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Experience the ultimate Star Wars battle on the icy planet of Hoth with the LEGO Assault on Hoth set. With 2144 pieces, this Ultimate Collector Series set has everything you need to create your own epic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back, including a Rebel base with modular wall and trench sections, a Snowspeeder and a speeder bike, slidable blast doors, laser cannons with dual spring-loaded shooters, and even a Wampa cave for Luke to escape from. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to man the gun turrets, power up the ion cannon, and prepare for ultimate LEGO Star Wars action!

Star Wars
May 2016
Dec 2017

Explore the LEGO Star Wars Universe with Assault on Hoth

Recreate epic battles and iconic scenes from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back with LEGO’s incredible Assault on Hoth set. As part of the Ultimate Collector Series, this massive set is every LEGO and Star Wars enthusiast’s dream, boasting over 2100 pieces and a vast array of fantastic features to bring your very own ice-planet adventures to life.

Attention to Detail: Creating the Ultimate Battle Scene

This stunning LEGO rendition of the Rebel force’s Echo Base truly captures the essence of the unforgettable battle on Hoth. Prepare for an immersive experience as you set up scouting missions with the sophisticated Snowspeeder equipped with twin spring-loaded shooters, ready to face off against enemy speeder bikes. Once you have identified incoming threats, hurry back to your base and join Luke, Han, and several other Rebel heroes to secure the blast doors, charge up the lethal laser cannons, and power up the ion cannon – all featuring their own impressively detailed spring-loaded shooters.

Expansive Features for Hours of Fun

The Assault on Hoth set goes above and beyond with its extensive assortment of components. This amazing model includes a comprehensive service area with a crane, a meticulously designed control room area, a power generator complete with explode function, and a rotating communication dish for added realism. Also included are a scout post complete with dual stud shooters, a stable for your Tauntaun figurine, and even a wampa cave housing a wampa – providing yet another iconic scene for Luke Skywalker to escape from in true Star Wars style!

Customize Your Experience with Modular Design

A major highlight of this intricate set is its modular design which allows for maximum creativity when constructing your perfect Rebel base configuration. With the incredible variety of wall and trench sections, your imagination is the only limit to crafting an unforgettable LEGO Star Wars experience.

Included Figures and Accessories

Join the fight against the dark side with an array of fantastic LEGO minifigures, as the Assault on Hoth set includes everyone from Luke Skywalker to Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, K-3PO, and even an R3-A2 droid. In total, there are 14 meticulously designed minifigures with their respective weapons, in addition to a snowspeeder, a speeder bike, and several authentic-looking accessories such as Hoth Rebel helmets and flight helmets for a complete Star Wars play experience.

A Must-Have for LEGO Star Wars Enthusiasts

The Assault on Hoth is truly a one-of-a-kind LEGO set that combines the timeless magic of Star Wars with the endless fun of building your very own universe. With its countless components and unparalleled attention to detail, this expertly crafted set is every collector’s dream – providing limitless opportunities to explore your creativity through unforgettable ice-planet battles and adventures.

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Product Specs
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