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Embark on an immersive Minecraft adventure as you tend to the feathered residents of The Chicken Coop. Designed by the ingenious Robert Heim, this minifig-scale wonder brings young fans closer to their favorite sandbox video game. With its elevated henhouse seamlessly delivering eggs into a waiting chest, and a captivating decorative chicken banner, this set is ready for some avian action. So, don your Alex LEGO Minecraft minifigure attire and get ready to charm some chickens with delectable seeds before placing the precious eggs inside the henhouse for safekeeping. Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the intricate details, from the meticulously crafted baby chicken and tamed wolf figures to the carefully designed water and grass area adorned with lush plants. Rebuilding this masterpiece opens up endless possibilities for creating your very own LEGO Minecraft realm. Let your creativity soar on brick wings as you breathe life into this captivating Chicken Coop.

7 – 14
Jan 2018
Dec 2020

Step Into the Pixels with LEGO’s The Chicken Coop

The interplay between reality and the digital world has never been more surreal than in LEGO’s The Chicken Coop set. Redefining playful engagement through the lens of one of the most successful video games, Minecraft, this LEGO product is more than just a toy— it’s an immersive, hands-on experience for young builders.

A Delightful Addition to Your Minecraft Universe

With 198 carefuly crafted pieces, this robust model incorporates a series of signature elements from the Minecraft universe. Kids will relive their adventures in the pixelated game world, proven by the careful replication of its novel features.

The primary focus is on an elevated henhouse that ingeniously delivers eggs straight into a storage chest. Kids have the freedom to experiment with structure design and can even ‘feed’ chickens using the include seed element. The thrill of farming is further enhanced by a removable henhouse roof which provides easy access to its interior.

Characters Galore!

You won’t be alone on your farming quest. The Chicken Coop set features an Alex LEGO Minecraft minifigure along with a pack of added companions – baby chicken and tamed wolf figures and two chicken figures. How about engaging in some role-play game scenarios giving these characters a voice of their own?

Accessories to Boost Your Creativity

From bone to feather elements to keep your tamed wolf happy, to seeds and eggs for your farm, this set comes packed with accessories. Plus there’s also an axe element, which adds another layer of authenticity and interactivity to ensure that every playtime teaches kids something new about farming.

A Matchless Adventure at a Pocket-Friendly Price

The LEGO set launched in January 2018 at a retail price of RRP: £19.99 / $19.99 / 19.49€. The Chicken Coop equates to a price per piece ratio of 10.1p / 10.1c / 9.8c–meaning this set guarantees maximum fun without breaking your bank.

Unleash Your Imagination

This set is about more than enjoying a manual task; it’s about exploring possibilities. It challenges you to think outside the norm and reimagine this enclosed space in countless ways. No matter how you decide to rebuild or remodel, Lego Minecraft’s The Chicken Coop will always serve as a source of creative inspiration.

In A Nutshell

The LEGO Minecraft The Chicken Coop offers an entertaining and enlightening diversion for budding architects aged between 7 and 14 years—providing hours of enjoyment alongside valuable insights into the basics of structural design and problem-solving pertinent to the art of construction.

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: The Chicken Coop
Pieces 198
RRP £19.99 / $19.99 / 19.49€
Release Year 2018
Theme Minecraft
Instructions Lego The Chicken Coop Instructions