The Bonus Features Episode 11

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About this Episode:
Trying something a little different with this one. I’m not sure I’m totally in love with how it came out.

44 thoughts on “The Bonus Features Episode 11”

  1. Goodness… I think the clean-up crew did their job almost too well!

    I love the last panel, their facial expressions are perfect. The guy on the left just looks childishly amused to be in a vast expanse of white emptiness.

    • Yeah, that goofy expression makes me smile every time I look at it.

    • “The guy on the left just looks childishly amused to be in a vast expanse of white emptiness.”

      Don’t be fooled by the false buffoon. Events are in motion and trouble is amiss.

      • I love the phrase “events are in motion.” It just sounds so unspecifically terrifying.

    • I love the smiling guy! He looks like he is sooooooooooo excited to be featured that he may piddle. lol

  2. Oh I thought they were buildin it.

    • Tearin’ in down.

      Basically this is a set I don’t need anymore, so it gets broken down and re-sorted.

  3. This is great

    • Thank you sir. Insomnia again?

      • Yah. 3 hours sleep last night and sipping a nice heart pounding energy drink to start the day off.

        • God I can’t drink those things. The taste like hell to me. I’ll stick with Folgers.

        • I’ve yet to hit up the Folgers, though I’ve debated it a few times. I think I’ll try running the beans through the finest setting on my burr grinder a couple of times instead. It ain’t easy being such a beverage snob, but I enjoy the effect. (Typed while sipping Estrella and debating the carbon-neutral organic beer from Vancouver, too…)

          Although I did celebrate a few weeks ago when I found some slightly-past-expiry Starbucks instant tubes. I know the caffeine jones well.

        • Via!

  4. hm, I just had a thought…
    THe zombies are “real” in this comic according to the other BtS comics, right? And so they’ve escaped…
    Is it possible BtS will end up a secondary zombie-story, at least as a BtS with a zombies-running-amock sub-plot?

    • There is a bit of a nascent plot building in this series, but it won’t necessarily show up every week.

  5. You should’ve put a zombie in there, it just doesn’t look real otherwise with all that white in there! 😀

    • Hah, duly noted.

  6. Seriously these are great shots Dave, I don’t know what is bothering you!

    • I dunno, it didn’t come out quite how I pictured it.

      • You’ve been overly critical of your work the past month or so.

        • Month or so? Hell, how about my entire adult life?

        • Pfft. That stuff from your teen years… 😉

          Try getting your copy of “Cult of LEGO” and seeing stuff you wrote ages ago in print with an earlier version of your comic up (with the old name)… I’ve been in a critical funk. Not the fun George Clinton one, either.

        • I know what it is. Shown here the door is brick built, but in the Comic it has windows! Remember! We could see Gene through it! And in episode 160, the zeds break it down and we can see it is a windowed door! Dave only just noticed that and that is why he is disappointed with the results!

  7. Done in only 3 panels? These men deserve a raise Dave!

    • Well they are benefiting from some time lapse here.

  8. They remind me of the doozers in fraggle rock only backwards. lol

    • Fraggle Rock…

      You just dated yourself…

      Well I guess I did to. :/

      • Good Job you two, the first time I’ve not actually known what y’all are talking about.

        • hah!!!!

      • If you two are finished with dating yourselves …

        I’d like to say, I remember Fraggle Rock, too! 😀 And the Muppets, oh how memory takes me back! 😀

        I actually went to see the Muppet movie at a cinema when I was fairly young, it turned out pretty well! 🙂


        • LOVE the Muppet Show. That so needs to come back to prime time.

        • I’ve been re-watching season one with my twins. I let them pick the episodes – “Ben Vereen or Phyllis Diller, guys?” My daughter is a huge Ben Vereen fan now.

        • What with the weird stoner guy at the end of the video?

        • How I despise the Muppets so..

  9. It reminds me of an episode of Outer Limits from the 80’s… I think that was the show. Where a couple saw the fact that there’s group who works behind the scenes creating reality and the world around.

    I just remember they were being chased by guys in blue work crew overalls.

    It’s either that or the Langoliers.

    • Yeah, now that you mention it, it is a bit reminiscent of the Langoliers…

  10. I love this strip. That sounds so wrong. (damn school) I really like the fork machine. Best design ever. I can make a decent anything with just scraps. I love unusual builds.

    P.S. I remember fraggle rock and the muppets. A zombie in the backround would have looked really cool. Next panel would have a team with kevlar tackeling it down.

    • I love that zombie idea! too funny

    • I hate to shoot down your enthusiasm for the forklift design but that forklift design is straight out of set 7733! 😉

  11. Zomg! Can those guys come and clean my apartment?!

  12. I’m reminded of the crew that puts up the logos for “Travellers Tales” whenever you have completed one of the Lego-Games 🙂

    Say, are your people mmonlightning otherwhere?

    • Hey, they signed exclusivity agreements!

      • Dave is such a jerk to work for.