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About This Episode:

In my limited experience in photography the one continuous issue that everything comes back to is lighting. Nothing you do will come out right if you don’t have that issue solved. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it takes more work and patience than anything else. At least in my experience. A good eye for lighting can make a low end camera produce stunning results. Proof of this is the fine work done by bricksofthedead’s own, Greg. As you can see here on his flickr page. Although he has upgraded, most of the shots are done on a $100 point and shoot.

The reason I bring this up is because I had a lot of issues with panel three. I wanted the werewolf to be coming over the hole in the wall and the shadows gave me fits. In the future I know how to solve this issue but for this episode it was a good learning experience. The shadows aren’t so bad in the final product. I ended up balancing a lamp on my knee aimed forward while shooting with a free hand.

Discussion Question:

Lets say you are presenting with two locations for a hideout.

The first location is on top of a hill. A very steep hill. The steepness makes getting the injured and carrying heavy objects a challenge but it also affords the obvious security against the undead. It gives you a spanning view of your surroundings. Let’s also imagine that this hill gives you camouflage protection from the elements in some areas. Perhaps a cluster of trees or large rocks can hide you enough to build a suitable structure. If you’re spotted you could get swarmed below and stuck at the top. The hoards would surround you never growing tired.

The second location is a  fallout style bunker underground. That has everything you need for protection including electricity since the person who built this understood the potential need for self reliance . There is also a rainwater filtration system. Obviously nobody will ever be able to get in or spot you’re while inside.  The downside is every single time you go outside you’re blind to any dangers around you which is especially troublesome when the hinges on the hatch door make a shrieking sequel every time its opened or closed.

In both locations you will need to forage for supplies at equal intervals. Which do you choose?



The bunker, if I find some type of oil or lubricant for the screeching door it will no longer be a screeching door. On the downside is the advantage whoever is outside has over me in case they want to go raiding me. There is only one way out and in.


It’s a big risk though. What if the door starts to make noise again. And can you be sure you’ll find some oil?


Well, regarding the discussion question I’ve never heard of a hinge that wouldn’t respond positively to what us Aussies know as WD-40 or a similar kind of lubricant and the bunker owner would have to be dead not to have thought of stocking it with at least a few cans of that handy stuff! In a pinch even used motor oil would lubricate it, and in a zombie apocalypse there’s probably quite a few abandoned vehicles that would solve that problem rather easily, so lubricant of any sort would be a high priority item on my shopping list should I happen to ever own a bunker with a squeaky lid! 😉

Considering a rather small and insignificant downside like a squeaky hinge I’d certainly be opting for the bunker! At least if they can’t get to me to infect or kill me I am safe in the knowledge that even if I die, there won’t be another zombie infection arising from my corpse!


You can’t guarantee you’ll find some. Let’s say there is hardware store a mile away. That mile may be pure hell.


There is a lot more oil out there than you may think. Most places would stock cooking oil of some kind and most oily compounds can either be used directly or purified with heat and filtration into a reasonably decent lubricant. 😀


In a zeepoc scenario, the fact that something might be trying to kill you is just another factor to consider, and I doubt many people would want to wander around unprepared anyway in that kind of scenario. 😀


OK so I had to look back a few episodes because I so don’t remember the Wolverine style claws the wolf is sporting. Are they weapons or are those actual claws? I notice tha the other wolf doesn’t have them.

How did I miss that before?


I believe those are right out of the Monster Hunters set, like the werewolf.

Silver Fox

They are claws as the wolf is from one of the new Monster Hunter sets.


Not sure I like that. Looks very seperate from the hand and way too big. On the up side, they work really well for a MOC of X-Men.


Yeah. Basically. I didn’t put too much thought into it but thats what I was thinking.


“Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.”
-Gen. George S. Patton

It plan on taking the fight to the zombies; so it doesn’t really matter where I leave my gear.


You’re the guy whose corpse I’ll loot after he makes too much noise.

Silver Fox

Ah, what if I opted for being on a constant move? Hole up high anywhere safe for one night or in a spot like a bunker for one night and just kept going?

The problem I see with trying to hole up and wait it out is the problem with siege tactics and war fare. It would be the one thing that zombies inadvertently are good at. Siege Warfare. They can out wait the living. No matter where you opted for, you will run out of supplies and the horde is there waiting for you to either starve to death before moving on or come at you once you try to slip out.

And that’s assuming we’re accounting for humanities nature as social creatures, working together and there won’t be a free for all against everyone, otherwise the human race might as well go completely extinct.

On the move is slightly better, the options for foraging are good. And there’s ways to just take out a lone zombie or two and away from any herds.

Silver Fox

I’d for an underground bunker than and get as well stocked up as I could get. Either that, migrate and head south.

Exhaustion and injury would also be cause for having to stop. I’d go for low to the ground well defended.


Completely on topic, I am not a fan of the no-win scenario. The electricity in the bunker is the biggest draw, assuming 110v AC (how would it run? a battery bank? certainly not a noisy generator). I’d love the means to charge my ham radio batteries, other than a car alternator. Still, a radio doesn’t do you any good if you’re dead.

The hill is more defensible, assuming it’s too steep for a zombie horde attack. Having mobs of them swarm doesn’t bother me as much as one would think. I have enough ammunition to take care of a small mid-western city’s worth of zombies. It’s easier to get off a hill than out one small door, assuming this shelter only has one door. Maybe it’s just me, but I have always preferred up to down.

This is like a variation on the slasher movies: When running from the axe murderer do you do upstairs to the attic, or downstairs to the basement?
By the way, the door makes a “squeal” not a “sequel”.


Then the shelter has the advantage of shelter and resources. The only thing the hill has is elevation and observation. Geography will factor, too. What’s the weather like? If winter is already approaching, and there is no time to build a shelter, the bunker wins. Is it rural or urban? A steep hill in an urban park is not the same as a hill in the middle of nowhere.


I would opt for the hill. But first, I would make a stop-over at the nearest bowling alley. After all, nobody stops at a bowling alley during the zeepoc. I would load up with tons of bowling balls (“tons” being a superlative, not an actual weight number, since, really, who has time to pick up a ton of bowling balls?). When, inevitably, the zees start scurrying up the hill, I’ll rain bowling balls of fury upon them!!

See, everybody wants to kill the zees, thus going for the fabled head-shot; I figure, I just need to trip ‘n tumble ’em just long enough to get out of their way. And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t love some Bowling for Zombies action?


Bowling balls would be great if you could do a Monster Garage on a lawnmower and attach them to a strong enough piece of cord. All you need is any self-propelled lawnmower, a means of switching the power from the blade to up in the air at zed height, and a bit of fuel! Of course, that last bit might be tricky! 😉


I would pick a da bunker, because it would be really easy to trip up, or down a steep hill, but a bunker, is easy, especially for a melee ninja like myself. 🙂 And if the bunker has everything one would need for living, then that would be a brilliant place for holing up, and rebuilding the human race.

The hill, would only be efficient if the was enough land up top to start a working farm.

Hopefully the bunker Would be on(or around) flat land.

Ya know, for farming.

Anyway, yup, definitely the bunker.

the dude person

Huh – so if the main characters thus far are both dead/turned, who’s left to root for? The werewolves?


I would probably go for the bunker too. The elevation of the hill would be nice, but I can build towers for my sentries a lot easier than I can build an entire building on the hill, complete with electrical power…

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