Episode 250: And We’re Back

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

Zombie movies, with a handful of notable exceptions, tend to be low budget affairs. This means that sometimes things aren’t quite as solid and consistant as we might like. This could be things like continuity errors, to characters suddenly being played by different actors in a sequel (or just abandoning the original characters altogether).

About this Episode:

Continuing with what I setup in the Zombie Cliche Lookout, we’ve got some continuity changes that those of you with good memories has probably noticed. If you have any notions of who is in that tent, you’ll notice that we now have a completely different campsite. And once we see our not-so-mysterious character, we’ll get a couple other changes as well.

Why is this? Well, my son completely destroyed the original set, so I decided to just start from scratch and come up with something different.

Other News:

Well, I’m back. That’s the good news, believe it or not. You’re going to see Bricks of the Dead on a weekly basis again.

Ready for the bad news? Well, I simply cannot pull off the three episodes a week schedule right now. So for the next five weeks (and hopefully not any longer) I’m going to only update the comic once a week, on Mondays. I’m hoping to get a couple guest strips (I already have an awesome one lined up) to help fill in the void. I’ll also keep going with the regular features like the Zombie Creation of the Week and reviews.

Don’t worry, this won’t last forever. I’m moving the second week of September, and I’m hope that – after the move – things will be completely back to normal.

Discussion Question: The Future

So, while we’ve got a bit of downtime with the comic, what sort of things are you hoping to see going forward? Are there characters or story arcs you want to return to? Plot elements you’re hoping to develop? Where do you think things are heading next?

237 thoughts on “Episode 250: And We’re Back”

  1. Is this the place I think it is? I very mush hope it is…

    All I hope about the comic is that it takes us back to the action packed episodes. Also that it makes us see some of the first characters, such as this guy and those others in the news crew.

    On the side note, very happy your back in the game.

    • Crap, much I meant.

    • Well, this is technically a new location, but yes, I think this is what you’re hoping to see.

  2. dang, this time im second to read the new comic, oh well, how about loosing clarks glasses? thats a good start. make him have a scar on his face from the zombie? maybe? right above his left eye? kinda like myy guy

    • I don’t know about scars, but losing the glasses is definitely on the agenda. I’ve always hated that he and Stewart have the same face.

  3. and about the news, does this mean that there will be another comic tomorrow? i’d really enjoy that.

    • Hah, quite the opposite. For the next few weeks, we’ll have a new comic on Monday, and that’s it. This is temporary, of course.

      I am hoping, however, to have some guest strips. I already have a great one lined up for later this week.

      • wait, but maybe thats sam having a flashback with his wife, its a unlikley factor but its still in the wordbank

        • Possibly. Kick those theories around.

        • That zombie had better be outside of Clark’s tent. That is that had better not be Clark.

          Capisce, David?

        • Hah. I think Clark wore different color pants.

        • or maybe the zombie is an old person from the story, like that looter who had no shirt, or maybe the looters are sleeping in the tent which they killed clark in, man, so many possibilities

  4. Why does it have to be the same campsite? Tents aren’t too hard to move after all.

    • Very true, Bob, very true.

      • exactly what I was going to point out.

        • But that’s his white day-sack strung up outside! Look carefully!
          Of course, the real question is what was that man doing in the great outdoors with his shirt off? It’s not a thing one does!

        • it’s a thing that a drunk one does. They then pour gas on the fire and shout WEEEE-YUUUUUUHH

        • Good eye/memory on the white backpack Legomiles.

          As far as the shirtless outdoorsman, well, I see people do this all the time. The last time I went camping, I slept with just shorts on. So if I got zombified in my sleep, I’d have been a shirtless, outdoors zombies.

          Only chubbier and with a hell of a lot more chest hair.

  5. true, true, but dont you think that stewart, cheryl, and murphy might cheak the old campsite first? lets just go along with its the same campsite.

    • That’s assuming that Stewart and company are looking for Clark. After their last encounter with him, that seems a little doubtful.

  6. I kindof agree, it doesn’t have to be the same site. If it was me, this is why if during a zombie apocalypse, I’d always be on the move. No where is safe and if it is, it’s only temporary and I wouldn’t want to get too comfortable.

    But yes, it’d be good to see what’s happened with the News Crew and Clark.

