Brick Review: BrickWarriors Modern Accessories

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This week’s review covers BrickWarriors’ modern items. While there are only four this time around, remember that a lot of the previously covered items would fit in just fine in modern MOCs.

Some modern combat is about to go down

For clothing, we get just one item: the do rag. I quite like this item, as I’ve always thought that the official piece just looks a little too “pirate” for modern times. Maybe because it looks bunchy, like there’s a ton of fabric, but I’ve always thought it was a bit off. BrickWarriors’ mold is pretty simple, and how could it not be? As a guy who frequently sports a babushka, I’m a fan of this piece.

The do rag

The AK-47 and it’s variants are perhaps the most recognizable rifles in use today. They have developed a reputation for rugged dependability, and have been put to the test in some of the worst environments on the planet. Suffice it to say, the AK is a must have for modern MOCers. The BrickWarriors’ version is quite nice. It features a little more detail (especially around the ejection port) than the BrickArms’ version, and a slightly different layout, with the stock being the most obvious variation.

Guns: They're awesome

While I am by no means an expert in weapons, I’m generally pretty familiar with the more common guns out there. The Special Forces SMG is a bit of a mystery to me, but I’ll tell you this: it’s damn cool looking. I’m sure I could parse out what weapon this item was based on with a little Google-fu, but I’m not terribly comfortable searching for compact firearms from my office. This weapon is a super compact little gun that packs in the details, including some really cool looking sights, a suppressor, and a nicely designed magazine.

I’m a big fan of Russian weapons, so BrickWarriors’ Suppressed Sniper Rifle, based on the Vintorez, really appeals to me. It’s a shame the minifigs can’t work with a full stock, because I would love to see how BrickWarriors’ would pull that off. Even with the stubby, minifig compatible stock, the rifle is a sweet weapon. I’m particularly fond of the details in the scope, and the distinctive fat barrel, which is not quite grip-able. The groove on the magazine is also a nice touch.

Check back next week for our final review, which will cover BrickWarriors’ sci-fi items. And don’t forget to check out BrickWarriors’ website and BrickLink Store.

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  1. Those are really great.

    • They certainly are.

  2. must…have…them!

    • And that, sir, is why I linked right to BrickWarriors’ store.

  3. Its sad that the AK and all of its little brothers and sisters suck for accuracy.
    The PP-2k is the SMG, and I can’t say I don’t love me an SMG.
    VSS Vintorez is an okay sniper rifle, but real men use the Dragonuv if your going to use Communist guns.

    I like to see a mix of American/Russian weaponry.. As in putting two guns and ‘smashing’ them together.. I’ve seen some beautiful gun types out of these.. Maybe I should work on a Dragonuv/M21.. Hmm..

    • Btw.. Your welcome :3

        For all your gun knowing needs.

        • Thank you, sir.

          I wasn’t aware that the AK family had accuracy issues.

        • The bolt system is only meant for dependability. The best AK for accuracy around IMO is the AKM, but that’s mainly because the AKM was specifically designed to one up the AK-47.

          Yeah there’s a-lot that goes into making a gun & the use of it.

        • Do the WASRs share that poor accuracy?

        • Not as bad, but yeah… All guns are good to have its just all about tastes. The Over-exaggeration of jamming from M16 is, of course, over exaggerated. If your an accuracy buff then there are a-lot of battle rifles out there (Semi Automatic rifles that are meant for conserving ammo and accuracy).
          I have to admit the AK series is really attractive to me, but my love is the MK.14 Battle rifle…..

          Must find AK/MK mix.. CALL IT THE KK.

        • Wasn’t the M16 jamming issue primarily during the first half of Vietnam, when they were using cheaper parts to manufacture the rifle? I’m certainly no expert, but I remember learning that in a history class/book and found it really interesting.

        • Oh yeah, the M16/M4 are great guns, and jamming isn’t as much of a problem any more (Specially with dust covers). If your looking at a very dependable and extremely modern (I mean just made a few years ago) then you wanna look at the HK416(223)and the HK417(7×62)

        • Well I’m probably not going to be buying an assault rifle anytime soon, but that’s good to know.

