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Zombie Cliche Lookout: A New Hero

Let it not be said that I don’t pay attention to my fans. You guys have been asking for an exciting new character to be introduced into the comic, and today I finally delivered. Let’s all join in to welcome out newest zombie survivor: Jesus Christ. I have to confess, this character isn’t an original creation of mine; I’m borrowing him from another book. Regardless, I think everyone is going to be really happy with the new addition.

Unlike our other characters, Jesus has several advantages in that he’s the immortal son of God, and capable of all manner of miracles. Where our other heroes have to rely on improvised weapons and firearms, Jesus can use magic to destroy the undead, or anyone else that gets in his way. Also, he’s got a cool robe.

About this Episode:

While a lot of you guys were able to predict my moves in the last few episodes, I’m happy to say that not a single one of you saw this little twist coming.

Other News:

I was pretty excited about this episode, so I bumped it ahead by a day. So we’ll get reviews tomorrow instead of a comic.

Discussion Question: What Do You Think?

So I’m curious, what does everyone think about our new addition to the cast? Are you excited to see how the comic changes with Jesus around? Sick of seeing Sam and Jesus, and want to jump back to some other characters? Let me know.

My prediction is that he won’t be quite as popular as Scrimshaw, Bricks of the Dead’s long running favorite character, but you guys are still going to love him. You know, except for those of you who find this offensive and/or blasphemous.

Oh, and to those people, sorry about that.

37 thoughts on “Jesus Christ: Zombie Slayer”

  1. Jeebus Chris? Is that you? I was not expecting this. I say we keep him, see where this goes. And for all we know, good old Sam might be suffering from some type of hallucination and Hallelujah praise the lawd, Jeebus Chris appeared!
    Like Dave said, sorry if this offends anyone.

    • Glad to see I can still surprise you guys.

  2. Jesus Christ and Abe Lincoln should get together and kick some supernatural ass.

    • I have an Abe Lincoln somewhere.

  3. Finally! You finally did a good thing Dave. To be honest I was thinking about moving away from BOTD. The storyline is getting very predictable and these Zombies… well… if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. And then year after year the same characters, it’s a good thing some of them get killed so we have something exiting to watch. I don’t know why I hung around so long.

    But now… You’ve finally created a character I can relate to, who has the powers I have. I am very, very…. VERY exited about this one and will be around for the years to come, just to see how JC will do in your world. Ah man, this is amazing!

    So a toast to the rebirth and revitalization of BOTD! And btw; now I’m hoping that next time the Z’s appear they will be fast! We have seen enough of these slow ones.

    Thanks a million Dave 🙂

    • My pleasure, sir!

  4. Bahahahahahahahaha! You didn’t catch me out, but this is hilarious!

    • I have a to try.

  5. They say he can magically bring back people from the dead, too, no matter how badly damaged, diseased, or bullet-ridden their corpses are! 😀

    Now, if God would actually let him do that I’m sure the Vatican would have a few people they’d like to bring back! 😀

    • Very good point, BV.

      • By the way, I hope that crack about there being no episode Wednesday was a joke, if not, get cracking on the episode or you’ll be late! 😀

        Seriously, though, I had my fun while it was April 1st, today I want to find out what Sam’s excuse is, for real! 😉

  6. Does this mean Jesus will get Bricks of The Dead off the farm now? Finally, a true miracle!

    • That would be quite the miracle.

  7. hahahaahahahaha!

    • I don’t know what’s so funny.

  8. Nope. Over the top. Sorry, just how I see it.

    • Yeah, I figured this wouldn’t be for everyone. No offense intended, of course.

    • PK. You reeled me in…

      • Yay!

  9. OK, that is. You got me.

    • Oh snap, I actually got someone! Sweet!

    • LOL… you made my day Bo. Haha

  10. Jesus ‘Zombie Slayer’ it’s almost like Blade from that movie series of the half vampire. Truly an outrageous concept, but in the end it some how works.. I like it.

  11. Well all I see here is that the boss is back and he wants to let us know ! During a hiatus / broken leg, you have Mark, a guest writer who made 6 amazing episodes. Now you have Dave, owner of the site, “Ok Mark you brought the Avengers in, I’m gonna go all Jesus on you ! I’m bringing The Lord ! What’s your answer ?”

    Maybe aliens…

  12. lol well played Dave, you had me for a couple of seconds I was like “whaaa??… oh, yeah right.”

  13. I have often espoused the theory that humanity is just Gods Reality TV. Dave has just proved my case in a microcosm. Action was getting a little slow and needed a dramatic twist, Presto! toss in a new character with a reputation as a real troublemaker to shake things up. Dont believe me? consider his bio.

    Resists established authority
    Speaks his mind no matter who he offends
    Hangs out with a less then reputable crowd
    Questionable relationship with his step-father
    Lays claim to some very powerful connections
    Hangs out with a woman of questionable character but claims their just friends.

    Lets just hope his arrival isn’t the BOTD “Cousin Oliver” moment. Google it if you done know what im talking about you punk kids.

  14. Jesus Saves. 😀

  15. Hahahahahahaha, love it. I don’t normally check this site on Tuesdays, but something told me that *today* I needed to check it. So glad I did. Thanks for the laugh right when I needed it!

    • I don’t even know what to sayyyyyy…..Plot twist!!!!! Maybe it is a hallucination? Awesome none the less.

  16. But he is the original zombie, come on 3 days to rise? Time to see how you Shakespeare with this one. Pun meant.

  17. Well, okay. He is in a chapel, after all.

  18. Time to wake up Sam. That bunk to the back of the head was harder then you thought. Open your eyes and you will see Abe standing over you.

  19. LOL!


  20. What’s next? The devil???

    • Ohhhhh… it’s an April Fool’s trick!!! Is it so?

  21. um… A little late for April Fools, but this is the biggest plot twist in the history of plot twists. Good job, Dave for making something so random 🙂 I would have had an easier time seeing the flying spaghetti monster descend from the skies and throw duffel bags of action figures on the bad guys.

    • Not if you look when it was posted. Different time zones and all that jazz. He posted it on April fools.

      Nice one Dave!

      And… did Bo actually buy it? or was he counter april foolsing? 🙂