Episode 101

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
For certain types of characters, the quickest way to resolve a conflict is through the liberal application of violence, or at least threats thereof. These characters don’t have the time or patience to waste with debate, cunning, or reasonable discourse; they simply lash out at whomever happens to be standing in their way. Through bullying or physical force, they often get what they want. That is, of course, until they come across someone tough or smart enough to get the best of them.

15 thoughts on “Episode 101”

  1. I worried since his friend has been bitten, his Friend could jump on him any second now…….

    • Hah, he certainly could.

  2. He has no idea how deeply he’s going to regret that statement. 😉

    • That’s right. These poor bastards at the beginning of the outbreak don’t quite have the rules down yet.

  3. How did you get the idea for Bricks of the Dead? Was it your Idea or did you get the idea from The Zombie/Brick cola Issues in the Brick House comic….

    • Not to be a mini-… mini-Dave, but The title “Bricks os the Dead” was probably based off the names Night, Day, Dawn, and even Shaun of the Dead.

      • Indeed it is. The title was suggested by Lich Barrister of Ye Olde Lego-Time Theatre after I discovered the comic’s original title, Lego My Brains, was a violation of LEGO’s terms of service.

        LB has been a fantastic friend to BotD. If you see any of the Collectible Minifigs in the strip, especially the zombies, you can safely assume Lich had a hand in getting them to me.

    • Hey Jackson. I had been wanting to do a zombie comic for a while. I had written a couple short stories and tried (and failed miserably) to make a short film. I thought comics might be a good medium instead. I stumbled across The Adventures of S-Team (another LEGO comic) and the rest was history.

      I read the Brick Cola Zombie part of Brick House shortly after I shot the first dozen or so episodes. Great stuff there, and anyone who hasn’t checked it out should do so post haste.

      • I know your pain on the short stories Dave, as I’m trying to make a zombie story that involves a few people that were actually prepared for all of it. I think it would be a twist to the Genre and pulling it off is going to be the hardest part I think. If it isn’t that I’m trying to write another work of Post-apocalyptic fiction about the Character also known as Calicade Otis Schneider (My internet name because I wish in truth it was my name… OH WELL) The waste Walker. It pulls on this whole Fallout like theme but in my own sense of how things happened and I got a-lot of great ideas for it and all of it pre-set up. Problem is how to start it, I’m my own biggest critic. SO when I see another writer or something like that first thing I think is how hard it is to start something, but the ride is always fun. (As well a long one… Unless your Stephen king. All he does is Punch books and his thoughts transfer to the paper perfectly.)

      • Sounds like a challenging project. The tropes usually go with the unprepared everyman, so you’re in somewhat different waters.

        I’d suggest checking out Day by Day Armageddon if you haven’t already. It’s a short novel written by a military guy. The protagonist is basically himself, and he’s certainly not the typical unprepared everyman.

      • Well, I tried to make a Lego animation and failed, so after finding Reasonably Clever I decided To make my own Webcomic, It was going to be a Lego Star Wars webcomic, but then I thought about The idea of Minifigures living in a Human world, so i decided on that in the end……..

      • I love the stop-motion films some people make, and have been in love with the idea of doing one for ages. Unfortunately, I just know that I don’t have that kind of patience and it would just never get completed.

  4. What is the face on the sargent?

    • It comes from this set.

  5. Lovin’ it! Keep it coming!