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So its clear as day now, the Marvel boys are here to save the day! Your either going to love or hate this idea I think, I just thought it would be a little different to the normal Zombie storyline. I do love the Hulk image though, I’ll post a larger version of it on my Flickr account for sure.

Other News

I toyed with Marvel or DC for a while before deciding on the final result. In the alternate DC Universe world Commissioner Gordon would have been receiving the call, with the like of Batman, Superman and Wonder-Woman appearing to save the day. I also toyed with the idea of mixing both lots of characters into the mix, but that just seemed a little too crazy!

Discussion Question

I’m going to make this one super hero related (for obvious reasons) – which comic book character would you want to be coming to your rescue during the Zombie Apocalypse and why?

And no ones allowed Superman, he’s too powerful. I’m making the zombies kryptonite based just to even it up!

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23 thoughts on “Mark’s Fifth Guest Strip”

  1. I used the incorrect spelling of you’re wrong in the second sentence – my life is ruined!!!

    • Not a true Englishman, eh? 😀

      Interesting that Iron Man doesn’t get any screen time in his (better) suit, but I’m hoping we’ll get plenty more tomorrow with the big finale!

      • The iron man issue will be addressed I promise!

    • Well well….. Superhero classic huh.

      • I love it.

      • Yeah thought if bring back the comic roots of superheroes. Plus I’m a massive fan!!!

  2. Oh my…. what happens when the hulk gets bitten…. or any of these superheroes… superzombies?

    • Thats a good question Foolish, Wolverine has his invulnerability, and Thor’s a God, but the rest of these guys who knows!

    • They did that in Marvel Zombies, and it was not pretty at all. Even Wolverine’s healing factor (which isn’t exactly invulnerability per se) didn’t stop the virus, though the others still had access to most of their powers and enough intelligence to use them effectively. Though, in that world “effectively” meant eating people.
      For some reason, non-supers became regular shambling zeds though, assuming there was enough of them left to turn after big guys like Zombie Hulk got through with them.

      • Hulks skin in impenetrable, no way a zeds teeth are gonna break though it. They did a little stint on that back in the 80s when the Hulk (who was intelligent at the time but not sharing a personality with Dr Banner) got sick and they couldn’t get a blood sample because they couldn’t break his skin. His solution was to punch himself in the nose so hed bled and the superhero docs could collect some. Still, if the Hulk is doing his smash thing and gets infected blood in his eyes or mouth who can say.

        As far as the superhero I want coming to my rescue. No question, Iron Man. Been my favorite since I was a kid.

        Finally the DC angle has me intrigued. What would Batman do in this situation given his strict code on non-lethal force. Would he have to prove to himself that the zeds were actually dead and not just deranged humans? Its not like he had a lit of “shoot them in the head” options.

        • I agree on your hulk points, but what about when he’s Bruce Banner? Surely a zed could catch him by surprise!

          And That’s an excellent point on Batman, I think he’d be more interested in curing the zombies than killing them, the question is would that be his downfall?!

  3. I’m more of a Transformers fan, I watched shows from the 80’s like that. I kinda like X-men, in fact I’m pretty sure there’s a few X-men who could not only handle zombie bites but cure everyone of them with their super powers. 😉

    Transformers vs. zombies would be interesting to see done, not sure exactly how though. Megatron would probably get to say a line with “rotting maggots” in it though! 😉

    • Now we just need lego transformers (that are better than the Kreo ones :/ )

  4. Perhaps Deadpool? He’s insane already, so he makes the perfect Zombie novel protagonist/antagonist, plus he has dual swords.

    • I’m so annoyed – I have a deadpool and left him out-such an oversight!

      • I was also going to ask about him, too :p (Big deadpool fan!)

  5. I’ll take Wolverine, thank you. He’ll either protect me or I’ll die very happy.

    • I think thats a good call, in my opinion he’d be immune to a zombie virus, and his claws would work perfectly in close quarter fights with Zeds.

      And as my wife would say, he’s hot!

  6. I’ll pick Thor… For the hammer ! I personnaly never have been a fan of marvel though. But I really love your Z / DC mix.

    The Z probably came from the evil mind of a new super vilain ?

  7. Great use of the color bricks in the last 4 panels. Brings a very cool super hero comics visual.

    Mark you really have a gift… I mean your different sets are perfect, nice pictures, cool editing of the panel. I can’t imagine how much time you spent on this project. Amazing dude !

    Thank you Dave for let us enjoy Mark’s work ! You guys rock !

    • Thanks Pi3rk, I was really happy with the super hero comic look so I’m glad you appreciate it too.

  8. wheres lego zombie superman… lol!!… I have one… 🙂

  9. Thor of course. Though if you’re excluding Superman, I don’t know why you wouldn’t exclude Thor as well.. I mean.. GOD of thunder and all, also I believe Mjolnir is extremely lethal to undead as it’s a religious artifact.

    Bifrost us the hell out of here Heimdall!