    • Excellent points, Fox. I wanted to use the same site just for visual consistency.

  7. Hmm no snoring noises coming from that tent, so whoever is in there is either a very light sleeper or is wide awake and aware of that zombie roaming around outside! 😀

    • Hah. Maybe (s)he just doesn’t snore?

      • Oh, man! My wife snores bordering on “Do you have sleep apnea?” In our context here, it would be loud enough to wake up the dead. Never occured to me as to the impact hers and others snoring would have on the safety of the group!

        • Hah. Hopefully Luis’ wife doesn’t read the comments here.

      • Or if she does read them, hopefully she has a sense of humor. 😉

        • Hah, that would work too.

          Hi Mrs. Luis!

        • Ok, so, because:
          1. June rocks
          2. I have these new friends here showing concern
          3. And, well, it’s still a Life ‘n Death question

          I had da following convo late last night with her:

          Me: Um, honey?
          June: . . . Yes?
          Me: You know that cool Lego cite I keen talking about?
          June: The one with about the zombie apocalips and all those scary gun nuts? Yeah, what about?
          Me: well, um, something came to me of which I’ve never thought about before. How do you think, um, er, how do you think we would, um, address snoring issues?
          June: (without hesitation) I guess I’ll just have to tape my mouth, won’t I? Goodnight honey.
          ~crickets chirping~
          ~Luis shrugs, puts on ear plugs, goes to sleep~

          So there you have it, folks; one more intervention provided by Reader’s Like You.

        • Sorry about da typos! Sleep Deprivation and all that . . .

        • Way to take it all in stride, June.

        • she may be the best wife ever. good on ya!

        • Gun nuts? Gun NUTS?!

          Hey, I resemble that remark!

        • I thought the same thing, Bo!

  8. What I said when I saw the other news: (sarcastic voice) Oh please no more zombie mutts. I thought Pavlovs dogs was a great gueststrip.

    • Yeah, Evan did a hell of a job on that. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with the next time I need to take some time off.

  9. well Dave… that’s a hell of an episode that you got us there! the fig posing is spot-on, the photography/framing and lighting give a great atmosphere. I also like the camp layout, it’s simple but efficient. There is just enough landscaping to avoid the “flat LEGO“ syndrome (don’t look that one up, it’s not an official syndrome, I just made it up but I’m sure everyone here sees what I mean!).

    • Thanks Greg!

      I definitely need to get better about building up a less boring flat ground. This was one of my first attempts. I’m fairly happy with it.

    • I know exactly what you mean, I’m still trying to avoid it in RoO. But I also feel, treating my sets a little like a stage for a play helps and is okay if I get a little of the simplicity that a stage can have.

      • I don’t mind a little simplicity. I don’t think a comic set is generally going to have the same level of detail as a mock, because the focus is primarily the comic itself, not the build.

        But by the same token, I want the world in which my comic is taking place to be well developed.

        • Landscaping is not only complex but it also uses a lot of bricks. I think you have found a good compromise here.

        • Oh yeah, I burned through a hell of a lot of plates here. Damn near all my green. Looks like I need to buy more.

  10. do you think that i could do a guest strip? it could turn out pretty well for me

    • Yeah, why not? Let me know when you put something together.

  11. i even almost have 3 of the main charecters in lego

  12. chyrel is somewhere (in my sisters’ room i presume) i dont know where murphy’s body is, (im still blaming my sisters) and im trying to trade with these guys who most likley have stewarts head, i traveled all of the way to oregen to get stewarts body, im just so happy that im almost done

    • this is either to coolest or creepiest post i’ve read ever. hahahahahaha

      • Why can’t it be both?

      • This post, AC, and your comment Angie made my day, thank you both!

        • no, thank you greg, for actally awnsering to my comment

        • our pleasure! lol

  13. you know dave, a kid usually starts obsesing around your son’s age. mostly super heros, then 4 years later, he gets obsessed with an expensive toy, (video games, lego’s, etc) just get ready for that.

    • He’s obsessed with tractors and other heavy equipment currently. Especially anything John Deere.

      • sounds normal, but that might be because i’m from a farming community.

        • My son has two grandpas with tractors, so it’s pretty easy to see where this comes from.

