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Custom Brick Review: BrickWarriors Summer 2012 Wave

One way to spice up your MOC’s is to get some custom items. They are typically reasonably priced and at a fraction of the cost of going after a rare item off a reselling site. But be careful, some companies sell shoddy items so always do a little research before you part with your hard… Read more »

Brick Review: Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack

That’s right, ladies and gentleman, I got my hands on GI Brick‘s Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack, so I thought I’d do a complete review. Coincidentally, this is just one of the fantastic prizes available in the 16×16 Challenge. Let’s get those entries in!

Brick Review: BrickWarriors’ Sci-Fi Accessories

For our final review (sadface) of BrickWarriors’ accessories, we’re going to tackle their sci-fi items, which includes Resistance Trooper Helmet and Armor, Ground Dweller Battle Rifle, Impaler Assault Rifle, and Head Hunter Pistol. Let’s start with the wearable items. The Resistance Trooper helmet and body armor compliment each other extremely well, and make for one… Read more »

Brick Review: BrickWarriors Modern Accessories

This week’s review covers BrickWarriors’ modern items. While there are only four this time around, remember that a lot of the previously covered items would fit in just fine in modern MOCs.