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Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. No place is this truer than when it comes to zombie heads for your LEGO® minifigures. People who build zombie creations have always faced a pretty important shortcoming: the lack of good heads for your horde of the walking dead. In recent years we’ve gotten a few decent faces, from the Harry Potter troll (which I use extensively) to the unmasked Darth Vader. LEGO® even got into the act recently with it’s collectible zombie. Unfortunately, it was in frustratingly low supply.

Thankfully there is a burgeoning market of third-party LEGO®-compatible toys out there, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Recently, Citizen Brick unleashed it’s newest creation: the unofficial zombie head. Bricks of the Dead was able to get its grubby hands on one to review and compare it to your other options. Behold:

I'm holding a brand new zombie head. Exciting!

It looks pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s a light bley head much like the official collectible zombie. In fact, it compliments the collectible zombie nicely.

Since this is a third party piece there are obviously questions about quality and durability. Fear not. This isn’t a decal or cheap paint, the zombie face appears to be applied with the same stuff as official pieces (to me anyway; I’m certainly no expert of printing on plastic). I scratched at mine a bit with my thumbnail, and didn’t make any sort of impression on the face. I imagine it’ll chip and rub with rough play, but it should stand up to as much punishment as your official pieces. Of course, we all treat our official pieces with care, right?

I should also point out that the head is laid out in such a way that it still looks fantastic with a hat, helmet, or hair piece, unlike the zombie head that came with the recent BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging them (I like throwing them in the comic, after all). They’re unique, hand-painted pieces after all, and looks like they were designed to be bald.

A zombie from the department of public works

At any rate, Citizen Brick’s custom zombie head is well made part that looks good regardless of where you use it. It also fits in quite well with all the other zombie heads in rotation:

Here it sits among some other popular zombie faces

Like all zombie heads, if you overuse this you’re going to run into the issue of all your zombies looking the same. Since no one wants an army of zombie clones, make sure you mix them up a bit.

I’m not sure when this will be available on Citizen Brick’s website, but when it is I’ll announce it here and on Facebook and Twitter. I believe they’ll retail for $3.50 like the other heads on the site. If you’re a custom zombie builder, or just think it be cool to have a couple zeds on your desk, then be sure to swing by and order up a couple.

While you’re there, check out the rest of Citizen Brick’s products. They have some really nice looking printed tiles that appear quite useful (I haven’t purchased any yet, but they’re awfully tempting). They also do custom printing if you’re looking to advertise a a group/website/whatever.

32 thoughts on “Brick Review: Citizen Brick Zombie Heads”

  1. Those look great if i had time i might buy one….for….my…..moc…OH CRAP MY MOC!!!! Besdt get back to it sorry if ai made typos i am typing fast to get this over with those look like a great addition to any lego collection and some of the stuff on there looks goood but some looks weird for exaple the beat up heads those might not be very useful in my eyes try to come up with uses for it.where did you get it from?anyway bye!

    • Yeah, they’ve got lots of interesting stuff, but most of it figures and heads I wouldn’t be able to easily use. Still very cool though.

  2. That is a sweet looking head. I wish I had stuff to use for zombies, but sadly I don’t, hence why I used the mime faces and skeleton faces…as well as a blank white face from some Robofigures I made and ordered using DesignByMe. I think that’s where my entry fails most…lack of zombie originality. But like I said, it’s all i’ve got besides Frankenstein’s Monster from the collectable series.

    …Now I think about it, ym city has faced alot of hardships…Roboticization, Mind-controlling skater helmets…The Themist “Theme Enforcement Squad” and now Zombies. Man, htye’re unlucky. Even more so since the “main character” in their story got infected just as the cure was discovered and wound up dead.

    • Well make sure you pick up a couple when these become available, which I’m guessing will be soon.

      Man, if I lived in your city I think I’d be looking to move to Detroit or Beirut or something. Yikes.

      • Ah, there’s one problem for the minifigures, though; the Theme Enforcement Squad don’t like minifigures moving from one place to another – Themism is like racism, but with themes. I think Detroit would be like the “City” theme or something. The region I play with, Brick City, is a combo of all themes – which is why once the TES released Crazy gas into it and sealed it off so everyone would kill each other and there would be no more mingling.

        Supposedly, the Ninjago theme is the only theme allowed to import weapons freely. As such, other themes have been bypassing laws by trading weapons with Ninjago. Unfortunately, the TES found out who masterminded it – the Castle theme (england) and destroyed it. It was creepy because everyone in the Castle theme was old-timey and sepia, while anyone who wasn’t from there was in full colour. I think I have a newspaper article about a dragon attack somewhere if you wanna see it.

        • Sounds like you’ve got the makings of your own comic.

  3. Wow, that’s cool! I might have to pick a couple of these up when they become available.

    (I wonder if they’d print the zombie design I designed for Zombie Outbrick? Hmm….)

    • If you contact them regarding custom printed zombie heads, let us know what they say. That’d be pretty cool do it.

  4. Just in awe…
    If I ever make a comic or movie about zombies with lego, I always thought that I’d use the collectible minifigs zombie for every one.
    starting to rethink that decision…

    • Most definitely. And at $3.50 a pop you won’t break the bank picking up a couple.

  5. Nice…I will buy a couple when they are up. I would buy some right now.

    • You could always email them and inquire about purchasing early.

      • well……um……

        thats a good idea………….

        • Damn straight. The guy that runs it seems really friendly.

        • Well I asked them to invoice me for two…if he can awesome! If not thats cool to and I understand.

        • Two fantastic zed heads on their way.

          Seems like a nice fellow… prompt reply and invoice…I hope he does well with sales.

        • Outstanding. I love this kind of customer service.

  6. Dave…that zombie I am giving away for the contest…do you have one of those heads? Is this the only custom one you have?

    • No, I don’t. It’s a pretty cool one. Might have to seek that out one of these days.

      • we can always trade a minifig for one if you want downt he road. No rush no fuss…whenever. I have too many custom zed heads.

        speaking of…surfer girl is on her way.

  7. So, you gonna use it in your comics?

    • Maybe we will see it MONDAY!?!?!?!?

  8. Got these in the mail yesterday….

    These are really nice custom pieces and I know exactly what I am going to use them for. these faces show a classic zombie look of complete lack of thought and intelligence. Simpleton meatbags that thoughtlessly wander around causing they just scream to be used as politicians in a MOC. 🙂

    • Political zombies. Now there’s a mashup that needs to happen.

  9. These look great! I am running low on zombie heads, but I am zombie heads as I am money.

    • These are a very good price btw…think mine was $9 shipped for two

      • I can’t seem to find them, are they with all the normal body parts?

        • I don’t think they’re posted to the store yet. Try emailing customer service and asking about buying couple. The dude is really nice and pretty quick to respond.

        • I emailed him and asked him to invoice me for two and he did it right away.

          If he ever makes more zombie designs I will immediately buy from him again.

        • When I spoke to him he mentioned being interested in zombie designs, so hopefully this isn’t the last one.

        • I need exactly 3 more unique looking zed heads in pairs of two….

          just in case you’re reading this CB 🙂

    • Well these are only three-fifty a pop. Save your pennies for a couple weeks and you could probably nab a couple.

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