    • Currently the twins are obsessed by Iron Man. Or, “Tony” to them. They’ve gotten better about his name since I found a beginning reader book that goes through the whole “This is Tony. He has a secret. He is a super hero. He is Iron Man.” thing really effectively. They saw five minutes of the first film – my wife was watching on her computer and they quietly tuned in – and luckily it was the sequence where he’s designing and testing the suit and then smashing his blue sports car.

      Me, I’m a big Cap fan, so I’m torn – but I don’t want them obsessed by motorcycles, either, so Iron Man is a good start.

      Maybe this gets picked up later on in the threads, but – your sets were smashed? Oh no! Then again, I’m half-tempted to let mine get broken to free me from the belief that I need to stick with them, but I do love the theatre…

      • I think it’s hilarious that your kids call Iron Man “Tony”, like they’re old friends.

        Yeah, the one set got smashed quite a while ago. It was totally my fault for leaving it out. My son was just playing. It happens.

        • I hate to spill Tony’s drinking problem to them, but they’d likely just recommend a sippy cup.

  14. Glad to have you back, Dave.

    As for what I’d like to see, more back story, more of the cast of thousands that you started with, and more characterization. What are the characters goals? How will they survive? Where are they going? And will Murphy ever find any ammunition for his trusty rusty M14?

    • Thank you, sir!

      Goals are a good one, and I mean beyond “To not get eaten by zeds.”

      • Yeah, eventually the characters will have to move up Maslow’s hierarchy a bit. That’s human nature. I mean, if all they’re doing is running around like chickens that doesn’t make for exciting reading.

        A good story of how society deals with zombies long terms is Joe Lansdale’s On the Far Side with Dead Folks . In it quality of life took a major step backwards, but continued. Life has to go on.

        • I haven’t heard of that one, Bo. Time to add it to the ol’ wishlist.

        • I don’t know if it’s collected into a trade or not. I got it as a miniseries when I was buying comics again for a while.

          Definitely pick up his Jonah Hex book Jonah Hex: Two Gun Mojo- the best zombie story ever, in my not so humble opinion.

        • I’ve never read Jonah Hex either, but I’ve heard good things. Shame that movie they made of it was reportedly such a turd.

        • Definitely worth a read. I don’t know what happened to my copy.


      • You know what an M21 is? It’s an M14 with a scope. LRB Arms makes an M14S receiver with integral rings; but it’s still an M14S (a semiautomatic M14).

        The M14 rifle is a weapon system I know quite a bit about. I have three of the semiauto versions. It’s my SHTF weapon of choice (just like Murphy, it appears).

        • I noticed you called it an M14S before, but I thought the semi-auto version of the M14 was the M1A? Did I hear wrong? It’s not like I can get either where I’m at, so I’ve only got hearsay to go on. As he’s a cop, could it be an automatic M14? I’m not sure exactly what US cops have. (Beyond the fact they carry sidearms as routine, of course)

          I wonder if Murphy is expecting to find more ammunition for his, or if it’s more of a psychological thing. I mean, I understand .308 is pretty common in the US, but isn’t it a pretty heavy rifle to be carrying just on the off-chance?

        • An M14 has a selector switch, even if it’s disabled (according to the ATF, a machine gun is always a machine gun). An M1A is a semiautomatic M14, and a trademark of Springfield Armory, Incorporated (not ever to be confused with the old government Springfield Armory). Since “M1A” is a registered trademark folks have come up with other names for their semiautomatic M14’s, among them “M14S” and “M14SA”. I use “M14S”.

          Murphy could have a military M14. I think there were a few lent to to local law enforcement over the years. They certainly have agency exemptions to FOPA ’86. It could be privately-owned, as well.

          I’d carry mine, even if it was empty. .308 is one of the most common centerfire rifle calibers in the United States.

  15. “- after the move – things will be back to normal.” Bwa, ha, ha!! From someone who spends so much time identifying cliches and irony, I found your quote hilaroius! Wecome partially back, dude.

    As to continuity issues, welcome to the comics side of your comics. Marvel Comics used to be a stickler for continuity; and their fans were quick to flash-mob with torches if they messed up. Then, somewhere along the line, they stopped caring and where all over the map on story, history and continuity. DC Comics would do wholesale “Crises” as a way to clean up their massive continuity problems. DC finally just redid ALL their stories ala Star Trek relaunch of new movies. Maybe today’s story is an Alternate Reality in in the Multidavozombieverse! 😀

    • Hah, thanks Luis.

