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Immerse yourself in the rock & roll spirit with LEGO Art’s tribute to The Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary. With 1,998 vibrant pieces, this wall set allows you to construct their iconic logo in stunning detail. Scan the QR code and let the captivating soundtrack transport you into a world of musical craftsmanship as you intricately piece together each element of this organically shaped masterpiece. Proudly display the finished artwork on your wall as a testament to your love for one of the greatest bands in history.

Jun 2022
To Be Announced

A Tribute to The Rolling Stones in LEGO® Form

There’s good news for lovers of rock music and LEGO® alike. Meet the LEGO® Art The Rolling Stones (31206) set—a remarkable tribute to one of the rock music’s most enduring bands. Consisting of a generous 1998 pieces, this intricate kit shifts LEGO® hobbyists’ experience into an advanced level, where they have the freedom to bring one of the world’s most iconic band logos to three-dimensional life.

Immerse in the World of Rock ‘n Roll

It’s not just about building blocks; it’s about celebrating six decades of The Rolling Stones’ beautiful rock & roll journey. While you dive into assembling this intricate masterpiece, be ready to embark on a tuneful adventure with a soundtrack specifically created to immerse you into the world of the legendary band. Listen to snippets of their music, interviews and anecdotes as your brick-built logo takes shape.

Show Off Your Love for Music

This versatile art kit is designed keeping in mind the pleasure and satisfaction derived from displaying your passion for music. Once completed, it features a striking 3D version of The Rolling Stones’ iconic logo that speaks volumes about your admiration for the celebrated band. It doesn’t stop at simply looking stunning on your wall—it signifies a heartwarming tribute to The Rolling Stones’ memorable 60 years in music.

A Space for Your Creativity

The LEGO® Art The Rolling Stones (31206) set brings an enriching experience for both adults and youngsters looking to showcase their creative instinct. If you cherish beautiful memories associated with the band’s unforgettable journey, and if creating art forms from entertainment, sports or technology worlds excites you, this set is definitely going to quench your thirst for creativity.

Celebrate with LEGO®’s High-Quality Standards

This set is every bit as high-quality as you would expect from a LEGO® product. Built on LEGO®’s valuable quality standards dating back to 1958, each piece fits together effortlessly and reliably over and over again. Safety is always top-notch with LEGO®, so rest assured that your mesmerizing Stones art display will stand robustly wherever you choose to flaunt it.

In conclusion, the LEGO® Art The Rolling Stones (31206) set invites everyone who appreciates rock & roll, artistic pursuits or simply looking to unwind by losing themselves in a beautifully engrossing project. This splendid gift embodies countless hours of artistic enjoyment that ultimately culminates in something breathtaking—something undeniably legendary—something very Rolling Stones!

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Product Specs
Product Name: The Rolling Stones
Pieces 1998
RRP £129.99 / $149.99 / 149.99€
Release Year 2022
Theme Art
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