Episode 170

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
People like to jump to conclusions at even the slightest amount of evidence, especially when something bad has happened. Optimists will generally conclude that whatever went on is a coincidence, or that there’s a logical explanation. Pessimists, on the other hand, will undoubtedly think things are conspiring against them. In  a zombie apocalypse, having a darker world view might have occasional benefit. Instead of acting on the assumption that things will end up fine, the pessimist will be overly cautious.



I wouldn’t think Sam would betray them since a few moments ago he was willing to sacrifice his life and not only death, but a horrible excruciating death by being eaten my flesh eating gouls so I would seriously doubt oh well I’ll just betray them lolz


Stewart’s always wrong, there’s probably a picture of him next to the dictionary definition of ‘wrong’! 😀


Not always wrong, he’s made a few good points. Even an asshole clock is right twice a day, after all.


I like to be the inbetween.. In such a situation I would consider the possible reasons for him to willingly GTFO. In my personal opinion I can’t call judgement on Sam Bailing from the Firetruck-specially being surrounded by ZAMBIES.

A Monkey

I embrace my pessimism. Optimists are jerks, anyway – All that, “We can do it guys!”
Ticks me the heck off. In fact, most optimists think it’s never okay to be pessimistic or negative, but it fact using never is negative and pessimistic in of itself, and therefore optimists don’t exist. And they’re jerks.


I get to think like such.
“If we find a way to do this, we should at least attempt it. Or we will never know, but be cautious!”
AS I SAID.. In between.


I think it is kind of sad that Stewart thinks he abandoned them. I wanted to hug him for a sec there. I forget the he is just a kid. Does he have daddy issues?


Hah, he’s got issues all right. I haven’t really nailed them down to specifics just yet.


hah…no…I was talking about panel 4.

Definitely not the logo at the top of the page that is missing a comma after “Life”. I have always avoided pointing that out.


Anyone ever get the feeling that Dave will knee you in the crotch if he ever meets you in person?

Frankly…many of us deserve it.


But when you lose it is it pretty bad?

Thats the way I am. Prety even tempered but when the top blows which is incredibly rare its pretty bad. Short….but bad. More of a verbal tirade and never physical though.


Oh, no, I have an awful, awful temper that I’m fairly quick to lose. I’m just the type of guy who prefers getting mad and swearing and knocking shit over to violence.


Family trait from my mother’s side. My dad is the most ever-tempered person I’ve ever met.


scratch that…get me talking to a voice automated phone tree and I lose it instantly.

I almost passed out when I realized SIRI for the iphone was nothing but a voice automated phone tree of commands.


Punching.. Punching in-animate objects is how I get my rage out.. Unless some one is asking for it… Then they become in-animate objects.. To punch.


Maybe he got infected and zombified before he could react, preventing signs of a struggle?
Don’t bother replying, I know that’s impossible in a comic as awesome as this, which I predict would go on for a good…hmm…three-four decades?


Forty years of Bricks of the Dead. I’d be in my seventies when it finally finished… the horror.


Well, you certainly don’t need to drag it out 2 episodes a week for that long, but I fully support you if it gets that far! 😀

If I get that far, that is! 🙂

the dude person

Eh, 40 years from now there’ll be algorithms in computer programs to design perfect MOCs for you, and desktop CNC machines will make buying LEGO obsolete, as you can simply print any pieces you desire in 3D. The custom LEGO accessories market will crash, as any 12-year-old kid will be able to learn how to use a 3D-modelling program and the family CNC machine as easily as they learn to use MS Word and the printer today. Printed comics and books will no longer exist, and most online comics will be animated and in full-3D, requiring no glasses. 2-dimensional comics such as this one, will be looked upon as practically archaeic.

Computers will first get rid of keyboards in favor of microphones for speech recognition, and then computer mice and all other interfacing devices will disappear as computer-controlling microchips installed in the brain replace them. The desktop computer will be left with only a screen, and information and data will be stored in a cloud and accessed wirelessly from hundreds of miles away through instantaneous uploads and downloads. Processing power will also be cloud-based, as all computer information will be sent to the cloud, where it will be processed and sent back instantaneously. These screens with microphones and speakers will make telephones obsolete, and will also serve as a means of electronic banking. Anyone physically stealing one of said screens would be unsucessful in gaining any information/money from it, as the specific biometric readings from the owner’s brain-chip would be absent. Since the screen has no built-in memory, and the information is stored in the cloud and filed under specific user information based on the user’s brain-chip, “computers” would be easily replaced with no loss of data.

Robots and artificial intelligence will make major advances, and put many lower-class laborers out of work. Construction teams will be mostly automated, perhaps with a human overseer. A single cleaning robot will not only vacuum the floor, but wash the dishes, fold our clothes, pick up our children, make dinner, and sort our old LEGO bricks by color and shape. Many maids, cleaning companies, construction workers, and factory workers will lose their jobs to robots. (Or never have them in the first place.)

Overpopulation will become a major problem, alternative fuels will have been developed, and food production around the world will involve genetic modification and cloning, as well as massive, towering vertical greenhouses for the growth of crops. Most of the nature and wilderness we see around us will be developed into more urban sprawl, and grass will most likely only be seen in small areas or in nature reserves and national parks.

And we’ll probably all be sitting in the middle of it, hopelessly confused, still trying to use “those old ‘iPhones’ from forever ago!” And we’ll be able to say we remember when the first “3D” movies were released, back before all of them were like that. We’ll remember a much simpler time, when people wrote “emails” and talked on “telephones,” and read “books” printed on “paper,” and longingly think back to today, wondering how the world had passed us by so quickly.

And there’s my prediction for the forseeable future. Sounds pretty depressing, huh? Don’t worry, I’m sure a zombie apocalypse will happen before we see the end of 39 years from now… 😉
(Either that, or a meteor will hit, or Yellowstone will finally erupt.)

I’d be pleasantly surprised if BotD was still going on in the middle of all that!


Hah, wow. At that point I’ll just program a robot to make the comic for me while I sit back and enjoy the fruits of it’s cold robot labor.


… Maybe I should dwindle in learning how to hack high tech machinery? o.o


Perhaps he was abducted by aliens…….lol
The Lego alien conquest range is growing……..perhaps resulting in an alien/zombie crossover!

on a side note, just checked out your “behind the scenes” page…..nice set up, wish I had the space for something similar.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks Dex. I’m pretty with my setup these days. But we’re also looking at moving within the next 6-10 months, so who knows how it’ll shake in the long run.


Who was it that was a finalist for the Lego Christmas catalog? Just got it in the mail today.

Looks like Roman S from Maine won it. Is that our guy?


Oh hey, I got it too and totally forgot about it. I’ll have to check that out.


Dave… your not gonna drag out “where’s murphy?” like TWD is dragging out Sophia? That would suck.


God now. We’ll find out where Murphy went soon enough (gotta explore the different storylines here). And we’ll be checking in with Sam on Monday.


Sorry but I can handle only so many missing people. hahahahaahaha

I might have meant where’s sam but murphy works too. Btw… where the hell is sophia!?!

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