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Step into the thrilling world of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the Rathtar Escape set, complete with modular parts and 836 pieces to let your imagination run wild. With authentic details like trapdoors and crawlspace, and buildable Rathtar figures for added action, reconfigure the freighter sections for an exciting escape scene that’ll transport you right into the heart of the Star Wars story.

8 – 14
Star Wars
Jun 2017
Dec 2018

Explore the Action-Packed World of Rathtar Escape Set

Embark on an exciting intergalactic adventure with the LEGO Star Wars Rathtar Escape set! With its detailed design and features, this set will spark your imagination and immerse you in the epic world of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Whether you’re a seasoned Star Wars fan or a LEGO enthusiast looking for a challenging build, this set offers both fun and adventure.

Authentic Details for a Lifelike Experience

Designed to closely emulate scenes from the movie, the Rathtar Escape set boasts intricate details for an authentic feel. It includes recognizable elements such as a lowering blast door, trapdoor, and hidden crawlspace – ideal for recreating iconic moments from the film. Builders can even pull the correct fuse to release two fearsome buildable Rathtars, complete with posable tentacles and terrifying teeth.

A Modular Design for Endless Reconfiguration

Unlike regular LEGO sets, Rathtar Escape allows easy reconfiguration of modular parts to cater to endless possibilities of intricate space action scenes. You can choose to arrange freighter sections in different ways, encouraging creativity and making each play session unique.

Action-Packed Minifigures

The Rathtar Escape LEGO set includes five minifigures for an engaging play experience: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Bala-Tik, and two Guavian Security Soldiers. Together with your favorite characters, you can relive the thrilling events as Han Solo and Chewbacca attempt their daring escape from Bala-Tik and his Guavian henchmen aboard their freighter.

Compatible with All LEGO Building Sets

If you love mixing and matching LEGO sets to create innovative new designs, you’re in luck. The Rathtar Escape set is compatible with all LEGO construction sets, allowing you to expand your creative horizons and add even more dynamic elements to your space action scene.

Perfect for Children and Teens Aged 8-14

The Rathtar Escape set has a stunning 836 pieces, providing hours of fun for children and teens aged between 8 and 14 years old. Despite its complexity, the easy-to-follow instructions make it suitable for young Star Wars fans, offering an exciting way to develop problem-solving skills and improve dexterity.

In Summary

The LEGO Star Wars Rathtar Escape set is a perfect gift for young fans of the iconic franchise or LEGO enthusiasts looking for an engaging build complete with intricate details, customizable design, and action-packed minifigures. Don’t miss the chance to experience the excitement of this thrilling escape from the clutches of Bala-Tik in the fantastic world of The Force Awakens.

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Product Specs
Product Name:Rathtar Escape
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Release Year2017
ThemeStar Wars
InstructionsLego Rathtar Escape Instructions