LEGO First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack 75166

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Join the might of the First Order with the LEGO® Star Wars First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack, a fearsome set that includes detachable stud blasters and shields for your Stormtroopers. Designed by César Soares, this pack grants you access to sneak past enemy lines using its front and rear stud shooters with space for two figurines! With an age range of 6-12, kids will love engaging foes with batons, flamethrowers and much more in a playset that combines action with a sturdy design measuring over 1″ high!

6 – 12
Star Wars
Jun 2017
Dec 2018

Discover the Exciting LEGO Star Wars First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack

If you’re a fan of the LEGO Star Wars series, then prepare to have your mind blown by the highly in-demand 75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack! This remarkable set was designed by César Soares, specifically for fans of the epic film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Launched in June 2017 and retired at the end of 2018, this unforgettable collection has everything you need to reenact intense battles from the movie or create your own unique adventures.

A Impressively Constructed Battle Speeder

Comprising 117 intricately designed pieces, this set is optimized for builders aged 6 to 12. Once assembled, the First Order Transport Speeder measures an impressive 19.1 x 14.1 x 4.6 cm (7.5 x 5.6 x 1.8 in) and weighs a mere 0.14Kg (0.31 lb). With front and rear stud shooters, it’s easy to engage the enemy during your imaginative play sessions. The price per piece is incredibly affordable at just 10.2p / 12.8c / 12.8c, proving that quality doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

Incredible Minifigures Included

The First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack truly comes alive with its four included minifigures: two fearsome First Order Stormtroopers, a menacing First Order Flametrooper, and an authoritative First Order Officer. Each minifigure is armed with weapons like batons, stud blasters, and a flamethrower for realistic combat scenarios.

New-for-June-2017 Shield Elements

Among the most notable aspects of this set are its detachable stud blasters, batons, and the brand new-for-June-2017 Stormtrooper shield elements. These amazing additions elevate the First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack to another level of authenticity and playability, allowing your minifigures to be fully prepared for battle in any situation.

Experience the Excitement of Star Wars LEGO

With its stunning attention to detail and incredible construction, the 75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack is an essential addition to any LEGO Star Wars enthusiast’s collection. At an RRP of just £11.99 / $14.99 / 14.99€, it’s a fantastic investment that promises hours of immersive, imaginative play for fans of all ages.

Expand your LEGO Star Wars forces by bringing home the 75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack today. Engage the enemy in countless scenarios and enjoy unlocking the endless possibilities this extraordinary set has to offer!

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Product Specs
Product Name:First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack
RRP£11.99 / $14.99 / 14.99€
Release Year2017
ThemeStar Wars
InstructionsLego First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack Instructions