      I’m trying to stay positive here as far as moves and schedules and all that. But I’ve lived in my current home for eight years. Getting resettled is going to take some time and effort.

    • Yeah, I was one of those guys always searching for Marvel Comics’s coveted “No-Prize”. To win such prize the reader had to point out something out of continuity, then explain to the comic editor how and why it really wasn’t out of continuity, effectively retconning it on the spot.

      I miss those days. 😉

      • I had never heard of the “No Prize” until someone started talking about it in the comments here a while back. It’s a fantastic concept.

      • Yeah! The No-Prizes were awesome! Lot’s of creative, nerdish effort was put into reconciling the discrepancies and continuity errors. My kids and I play at that with today’s movies.

        • That’s not a bad idea, Luis!

        • I bow before supreme nerd effort there. I’ve not had the time to get back into nitpicking movies; but I did used to take a certain satisfaction in pointing out errors to friends and family. Now retconning those errors, that takes talent.

        • Bo, not a talent but a lifestyle! We do this so often that we can hardly have a convo without referencing, alliuding or quoting a movie. One time, when my younngest, now 21 was 12, he and I had a 15 minute convo only using Matrix I quotes. It was assume!

        • Life’s been too hard for that now, frankly, what with me being out of work post-college, and trying to take care of the kids. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch something that wasn’t on PBS Kids or a Disney movie. I can probably have that conversation with you in all Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty quotes…

          Ugh. 😉

  16. oh, and the name AC, is just my enitials. i want to get that straight real fast

    • Aleister Crowley?

      • Alternating current?
        Armor class?

        • my real name is Aaron Cowan, but i like AC better

        • Alternating Current, Armor class?
          Bo I love you.

        • Hey, we nerds gotta stick togetther (as I post this to a LEGO fan site).

    • i lobve initials. my kid is a CJ – short for “first name” and junior.

    • Do you remember “Saved by the Bell?” The hot jock’s name was AC Slater and he was played Mario Lopez.

      • God I cannot stand Mario Lopez.

        • As heartfelt a prayer as we get on these threads, Dave…

        • I really hope God shines his loving grace down on me with this one. Destroy Mario Lopez’s career, Lord. Destroy it, and plow it under with salt.

    • he AC i thought it meant air conditioner….lol!

  17. Is it me or does the zombie look a bit lost? Like he’s thinking “Oh, I see a tent over there. I’ll go that way.” But then he gets there and forgets what he was looking for.

    • “Squirrel!”

      • You so get me. lol

        • Zombies are not exactly known for their intellect or self awareness. I figure they wander around until they find something to eat; and chase it until they catch it.

          Simple machines, really.

        • What Bo said is pretty well exactly what I was going for here.

    • This is the way I see it :

      “Pete checked the invite again…..MIDNIGHT FEAST, CAMP SITE, INVITE YOUR FIENDS…….He called out ….’Mark’….. but no reply …….’Rab?’…..nothing…….did he have the right campsite?”

      Welcome back Dave! 🙂

      • glad it’s not just me. lol

      • Hah. Thanks Dex!

  18. and i’d like it if no one made fun of my last name, i get pretty pissed of when people make fun of it

    • What’s there to make fun of?

      Also, probably the worst tactic for avoiding getting made fun of: asking people not to make fun of you.

      • thanks dave, but the insult everyone at school calls me is “Cowface” ive got a few other nicknames like GI Jackass, Sir farts a lot, and countless others, its why i mostly visit this site on my psp in the closet.

        • Man, I’m really sorry to hear that. School-age kids in a group can be real jerks, sometimes.

        • Kids can be assholes. Don’t let it bother you too much, a lot of people go through that crap.

  19. im not making fun of you

    • Cowan sounds like Gawain.
      Gawain = awesome ergo Cowan = awesome too!

  20. yea me neither

  21. thanks mysterious people who i found on the internet

  22. but anyway, its not like anyones going to visit this page after 4 more come out

    • There’s always the people doing archive dives. Of course, they probably aren’t going to read 100+ comments.

