshaw.

        • I’ve been taking notes from all the “Dawes” stuff on AV Club. 😉

        • I must have missed the initial Dawes article; it took me a bit to crack that meme.

      • Yes indeed, there’s no trying about it.

  3. I love the zed taking dives into the flower boxes 🙂

    • Hello insomnia my old friend

      • Damn man, you need some ambien or something.

        • Naw. I don’t like polluting my body with garbage like that.

          *pops second Monster of the morning*

        • No what you need Zombiemutts is an anesthesiologist 😀

        • Calicade I find that joke very offense……………

          ……and absolute genius. It got a very loud laugh from me at my desk. well played sir.

        • Thank you, thank you.

      • Have you tried yoga? I had some issues when I was younger – I was too “nervous” – so I did a little bit of yoga (and not just because the teacher was hot) – and it helped!
        I’m not really talking about the different postures but the basics are mostly breathing exercises, it really helps to relax.

        • Actuall I have and I like it.

          I have a lot going on but I wouldn’t call myself overly stressed or anything….sometimes I just can’t turn off the monkey clashing symbols in my brain. : )

  4. That is an excellent Bonus feature Dave – I would even say the best so far! I love the hilarious action in the background.
    On a completely unrelated note… I don’t know if anyone here is doing the Star Wars advent calendar because today – 02/DEC – we get a really cool fig that is going to make all zombies fans happy! I think the fig name is Nute Gunray – whatever – to me he is “new zed face”. My son was even kind enough to give it to me because he said “he’s too ugly”! That’s really cool because it means I won’t have to steal it from him and feel bad about it…

    • Thank you, sir!

      And yes that face does indeed make a good zombie. I just used it two episodes back, and the zombie was promptly shot in the face.

      • Heyyy… I had not recognized him with his punk T-Shirt! He looks way better like that than with his dumb hat or whatever that thing on his head is.
        Amazing how we can switch between extremes here… we start with an innocent Lego advent calendar and we end up with a zombie shot in the face!
        It must be the magical spirit of Christmas.

        • Yeah, that hat is just bizarre. I kind of like it for some reason, but I don’t know where I would ever use it.

          Also, I love that the spirit of Christmas can help us shoot more zombies in the face. Thank you, tiny baby Jesus.

        • lyin’ there in your ghost manger, just lookin’ at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin’ ’bout shapes and colors

        • Actually, now that I think of it I have already seen that piece being used in a very clever way – completely unexpected.
          Here is the link to that MOC (not built by me), you can try to find the “hat piece” but it’s well hidden!

        • Man, you really made me look for that, and then when I found it, I realized it was exactly where it should be. Nice parts usage there, and an awesome MOC at that.

        • Oh my…that is a beautiful MOC

        • Found that hat piece. That is very cool looking.

        • I found it in 2 seconds flat, right above the doorway under the arch deco above it. 😀

          Does this comment system have *spoiler* tags available?

        • I’ll use it for the head Stonecutter if I ever work them into the comic. Hm…

          And that is an excellent MOC with nice use of that piece.

  5. Well done Dave!

    And it’s SCRIMSHAW!

    • Everyone’s favorite ancillary character.

  6. I am really curious as to what the zombie in black is trying to accomplish…

    • That zombie was killed ages ago in the comic. Murphy shot him to save Stew and he just sort of slumped into that empty crate. So I thought it’d be funny to move him around a bit in the background.

  7. Hah, I love all the continuity “errors” you put in on purpose! And she DOES look fairly skinny for a Lego figure… she should stop using.

    • She should indeed, but that’s true of most users.

  8. Also, Risen Bricks seems to be interesting. The first episode almost reminds me of my own first few episodes!

    Although that comment posting system is a nightmare… I can barely read the jumbled word for “visual confirmation”…

    It’s weird to not be the new zombie comic on the block anymore, though.

    • Yeah, he hasn’t added any more since last week, but I hope he does. It’s a promising start.