The Bonus Features Episode 13

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Authenticity is important. It’s tough to sell the audience on most concept, so whatever the production can do to make their suspension of disbelief easy, it’s generally worth doing. Of course, sometimes being completely authentic just isn’t possible, so you have to try to fake well.

15 thoughts on “The Bonus Features Episode 13”

  1. For an actor, in last week’s bonus strips, he had a remarkably realistic looking removable head! 😀

    • Perhaps next Friday’s bonus feature will be the special effects team explaining how this is done.

  2. But he took his head of…
    That must be some REALLY good makeup. What, is he a microfigurein a costume?

    • People get decapitated in movies all the time. Don’t worry, next week will explain how we pulled this off.

      • Nice pun: “How we pulled this off”. 😀

      • Imagine if he was an actor with a detachable head……..he would feature in every single action movie that gets churned out!
        Movie mogul1: “ok we have this scene where a guy gets his head blown off”
        Movie mogul2: “get me detachable head guy!!”

        He’d never be short of work.

  3. if his head was cut off…then he’s a zombie! Get him!

    • Can’t argue with that logic.

  4. The 2 cents question of the day… do you really have people in the US that are named “Herb”?

    • We do, although it’s not a terrible common name these days.

      • Well.. that’s interesting. In any case, it’s a great name to play a Zombie!
        I’m sure that if a dude named “Herb” was turned you could still teach him to say his own name in “moaning style”:
        – “So, what’s your name you ugly piece of rotting flesh?”
        – “…heeeuuuurb”

        • You give me way too much credit. I picked Herb for the name because of the crappy “herbs and spices” pun.

  5. Great job reminds me of call of the dead.

    • Thanks!

      What’s Call of the Dead again? Is that the Call of Duty Zombie Mode?

      • Yes it is in the intro, it’s got a zombie actor and then a zombie throws him down and grabs George and dives into the water…