      • ~clang!~ ~clang!~

        “Who knows for whom the trolls bell? They bell for thee!”

        • Hah!

  23. by the way? if im twelve, does that make me the youngest known reader on this website

    • Maybe! I know our oldest reader is in his upper 50’s

      • man, what a looser!

        • Yeah, because family men aren’t allowed to have largely benign hobbies, especially things they can share with their kids, like LEGO…


        • you know what, i take that back

        • But the comment will remain, forever.
          Commentary like this reveals character. Sure, we are quick to forgive; but it is wise to think twice before posing anything to an open community like this. People have long memories; and comments linger long after the sentiment is passed.

  24. It’s got to be really scary at night in the wilderness, without even light pollution, when there are zombies about! Personally, I would give a night time scene just a little bit of soft, low-contrast blue light – but I really like how you’ve darkened then to the point you can just barely see what’s going on, that probably works better for a zombie comic.

    And I’m actually pretty excited about the guest strips. 😉

    • Yeah, out in the wilderness without any light polution at all with shambling hordes out looking to make a self-propelled combo meal out of you would be a little freaky. I’d be sure to set up lots of noise-making booby traps (tin can tripwires and such). It’s not like zombies would be looking for them.

      • I’ve actually seen that done once, in a movie called The Dead (very original title, huh?). It’s set in Africa, and the main characters are a white man and a black man (ooh, racial tension – but it turns out they’re both fighting for the same cause!). At one point, camping out in the African wilderness, they set up strings around the perimeter of the campfire with cans of pebbles.

        • It’s an old chestnut that really works against the uninitiated, or folks without NODs (that’s “night observation device” for you, Dave).

          Bet yer sweet Bippy that I’d have trip wires like this all around my perimeter in the event of a zombie outbreak. If things really went south I’d rig up deadfall traps and snares, too. I could even rig up a few parachute flares, if the ground cover isn’t too dry.

        • The second pair of parenthenses remined me of a Maddox article.

      • Would bone rattling traps work? I have no clue as I have never actually walked around placing up those kinds of traps, and waited for unsuspecting people to walk into a string of hanging bones.

        • That would certainly scare the living, don’t know about the dead, though. I mean, if I ran into a bunch of wind chimes made of human bones I’d likely pee down both legs. 😉

        • This whole conversation is fantastic. Carry on, everyone.

        • Well I remember something about bones clanking together that would make a very unique sound that kinda just travels. Though as a fear tactic it would work, perhaps even better than a head on a stick.

          And also perhaps dummies placed up along roads, perhaps one sitting down or one standing up. But placing them just far enough where it looks human but you can’t see details. If they shoot with out question you know they are only there to cause pain.

        • I recall bone having a distinct sound, too (although I have never tried it).

          Funny thing about dummies: a couple of police departments in rural southern Utah and northern Arizona use dummies in police cars like scarecrows, to attempt to control traffic. The departments leave the cars parked on the side of the road with mannequin policemen appearing to “run radar”, although they’re really just sitting there. I always get a good chuckle when I drive passed them.

          I don’t think that would work against anyone that was serious about infiltrating an area of operations. The opposing force would move slow, and scout with binoculars or a magnified rifle optic.

          It would be worth a shot though, if your LP/OP (listening post/observation post) had overwatch on the dummies position. Of course that LP/OP would have to be well camouflaged and capable of interdicting the road.

        • i know a good trap, its like i said on the brickwarriors webpage, i have the ol’ fishing pole with meat on it as i slowly lure its head twards the bear trap, then WHAM! my cow, my meat

    • heh, and just wait untill you see my guest strip, its sad but funn6

  25. Argh. Seems like something like this happens a lot in lego webcomics, which is why I end up forgetting to read them.
    Oh well.

    • Something like what?

      • Things get sidetracked and comics come less frequently, until the reader forgets to read them, maybe?

        • That’d be my guess.

          Sometimes things get busy for a while. That’s just life. I’m trying to be as transparent about things as possible.

        • “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
          -John Lennon

        • Fantastic quotation.

        • I understand, but it seems to happen all the time, not here, but one way or another all of the comics I want to read aren’t going at the same time.

