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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
It’s always difficult to tell is that zombie laying on the ground has been properly re-killed, or if it’s just sitting a spell and plans on getting up and taking a bite out of you when you pass. So what’s a man to do? Why not cave in its skull with whatever happens to be handy? I haven’t seen this cliché used a lot, but the best place I’ve seen is is on The Walking Dead. Following the attack on their camp site, everyone’s favorite redneck Daryl can be seen walking around camp, knocking in zombie skulls with a pick ax. Well done, Daryl.

Don’t forget about The 16×16 Challenge, people.

52 thoughts on “Episode 177”

  1. IRL, it’s usually easy to know when someone is dead. It’s therefore probably some writer’s idea that gives them an opportunity to have some guy go paranoid and knock dead people on the head! 😀

    What most writers seem to have lots of trouble with is being open about explaining just how their fictional zombies got zombified in the first place! I hope Dave has this angle covered! 😀

    • See, I think most writers run into trouble when they start over explaining how zombies work. Generally, it either starts to pigeonhole them, or their explanation is ridiculous.

      • I don’t think most want to know. I know I don’t care aside from a cursory explanation at best. Considering the ending of DBD Exile I am pretty worried now what he has done with that….

        • Excellent example of what I’m talking about.

        • (SPOILER)

          Alien aircraft ?

          Oh no…..oh no…..please no….

        • My hope is that it’s a big fake out.

        • Me to. I have my suspicions it’s Chinese….

          Altho Exile wa a significant drop from Armageddon. Have you done a review for either?

        • That’s kind of what I was thinking too.

          The series is getting bigger, which is all fine and good. I just liked it better when it was a smaller, more personal story.

        • There’s not very many Zombie Movies that I’ve sat and watched, but the one thing that seems to stand out to me and can irk me is if an author refuses to explain the outbreak at all.

          Now it may not have been relavant over all, but if there’s trying to find a cure and trace it back to an origin node. Even if it’s just the cursory explanation of radiation, virus, prions, ect. That’d work.

          Another thing I’ve noted for what would make a “real life” zombie outbreak all the more terrifying, is we’ve all seen to some extent any number of movies, books, games ect that show case zombies and all of them have different rules for how the infection is passes, starts and just how dead and all dead, full decapitation a zombie must be to ensure it’s not getting up. blood infection, bite.

          So to me, even if a writer doesn’t explain it to their audience, it would be nice if they (the writer) knew the rules at least for how their zombies function.

        • I agree but I would also like to defend the timeline on most.

          1 Oubreak > 2 information is chaotic > 3 “the grid” shuts down > 4 humanity collapses > 5 first wave of survivors try to live

          In most books the above takes place in 1 day to 1 month so it would be impossible to get information to the public. You would be with nothing but rumor which is point 2 above.

          But your complaint rings true when I read books long after the outbreak and I do find it poor story telling to at least not try to address why it happened.

        • @SilverFox – But do you ever find the explanation very credible? I rarely do, and often times with they had just left it out entirely.

          I can think of two examples where I liked the explanation: the cold open to 28 Days Later and the space radiation stuff in the original Night of the Living Dead, the latter just because it makes the movie so much more pulpy.

        • @Zombiemutts & Dave

          This is probably true.

          Sometimes the explanation isn’t very credible.

      • I’m going to go with what Zombiemutts said, and hope you come up with a cursory explanation. 😉

        • We’ll see what shakes out.

        • Well actually I don’t think Dave should considering the time line. I think the comic is around 3 weeks right?

          If he goes forward two or three years I think its reasonable to expect him to address it in some fashion. Even if its only a “here’s what we know” type post that lacks an origin.

        • If you suddenly decide to end the series, do me one small favor, make a strip with a reasonable explanation for whatever was causing the zombie outbreak in your webcomic. Mind you I don’t expect a strip this successful to end for at least another five years, I just don’t like anything that leaves loose ends unanswered! 😉

        • I think I can manage that.

  2. Trusting strangers? Terrible choice. I would tell him to turn off he radio too, if ” Baby” by Justin bebeir was playing.

    • Kids today and their Bebeir.

      • I finally had a chance to hear one of his songs… a Christmas one and I fail to see what the big deal is. His voice honestly isn’t that good. And music style is mediocre.

        • People make fun of how old he is and how high it is.

        • How old and high Justin Beiber is?

        • I think 5?

        • I heard Beiber and his songs, I thought they were just like any other songs previous child stars have come up with. I think the reason for this particular child star’s success is that someone figured his songs had a chance to be popular and that he had the looks to sell albums to the public in order to get sales trom them. Like most other child stars. 😉

      • Oh Dave his voice is real high.

        • @Dave – I think it’s somewhere around 17-18. He’s not quiet that young now, but still young.

  3. Hmmm… Are these guys gonna up and whack him on the head, or are these not the guys who captured our football gear wearing hero?

    • Hockey!

      • ICE Hockey!

        • Hah, nice clarification.

        • Pfft, only private school girls play field hockey in North America. Nothing against them – and not to invite the shinwhacking that the sport promises – but the only hockey anyone talks about is played on the ice.

    • Time will tell on that one.

  4. Zombieland Rule #2: The Double Tap.

    • Yes indeed.

    • I was thinking the same thing. lol

      Love the double tap.

      • Inspired by Silver Fox’s comments.

        • Why thank you Dave.

          That’s perfect though, the Double Tap.

        • Indeed so.

  5. Zombie author Peter Clines has joined the ranks of the webcomic!


    • Bad. Ass.

  6. Continuity error, there is no dead body on the leg thing of the Fire engine…
    Also note there is more blood writing stuffs 😀

    • http://bricksofthedead.com/2011/12/07/episode-176/

    • By the way, please take no offence every great film/ tv show/ comic has continuity errors, I’m just finding something to do with my time 🙂 If this is offending you just say and I will stop…

      • Nero….I have a feeling some of these are dropping now as “east eggs” by Dave.

        • *Nekro, Yeah I have posted quite a bit about the zombies on the leg thingy, but still I feel kinda bad now…BTW Dave, I have an idea for a special issue thingy. Well you know we’ve had the zombie wrangler, well where do all these zombies come from?! THE ZOMBIE FARM!!! 😀 Slightly inspired by The Walking Dead Season 2 with the Zombies in the barn…

        • Hah, I wish I could claim they were Easter Eggs, although I may just do that in the future.

      • Oh no offense taken. It’s all in fun. Also, that’s a pretty cool idea for a Bonus Feature episode. I’ll have to give that some thought.

    • Hah, the continuity callbacks continue.

      Full disclosure: I shot these episodes in the order than you’re seeing them (with a couple minor exception). In hindsight, this was a very, very poor choice as there was pretty much no way I was going to get all the zombie bodies back where they belonged.

      Instead of waiting for everyone to call me out on it (with good reason, of course), I made that Bonus Feature episode and tried to make it funny so that everyone would be looking out for the many problems and hopefully having some fun with it.

      Actually, if you go back further in the comic, there should be all sorts of dead bodies in front of these buildings. At some point someone must have come back and picked them all up 🙂

      • easy explanation for that Dave…….victims that have been incapacitated by attacks and pre-zombification…….victims then turn into zombies, get up and go looking for lunch 🙂

        • Hah. If you try hard enough you can explain damn near every logical and production problem in this comic.

      • Don’t tell me you didn’t feel that earthquake tremor? 😀

        Everything has a logical explanation, even if it’s not necessarily what happened! 😀

        • Oh, and btw, if your washing machine is in the spin cycle you can have dead bodies go anywhere during a shot! 😀