        • Lol, yeah I was thinking the same.
          “Why am I talking about this to Dave?… RESEARCH!”

        • Gotta love research.

        • Sorry for hoppin into the conversation late but, if I had to take ONE assault rifle into a zombie apocolypse, I’d choose the AK. Reliable, hard hitting, and has very easy to find replacement parts and ammo.
          But if I was in war I’d want a HK416, reliable as an AK, accuracy of a M16 🙂

        • Oh yeah of course. For me it would be same when it comes to assault rifles, but when it comes to battle rifles/accuracy then M14 all the way. What I would really like is a crossbow.

        • Calicade can stay with me during the apocolypse.

        • Hey mutts a good car thief could come in handy in the apocolypse 😛

        • This is true and I know you stole some cars….ok thats 2 people.

        • Good.. ALL TOGETHER! We shall survive.. Now we just need a cook.

        • See that’s my role. I will stay inside and protect supplies whilst everyone else searches for whatever.

          I would also like to note I have no moral quarrels with cannibalism so naturally I must be protected till the very end.

          Glad that’s settled and I hope everyone is pleased with this iron clad contract you have agreed to.

        • Yeah.. About that.. Try to eat me.. I’ll have to obliterate you.

        • BTW you can Mutts.

        • If you so much as point a fork at me mutts… *insert sound of an AK bolt being pulled here*

        • I will outlive all of you

        • You guys need a hacker/mechanic/CC expert?

        • Yes, yes we do.. Silly Zombie.. Do you not realize I am a Scavenging professional? BEEN HONIN’ mah SKILLZ BRO-HEM

        • i’ll be the comic relief. you guys seem pretty serious. i can also be scout. i can fit into small spaces and be very quiet(I’m huntin’ for wabbit!).

        • Excellent! Two more members to the survival team.

          I can’t wait to show off my Tyrant Cape. Its made of velvet.

        • Might want to watch out for molotov’s; velvet catches on fire easy.

        • Who said u were leader mutts? I say this should be a republic. Until i get voted the leader. Then it’s a dictatorship.

        • Nonsense. Clearly I am the leader. After all I do have this scepter and menacing stare!

        • So far we have:
          Mutts: leader
          Calicade: weapons expert
          Me: scout/scavanger
          Zombies!: comic relief/ scout
          Now we just need the useless dead weight of a person… Dave? Care to join?

        • Lets be realistic here.. I’m the one with the true leadership skills here.. Zombie can be our Ambassador.. Look like our leader, I’ll give all the real commands.

        • “Now we just need the useless dead weight of a person… Dave? Care to join?”


          “Lets be realistic here.. I’m the one with the true leadership skills here”

          See that’s the problem. You hesitated already and I took the role while you sorted things out. Hesitation will get this group killed. I need you by my side Calicade, we all do, but we can’t afford a leader who waits. I’m sorry.

        • As long as you don’t make a crown out of bottle caps and call yourself king of the waste land.. Or say its a better idea just to run in and hope for the best. :3

        • *scratches “run in and hope for the best” off the idea whiteboard*

        • Not only am I useless, but I’m slow and eat a lot.

        • Do you guys need a-


  4. “but I’m not terribly comfortable searching for compact firearms from my office”
    lol… I picture the scene, Dave browsing a catalog of automatic rifles online when his boss pops in un-announced

    • hah….hilarious!

      • It’s bad enough I spend part of my work day on site dedicated to children’s toys. Throw guns into the mix and that could be bad.

        • Even Icarus went too far

        • huh? /= (

        • Daedalus and his son Icarus were imprisoned. To escape, Daedalus created wings made of wax and feathers. He warned Icarus to avoid the sun, since the heat would melt the wax and destroy the wings. Icarus, being a teenager, didn’t listen and, consequently, died.

  5. Where’s the snipers head from?

    • I think it’s from a racing set or something like that. I got it from Bricklink quite a while ago.

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