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So here’s my version of a M.Night Shyamalan twist. If you don’t get it from this episode the next one will make it clear (but seriously, how do you not know who this guy is?). I did put some subtle hints in the first couple of episodes, time to go back and have a look to see if you can spot them 🙂

Other News

I’m a massive fan of some of the non-lego made accessorises you can get these days. I’ve been dying to use the Brixi can for ages now, and I’m very pleased with the result. I’d thoroughly advise seeing whats out there, some of my favourite bits have been taken out of Mega Bloks sets.

Discussion Question

If you received a phone call to say zombies where roaming the streets, what do you think your initial reaction would be?

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28 thoughts on “Mark’s Fourth Guest Strip”

  1. For those of you who don’t know who he’s talking about I suggest googling it! 😀

    • More importantly BrickVoid, what do you think of the twist? Did you spot the hints in episodes 1 & 2?

      • What I meant was that until I had googled it, I had never heard of that person. Where hints are concerned, I really don’t pick up on them that much at all, especially not if I’m unfamiliar with whoever or whatever it is you’re hinting about.

      • Also FYI: I would much prefer if you’re using a reference to whatever, that you include it in the discussion for the comic rather than making it a hint. If I did recognize something it takes that much longer for me to verify what I’m looking at because I have to wait for your response confirming or denying what I thought I picked up on.

  2. Maybe the Spiderman-Comic is a hint 😉

    • Well spotted sir!

  3. Well…I did not see that coming! Go X-men! 😉

    • Always good to have a little twist in a shirt series like this 🙂

    • X-men… avengers…. what’s the difference 😉

      • Well seeing as they actually fought each other at one point ( I’m guessing a lot!

        Strangely Wolverine has been in both teams

  4. Recognized out friend above immediately. Then I went back and found the hints in episodes 1 and 2. Its kind of ironic since I did all my comic book reading back in the late 80’s to mid 90’s and our buddy Nick had a markedly different appearance in comic form then he does in the movies. Makes me wonder about the various members of the “team” possible getting zombified in the coming conflict. The guest comic hasent really delved into the mechanism that’s causing zombification, but Im assuming its a virus. Some “team” members are armored and some are invulnerable, but will invulnerability protect you if you get infected blood in your eyes or mouth? You can probably assume that “team” members who rely on skills or complex weapon systems would lose their combat effectiveness if zombified. But others who posses more basic powers would make some truly horrific zeds. Just food for thought…..big green food for thought.

    • You should read Ex-Heroes by Pete Cline, it’s a Zombies and super-heroes mash-up.

      • That looks interesting. Have you read the whole series?

        • Only the first one so far, I did have a few minor complaints about it but it’s a great story. Here is the full review.

        • … and here is the review of the second book in the series.

      • I’ve heard about this series before, not gotten around to it yet though. Heard nothing but good things so far

      • Interestingly there is also a series call Marvel Zombies, and none other than Mr Robert “Walking Dead” Kirkman was involved. The cover is awesome, you can see it here:

    • I have thought long and hard about the who would survive by powers and who would have to survive by skill. Definitely an interesting topic

  5. Haha, I was wondering how you were going to round this story in 6 episodes! Go go Nick!

    • Who said anything about rounding the series up?!?! HAHAHA!

  6. OK I see the poster in ep 1 but I can’t find the hint in ep 2. Anyone find it?

    Love the second shot with the phone and can. Way creative!!

    • Look at the newspaper hes reading

    • I was just coming back to say I found it. I skipped day 2 by mistake. Great Easter Egg! lol

      • Was very happy when I found the newspaper in my extras tub. Funny thing was people commented on how cool the paper is at the time but no-one picked up on the front page story!

  7. I’m a 100% sure I wouldn’t believe someone calling me to describe the Z apocalypse… No chance ! Until I witness it myself.

    Which means I’m gonna be late trying to save my asses…

  8. Just asking Mark, does your comic have a title ?? It sure deserve one. (I hope I did not miss it).

    • I’ve called it Zegoland (see the description in the first episode). You never know, I might leave it open ended enough for me to continue the series in the future…

      • Sounds good to me. Both the title and the fact you can continue the story 😉