Episode 171

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In real life, suffering a closed head injury that causes you to lose consciousness, even momentarily, is serious business. Being knocked out long enough for people to move you to a completely different location and strip you down to your underwear would most likely result in some rather serious brain damage. In fiction, however, it’s no big deal. People can be snapped in and out of consciousness with nary a long term consequence to be found. This comes in handy surprisingly often.

44 thoughts on “Episode 171”

  1. Ewww. I sure hope they get him some clothes by the next episode! Letting it all hang out like that really shouldn’t be pushed upon webcomic readers for longer than absolutely necessary! 😀

    I can say something about his captors though, they’re not the kind of people I’d want to be friends with for very long! 😀

    • Yeah, Sam’s really let himself go.

      • That just means it’ll take longer to starve to death – for Sam, or the zombies who eat him! 😉

  2. The only way to safely knock some one out is either with a drug or with a sap.

    • Neither of which are exactly safe, just safer than a pipe or the pommel of a weapon.

      • Yeah, other than a trained anesthetist, I don’t think there are a lot of ways to safely knock someone out.

        • And sometimes they make a mistake and their patient doesn’t wake up. Nothing in life is truly safe. 😀

    • Agreed but what is a sap?

      • A small leather bag full of sand with a little handle on it, used to knock people on the back of the head.

  3. Unless there’s a new character in the works, my guess is that the prisoners got Sam. That would explain why Sam is in his underwear and is now their bitch. It all adds up. After all, who else would be sadistic enough to strip someone else down than someone or a group of someones who have been to prison?

    • That’s a good theory. We’ll find out very shortly.

  4. My guess is that they are going to eat him.

    • Maybe so. If they come in with chicken broth and paprika I think we can be pretty sure.

    • Eat him? {laughs hysterically}

  5. Guess who’s back! 😀

    Anyway, I too think Sam might be trapped by the prisoners. But why in the earth would they want to take Sam’s clothes, huh!
    Unless they wanted to make sure he’s not hiding a bite or something like that…
    Then here’s another question – why would they (the prisoners) want to save him… 😀

    • Some excellent theories here, Adelaide.

    • Well there are a couple ideas going around in my head of why the guys who kidnapped Sam took his clothes.

      The first one that you pointed out was to check for bite marks and that’s pretty logical for being in a situation dealing with zombies. To add to that, clothes are also a status symbol. Clothes without tears in them is a sign of being either wealthy or middle-class. And clothes with tears in them is a sign of being poor.

      Plus there’s also a personal aspect to clothes as well. They define who you are in a way. To be stripped of your clothes is to be stipped of your personality.

      • Some nice reasoning here, Larry.

  6. Are your legos really that reflective or are you going for 2-way mirrored glass? Either was it looks way cool!
    I think this is a new set of characters but I think Murphy is in cahoots.

    • They’re really that reflective. Actually, they can be way worse than that. I bounce my lights off the ceiling of my lightbox, so the light is diffuse. If I shined them directly on the model it’d be crazy.

      Older bricks, the ones that have scratches in them, are much duller.

  7. Sams fat? Why is there a sock o_0?

    • yes he is fat! get some clothes on him!

      And why is there a sock?

      And I second Larry’s comments up above about clothing be status symbols and the whole check to make sure he hasn’t been bitten.

      • “And why is there a sock?”

        Well…he has to entertain himself somehow.

        • Ah, a pleasant puppet toy. How wonderful! It really gives us a fun side to the zombie apocalypse.

    • Well the sock is next to the bucket…

      • ugh………

        you win

        • Damn straight.

    • Totally did not notice the sock. too funny!

      • I really love that sock piece.

  8. Lol chubby, and nice sock and door 😀

    • Thank you, sir.

  9. In the midst of a zombie apocalype……where on earth did they find such a nice clean dungeon/cell?

    nice use of the Sumo torso, lego “moobs” lol

    reflective lego are a pain, the number of times I’ve had to repostion my camera and retake a shot because I can either see my hands or the camera reflected back at me 🙁

    • The reflection this is a pain. One of the reasons I shoot with a remove control 99% of the time.

      • You remove control whenever you take a shot? 😀 How’s that work? 🙂

  10. I just played a flash game called Road of the Dead where one drives a car around. It looked rather fun but there were no instructions, so I assumed that the civilians and soldiers had to be picked up and the zombies had to be run over, but the soldier shot at me, and in a split second I accidentally ran into him. Whoopsy. Blood and guts went flying and I crashed the car I was supposed to be driving. I then cried at the bloodied AK-47 and dented helmet littering my cracked windscreen. This would be a great story.

    • Sort of like Mad Max meets Night of the Living Dead? I’d watch it.

      • Play it here and youse will see what I mean.

        • I’ll have to remember to try it out when I’m not at work.

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  12. Hopefully that’s not the same bucket that the Zombie Wrangler gave to his zombies. Also, I have pieces of paper with socks on them too, Sam. I haven’t commented in a while… something must be wrong.

    P.S. I hope we can all deduct who saved Sam by now.

    • If you’re going to deduct Sam’s rescuers you’re going to have to do an itemized deduction list. I’d make sure that you’re going to save enough to make the extra paperwork worthwhile.

      • Well, he’s being held in a cell, he has had his clothes stolen (or taken), all he has is a bucket and a sock, and he’s not being shown his rescuers.

  13. Nice episode, Dave.

    I can’t wait until the Brotherhood of Life reveals themselves! (It MUST be who saves Sam…)