Pavlov’s Dogs Episode 8 of 8

About This Episode:

Well here we are at the end. As you can tell there is more to the story to tell and hopefully we will do this again soon. Maybe more from this book, maybe a side story within the mythos of this world D.L Snell and Thom Brannan has created, or maybe from the next book that is currently in its final stages.

So with that, I hoped you enjoyed this as much as I did. Dave will be back Monday and we’ll carry on with episode 250.

Thanks for everyone’s support during this awesome learning experience for me. And thank you Dave for giving me the platform to give this a shot. D.L and Thom, it was awesome working with you guys on this.

Here is a link to buy Pavlov’s Dogs. And if you’d like to read the chapter that this comic was based on, just click the cover on amazon. The first chapter is free to read.

Discussion Question:

How important would hygiene be to you in the zombie apocalypse? Personally I would think it would be as important as food and water. Chances are we would be utterly clueless what started this mess. I am far from a hypocondirac but I could see myself wiping myself down with something like Povidone-iodine daily if possible. Its that red stuff you see on T.V that they smear on people before operations to ward off infections. But that is pretty mild in comparison to what some people may do out of fear of the infection.



I know some living who might rival the dead in stench.

I had a roomate once who wasn’t the cleanest person…………..


Honestly, hygeine is one of those things I take care of now only because I have to. In the zombie apocalypse, I probably wouldn’t even bother unless forced to, since I’d have more important things on my mind like finding food, water, shelter, ammo…


Great job! Love that last panel. Now I want to build a jungle to play in.

Hygiene? Yes! And not just for health reasons. I’m stocked up on unscented soaps and such. I don’t want baddies zombie or human to smell me hiding. I will not stand out by smelling to gross or too “flowery”.


I use non scented soaps as well. Jason’s, Kiss My Face and a few others.

And thank you!


I’ve written quite a bit about hygiene. Maybe my profession colors my judgment; but hygiene is not just a “nice to have”. It’s vital. Without goof hygiene diseases like typhus set in. Trench foot will make you zombie bait as fast as anything. Good hygiene also prevents lice, scabies, and other parasites.

I keep unscented soap, shampoo, and shaving cream in my short and medium-term preparations. Sure, zombies can’t smell; but zombies aren’t my biggest concern. I’ve yet to find unscented toothpaste; but baking soda works just as well. In a worst-case scenario, plan on keeping your hair short, and your whole body clean, including your clothes.


Nice. Good to see I am running into fellow unscented users. I go out of my way to stock up on that stuff. And Sulfates are also good to avoid.

Silver Fox

Okay…. eww to Trench Foot!

I’d have to agree with hygiene being very important and even with Bo about vital. I understand enough about health to know that with good hygiene, you’re keeping away a lot of diseases.

But yeah, there would hit a point where long enough after the zombie outbreak, hygiene would be how you tell those who are living from those who are dead.

Now I must see about purchasing the book.


Just remember that the smell of perfume will travel hundreds of yards if you’re not expecting it. Pick up unscented supplies whenever possible. Add a couple of bars of soap, a pack of disposable razors, a bottle of shampoo, or something like that whenever you get groceries. It adds up in a hurry.

And please remember feminine hygiene products, too. When you buy them, get an extra box. Estimate how much you use in a year. Get at least that much. I am not predicting a forever collapse; but I can see several realistic scenarios that could cause temporary or localized disruptions of services.

D.L. Snell

Silver Fox, when you order it, let us know whether you want a signature sticker to put inside it. I’d gladly ship you one, gratis.


And for those who care about such things…today’s episode is the 600th post on lil’old Nice milestone!


Great job on the comic Evan, nice way to celebrate the 600th post!


Really like how you made the trees in the last panel, gives it that much more of a jungle feel to it!

And a huge “Well Done” on your foray into online lego comics Evan.


Thank you, sir! I’m going to do another comic for sure. Time is the only variable though.

For the sake of variety more than anything I’d love to do a lot more stuff like Pavlov’s Dogs. Short little series here & there from a book. More stuff I want to do than time. Damn you adulthood…


Good to hear that!

I hear ya about ‘time constraints’ I’ve made a few comic strip/birthday cards for friends and they keep encouraging me to do more……just never seem to find the time…..ideas aplenty though!


Yeah. You think something like a card will take 20 minutes.

3 hours later…..


Is it me or there’s a zombified mexican MF hidden in the jungle?!


I am genuinely sad that this run is over. Really good job on the comis design and the story is a great teaser for the book, which I bought beacuse of the comic.


im happy to get back to the orignal comic, im dying to get back to it


Evan, this was all hella fun! Pretty energetic for such a short run. Really looking forward to the next installment and to see what the Peruvian zombie in the background is up to!

As to the question: In any catastrophe, cleanliness is next to Staying-Aliveness.

1st Aid Triage – Shelter (Cover ‘n Concealment) – Water – Food – Hygiene are non-negotiables in the battlefield, outdoor sports, catastrophes and the zeepoc.

Improper Hygiene will:

1. Infect wounds and prevent healing
2. Potentially contaminate food/water sources
3. Contaminate your compatriots
4. Attract predators, scavenger and parasites
5. Become breeding for all manner of microbiological entities
6. In my zeeverse, zees can smell just as well as they can see
7. Impact social relations
8. Impact sexual relations. As Hans Zolo said, “I’d rather kiss a zeewookie!”

the dude person

That was a really cool miniseries, Evan, great job for your brick-comicking debut.

I love how you started with a closeup of the guy coming out of the vehicle, then did that awesome reveal shot of the whole apoc vehicle. (So that’s what you meant when you said it was part of a project you were working on for Dave…)


You mean the flickr thing I posted? heh….yeah I really liked building that!


So is that Dr. Moreau in the last panel; and are they going to his island?


“and are they going to his island?”

Yes! The rest of the book addresses it. We hated to leaved such a cliff hanger but there was really no other way to add some sort of finality to this. It was a challenge giving 1 chapter within a book a beginning an end as if it was a short story.


Actually, the cliff-hanger was perfect! The story engaged the audience, showed that there was a greater context at work and left us wanting more. Not bad for a narratve a handful of panels long.


The Island of Dr. Moreau or zombies? Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire… Ugh.

Regarding our last conversation about the Brickforge vambraces. I got a pair and added them to one of my PMC troopers. I put a couple of pics on my Flickr photostream, which you should be able to access by clicking on my name above.


It might not be, like I said we might do another one with Thom and DL for this story.


and hey, for good health, try filling your bath tub with hand sanitizer, or just use spray on deoderent, (maybe if my moms not around, i can use the playboy aroma, if you know what i mean) even if im only 12


Whoa, hand sanitizer is alcohol-based. You do not want it on your sensitive *ahem* nether bits. Abusing deodorant just makes a person smell like he covered up his body odor with deodorant.

Your best bet is still good ol’ soap and water, razors and clippers, just like your mom taught ya. 😉


Hygiene is very important to be sure, and it’s worth stocking up on some supplies. I would expect a lot of people not to bother though, so scavenging supplies should be even easier than food, which everyone will want.

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