LEGO Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack 75167

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Gear up with the Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack and unleash a whirlwind of intergalactic adventure. As the sleek blue speeder bike zips through space, Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, and 4-LOM take aim with their stud shooters, ready to conquer any defense in sight. With its compact design and room for a backpack, this set brings a dynamic energy to your LEGO® Star Wars collection that will leave fans of all ages on the edge of their seats. So strap in and prepare for an exhilarating journey into the vast reaches of imagination!

6 – 12
Star Wars
Jun 2017
Dec 2018

A Closer Look at the Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack

If you’re a devout fan of LEGO® and Star Wars, you’ve surely come across the distinct LEGO® set number 75167, nicely titled “Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack”. Designed by the talented César Soares, this playset was an integral part of the beloved Star Wars Original Content range. It hit the shelves in June 2017 and continued to enthrall fans until its official retirement in December 2018.

The Magic Recreated in Miniature Form

This extraordinary collection comprised of 125 carefully crafted LEGO® bricks aimed at recreating the epic space chases and intergalactic battles Star Wars is renowned for. Priced modestly at £11.99, $14.99, or 14.99€, it offered a cost per piece of merely 9.6p, 12.0c, or 12.0c respectively – a bargain especially considering the number of minifigures included!

The Assemblage of Astounding Minifigures

What made this set truly shine were the four detailed and intricate minifigures it brought to life: Dengar, Bossk, 4-LOM, and IG-88. These characters each had their place on the striking speeder bike with uniquely blue elements. Aside from sitting a minifigure atop it, the bike also came equipped with two stud shooters and storage for a backpack – all the essentials for any bounty hunter galavanting around the galaxy.

The Appeal of Artillery

No bounty hunter adventures would be complete without some firepower! This LEGO® set offered that in abundance with four stud blasters – just perfect for blasting through any defense. And let’s not forget IG-88’s blaster rifle; such an assortment of weaponry could only enhance your existing LEGO® Star Wars collection.

Detailed Dimensions and Amusing Aesthetics

This vibrant yet compact model boasted dimensions of 19.1 x 14.1 x 4.6 cm (or 7.5 x 5.6 x 1.8 inches) while weighing merely 0.14Kg (or 0.3 lb). Despite its relative small size, it delivered a massive punch to your playtime sessions with its dynamic design and high-octane action pieces.


In essence, Set #75167–Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack offered a memorable blend of nostalgic characters and thrilling features within its sleek design that are sure to satiate any Star Wars enthusiast’s appetite for exploration and adventure in galaxies far far away!

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Product Specs
Product Specs
Product Name: Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack
Pieces 125
RRP £11.99 / $14.99 / 14.99€
Release Year 2017
Theme Star Wars
Instructions Lego Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack Instructions