        • This certainly has seemed like the year to go on haitus. I don’t like doing it, but with a newborn, a three year old, and moving a hundred miles away, well, something had to give.

          But at least it’s temporary.

      • well, its a suprise attack aginst an old game

  26. If we’re coming back to this guy then.. F’yeah.

    • F yeah indeed.

  27. can anyone donate a stewarts head and cap in return for a gold dollar?

    • A gold dollar?

      Just use bricklink.com. Stewart’s head and hat are both fairly common pieces.

      • While we’re on the topic of where to find parts – I’m calling this one “BotD starter pack”.

        • Yes indeed. Three of the four original characters were straight out of LEGO boxes. Sam might have been too; I honestly can’t recall.

        • That’s not a bad set.

          Speaking of, did you see the new Monster Hunter Battle pack? It has a repaint of the MF series 1 zombie in it.

          I’ll be on the lookout for it just to pick one up, for giggles.

        • I have indeed seen it, and I’m quite excited about it.

          I really need to start putting stuff like that in the blog.

        • Speaking of, has anyone tried the minifig firearms from Si-Dan. I know they’re ROC-made, which sucks; but I need some minifig GLOCKs. I can’t find one anywhere. Brickarms has an H&K M23; but I can’t stand them. I wouldn’t even want my minifigs to pack one :p (I know I showed a pic of a minifig w/ an XM8, but I’m pretending it doesn’t suck as much as it does IRL. I just wanted a sci-fi looking rifle).

        • That was a solid set for the value. I didn’t see a Monster Hunters minifig pack at the LEGO Store! Dang, I didn’t look closely enough!

          …but they did say that they’ll happily mail out purchases from their store to me, so there’s a sweet free shipping pipeline to be had!

        • I don’t believe the set has been released yet, Lich. It’s not on S@H, anyway.

        • From what I have heard, the MF battle pack is currently only available from Legoland stores… I’m hoping it will be in the Shop@Home soon.
          Bo, you might know that I’m a sucker for guns so please don’t take offence if what I say don’t make sense… What about the “Desert Eagle” produced by Brick Warriors? That’s a pretty cool looking gun… Don’t know if it’s a decent weapon though.

        • Something tells me Bo is not going to have a favorable opinion of the Desert Eagle.

          Re: Si-Dan – I don’t have any of their guns, but I picked up a few of their other items. It’s kind of a mixed bag. I really, really like their sledge hammer. Their combat knife is okay. The gasmask I can’t stand because it’s incompatible with any other headgear (hair, hats, helmets, etc).

        • Yeah, I am no fan of the Desert Eagle IRL. I wouldn’t carry one; so I can’t imagine any band of kickass minifig mercenaries carrying such a shoddy weapon. The HK is a sufficiently high-quality weapon. I am just not a fan.

          You hear that, Brickarms? Where’s my GLOCK? (I’m not yelling. The “GLOCK” brand name is actually all capitalized).

          Yeah, the BrickForge gas mask is not compatible with any other hats, either. They warned me on their website; but for a buck, I thought I would five it a shot.

          Si-Dan has a distributor in the US. I might give it a shot; but I just sent off an order to GIBrick to use that BotD promo code.

      • im all out of money, and my mom’s freaking out because all togeather ive spent $65 dollers on brickarms, and i dont get an allowence unless i mow and rake both lawns, i need to get a job…

        • That’s a lot of cash to drop when you don’t have any cash.

  28. oh and maybe sam’s hair too?

  29. It just hit me… I was re-reading the post and asking myself vaguely – why the hell did Dave write “cha-cha-cha-changes”?
    Let me guess you were listening to Bowie while typing it?

    • I wasn’t listening to Bowie, sadly, but I sure as hell had the song stuck in my head at the time.

      • i hate that song, i like disturbed and avenged sevenfold, im not for that “classic crap” and, this isnt going aginst anyones suckish taste of music

        • When you get older, you’ll find the world isn’t so absolute; and such strong opinions don’t curry favor.


        • Yeah, I remember being a teenager and thinking my opinions were gospel.

        • i like my tatse of music, but i guess that everyone has they’re own tatse

        • Like what you like; but don’t be so critical of others’ tastes.

