TheBeefThief’s First Guest Strip

Editor’s Note: I had hoped to do write-ups for each of these episodes, but the move and pain meds have made that impossible. Despite that, I want to thank TheBeefThief for his time putting together these comics. In only six episodes we get the beginnings of a really great zombie survival story; I hope you all enjoy.



If Dave can’t do write ups for this episode, then I can do them now. And a discussion question, to keep people talking and thinking on questions related to the episode.

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Call for Help
In any WCS, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with people coming to you looking for help. Family, friends, even complete strangers, all wanting some of your precious food, water and medicine. Most people would want to exchange something of value, but what if they had nothing?

About this Episode:
As the first box says, this is set in the same world and around the same timeline of Bricks of the Dead. It’s unlikely that these characters will ever meet the characters from BOTD, but the zombies follow the same principles.

Discussion Question: Helping your Neighbours
If the ZA happens at some point in the near future, I’m sure the Bricks of the Dead fans will be at an advantage. Should your neighbours come seeking help, would you help them? Or would you turn them away for when they come back later, armed and ready to loot?


That’s a tough question. We’d all like to say we’d be awesome and try to help/save as many as we can but where do you draw the line? When does helping your neighbor put your family/group in danger.

Maybe a first come – first serve would work. Tough question!!


In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead Game, we come across a really nice guy that just gives somebody a box of food, no questions asked, only responding with ‘just try to help somebody else along the line.’


See exactly! I’d want to give the shirt off my back but I have a kid and a senior citizen to worry about. My man calls me a bleeding heart. lol


Not everything can go wrong helping someone out; think about how family would feel seeing you turn away a needy stranger-seeing you help them out will maintain an image as a trustworthy family member, thus keeping your household together 🙂


Sorry for not being able to do write-ups on these. The pain meds I’m on have me completely out of it.

Awesome work on the comic though; I love that this is a parallel storyline. Very cool.


No worries Dave, you rest for a while 😀
Were you at home when you were injured? One of my family members got a broken ankle on the side of a mountain: the helicopter couldn’t land, so they had to just kick one of the medics out to help!


Back to some normality after my 6-episode distraction from BricksoftheDead. Loving a side story to Dave’s comic, Walking Dead Comics have done this well so no pressure 😉


Perhaps another six episode lineup might be in the works, I’ll have to see what Dave thinks to a continuation of this guest strip.


In my neighborhood, a lot of people also prepare. So, I wouldn’t see it as them mooching off of me, but as us all pooling resources.

However, my daughters still come first. I’m happy to help and I have extra supplies but when push comes to shove I still choose my family first.


A preparedness neighbourhood? That sounds cool, but be especially careful with OPSEC. If word of that gets out in a WCS, you’ll have a mob on your hands.
Hundreds? Thousands? Who knows?
This would be the same problem that would plague Police Stations, Army Bases and Supermarkets.


Thankfully, we’re not “officially” prepared. I just know several of my neighbors and their resources.

Foolish Lego

Nice, a parallel story! Looking forward to your imagination 🙂
By the looks of the Lego movie Poster, this story took place very recently…


Mmmh… A Lego movie and and a MLP poster on the wall, lol, where do we go from there?


The posters on the walls are throw-ins to the fans on the website,
I can see them over there!


Are you a big fan of the TV series? It looks really well made, better than most stuff made for younger audiences.

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