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Embark on an epic quest with the valiant Robin Underwood as he confronts Whiparella and her nefarious Ash Attacker in the magnificent Black Knight Mech. With its towering proportions and intricate design, this highly posable mechanical marvel features a concealed arrow shooter, a formidable cockpit, and a sword-wielding warrior ready to wage battle against evil. Accompanied by Whiperella’s devilish skeletal Lava Fly, brimming with dual spring-loaded shooters, and the treacherous confines of her lair boasting a moveable prison, catapult, and weapons holder – adventure awaits those brave enough to join the Nexo Knights crusade.

8 – 14
Nexo Knights
Jun 2016
Jul 2017

The Intense Adventure of the 70326 The Black Knight Mech

Immerse yourself in endless adventures with the 70326 The Black Knight Mech, inspired by the Nexo Knights Season 2 theme. This brilliantly crafted set, released in 2016, offers an extraordinary concoction of action-packed excitement and creative imagination. It was thoughtfully designed by Mark Stafford, bringing electrifying battles between good and evil to life.

A Step into the Nexo Knight World

Turning back time to its launch in June 2016, this fascinating LEGO set masterfully captures the fierce confrontations of Robin Underwood against Whiparella and the Ash Attacker. At the heart of this battle is the highly posable Black Knight Mech, armored with a sword and a shield armed with an arrow shooter. This truly reflects a warrior’s resilience in the face of adversity.

Whiparella’s Skeletonic Lava Fly Surprise

Not to be overlooked is Whiparella’s skeletal Lava Fly that is not only terrifying but also fully equipped with dual spring-loaded shooters! In tandem with her lair that comes complete with a prison that has movable bars, a catapult, and a weapons holder, tension-filled battles are inevitable.

Minifigures and More

Apart from the primary characters – Robin Underwood and Whiparella – there are additional minifigures included in this set: a King’s Bot and a Flame Thrower. To top it off, the thrill intensifies as you get 3 scannable shields, enabling you to power up for the impending LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS game!

Accessibility & Ease Of Use

Whether you’re just getting started or already deep into LEGO building, this meticulously crafted set caters to kids and teenagers aged between 8 and 14 years old. With its age-suitable feature making it even more appealing, parents can trust this set for their children’s growth both in creative thinking and fine motor skills.

A Starter Guide for Assembling

To begin constructing your battlefield, assemble The Black Knight Mech along with its cockpit and buildable sword and shield. Then strategize your move to shoot The Black Knight Mech’s shield’s arrow shooter by simply pulling the trigger. Next is opening up the claw-like bars of Whiperella’s prison to place the King’s Bot inside as captive. Just don’t forget about arming yourself with Robin’s sword or the Flame Thrower’s spear!

Round-off & Dimensions

The 70326 The Black Knight Mech stands tall at over 12” (31cm), with Whiparella’s Lava Fly measuring 1” (4cm) high, 3” (10cm) long, and 1” (4cm) wide. Meanwhile, her closely guarded prison measures more than 3” (8cm) high, about 9cm long, and approximately 11cm wide. This LEGO model from Nexo Knights offers far more than just pieces of plastic – it presents countless imaginative journeys fit for any valiant knight!

Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name:The Black Knight Mech
RRP£44.99 / $39.99 / 49.99€
Release Year2016
ThemeNexo Knights
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