          You may find yourself liking that “crap” in twenty years as you gain an appreciation for diversity. I know plenty of folks that like Bach to Cannibal Corpse, Simon and Garfunkel to Slipknot.

          I’ll bet you’ll find some eclectic tastes here.

  30. good to have u back dave

    • Thank you, sir.

  31. well i havent written on here in awhile but i love your comic and i love lego zombies

    • Thanks PJ!

  32. I wonder if it’s dawn or dusk,l or if the light is being projected from that fire?

    • Moonlight.

      • Yeah, I was going for stars and the moon. The campfire is just embers (or at least that was my notion).

        • have you ever tried black lights dave? they really look like the fire is glowing

        • I haven’t tried a black light; I should try picking up a bulb and seeing what effect it would have.

  33. did you guys know that im the exact opisite religon from dave? yet i still think that he’s the luckiest guy whose moving at this very moment… i think

    • Religions have opposites?

      That’s news to me.

    • I’m curious, what religion do you think I follow?

      • im pretty sure that your catholic, i dont mind though

        • I was raised Catholic, but I’m not practicing. I’m pretty much agnostic; faith is just something I can’t quite wrap my fingers around.

        • ALL PRAISE CTHULHU! The great dark lord of insanity and confusion! May your minds wash away into panic and chaos as reality falls to pieces.

        • And for your loyalty, may the Great Cthulhu eat you first.

  34. im, not jewish if thats what you think though.

  35. for crying out loud, i live in utah, if that’s not a dead give away

    • Soo… Presbyterian?

      • heh, no, im morman

  36. and im kind of envious that catholic’s only get 1 hour of church, while im in there for 3 hours

    • That’s a lot of church.

      Of course, growing up we had an hour of church, and then another two of Catechism, which I had until I was 17.

      • oh… well my church really bores me out, i usually chew on the extra skin inside my mouth to keep myself awake

    • AC, where do you live? Are you affiliated with the local LUG?

      • oh, well i pretty much live in salt lake city, its like a 20 minute drive there, i live a town called clinton

  37. what in the hell is LUG?

    • I believe it’s “LEGO User Group”.

    • It’s the local LEGO club, the Utah LEGO Users Group, a club for AFOL.


      (That’s “Adult Friends of LEGO).

      • and just because i live in utah, doesnt mean that i know about this whole ”lego” thing, it takes me 5 and a half hours to get from where i live, to southern utah

  38. oh… well im not then, but everyone at school thought i was one of the cooler mormans, that is untill i punched my group leader in the face, thats why i dont have a lot of friends anymore, so anyway, whats so special about LUG?

    • Why the hell did you punch your group leader in the face? Good lord.

      • my group leader was fat, hairy, wore very old shirts, and liked ACDC, i couldnt stand him

    • I don’t condone initiating force.

      What’s special about a LUG? It’s just like any other club. You can share MOC’s, building ideas, give each other heads ups on sales.

      The best thing though are the displays. The local LUG here puts these huge dioramas on display at fairs and shows. I’d do it myself, if I could only find the brick. For crying out loud, why does TLG just not sell monochrome brick by the pound?

      • I’ve heard before that you can buy boxes of brick from the Pick a Brick wall in your LEGO Store. Only ever been to two myself, and the selection wasn’t anything to write home about.

        • The last LEGO store I was in had no plain brick available, in any color. All I want is enough tan or dark red brick to make a good-sized building.

          And if LEGO would put out a few more buildings, instead of cars I’d have a shot at it.

        • I know how you feel. Thankfully, there’s bricklink.

        • Inconvenient as hell, though. Plus I hate paying for shipping plus the inflated cost of the brick. I do have one seller local to me that I like, so no shipping charges. Still, what a PITA.

  39. nice design on da new set dave !

    • Thanks!

  40. i hate texting language

    • What?

      Oh, you’re still hiding in the closet.

      Put the phone down and focus on your studies.

      • im not hiding in my closet, im having a snack, i just like dark places

      • bo, its not a phone, its a PSP, and im not at school, im at my house thinking about my ”toilet paper” scam going around my town

    • AC, I advise to not continuously posting random, and non-topic related material if you would? It’s nice for you to post often to things that are relevant, but when you just go off with things that don’t actually relate or perhaps even go off the wall it makes it page look messy.

      No I didn’t get permission to say this, nor was I told to say this.. I Just felt that the over commenting of useless things (religion, random stuff, and personal stories that don’t relate to any topics at hand.) There is a place where you can go and post stuff that is zombie related in the Extras part of the website. I couldn’t reinforce the idea enough that the comment section of the web comic is for related information and comments (as well as zombies of course).

      I’m sorry Dave about taking this into my hands to perhaps curve the amount of unnecessary comments, but I kinda felt it had to be done. If I was out of place I again apologize.

      • I try to take a pretty loose approach with comment moderation, but I understand the off-topic stuff can be irritating to a lot of people.

        AC: Let’s try to stick a little more on topic, shall we?

        • But if you reign him in too tightly, to whom will I direct my witty retorts?

        • dave im just bored, and this is what i do when im bored

        • and you cant use my own insults aginst me, its not fair

        • im not sure what your talking about bo, and im quite sure that i dont want to know

      • who says nor? how about you buy a thusarus insded of writing a 3 parograth comment that no one bothers to read, i didnt even bother to read the whole thing

        • I’m sorry that you feel that way.

        • Whoa there, young son. This is not a ‘tween internet forum. This is Dave’s site’ and we are his guests. I don’t know how you type in “chat-speak” among your friends; but insulting someone for showing decorum, good taste, and a working knowledge of the written word does not become you. I would advise you to slow down, invest in that thesaurus (or at least a browser with a spellchecker), and consider some common decency, before someone does something we all might regret.


        • i live in a free country, i belive that i can defend myself and speak freely

        • The First Amendment does not apply with regard to someone else’s property. Dave’s definition of propriety and decency trumps your right to free speech.

          That’s a fact.

          Common courtesy should be the order of the day when interacting with strangers, especially using an electronic medium.

        • Okay AC, I’ve had about enough of this. It’s a free country all right, that means your free to get setup your own website. If you want to participate in mine, you do so by my rules.

          I’m not a hardass, and I don’t have much in the way way of rules: Don’t discuss illegal stuff, and be respectful to other posters. If you can’t follow those rules, then we’re going to have to part company. I appreciate you contributing to the community, but not if you’re going to be rude.

        • sorry dave, im just tired of being made fun of, ill try to follow the rules from now on

        • I understand, but reading through the comments here I’m not seeing people making fun of you. We’re all friends here. Let’s just keep that in mind.

      • ‘searches for a “like” button’

        Well said Callicade!

        My sentiments…..In the hands of the host the BanHammer is mighty!

    • i dont like ur face jk

    • i don,t like ur face!!!

  41. You know, Dave, if you regularly keep getting around 200 comments an episode, you’re going to have to upgrade the comments system, or put revolving doors on the website entrance! 😀

    • i really think that there should be a few more games on the site before the whole “revolver” thing gets started

    • This is the most commented on post ever. Kind of cool, really. The only thing on the site with more comments is the Zombie Survival Plan page and one of the contest pages.

      • And a large portion of it was even on-topic.

        We just missed you, man.*

        *No homo

        • thanks bo, how would you like to star in my webcomic?

        • I don’t think you know me well enough to put me in a webcomic; but if you want to tell the tale of an out-of-work nurse, go for it.

          There are lots of exciting tales to tell. Here’s one: tell the story of Perter Rockwell versus the zombies. There has been weird west before, but never with Joseph Smith’s Avenging Angel.

          Think about it. It could be awesome. Take a trip down to Porter’s Place in Lehi. Look at the pictures and smell the history. Now imagine him using his sawed off Colt’s Dragoons revolvers against hordes of zombies unleashed from the pits of hell.

          Wow. I just might make that a webcomic myself.

        • heh, i was going to give you a “bow” and arrow

      • hey dave do you really think that we can reach 400 comments before monday?

        • No, I really don’t. There’s a new comic on the homepage which should pretty well kill the comments here.

  42. cross that actualy

  43. cross both of those comments off

  44. I think it be nice to get back to the news team who haven’t been seen for over a hundred episodes

    • Has in been that long? Good lord.

      Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing them pretty soon.

  45. Abandoning characters in a sequel? What British zombie franchise would do that? 😉 Good to see you back.

    • Hah, glad to see someone picked up on exactly what I was talking about.