Episode 461: Enough Already

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Dead to Rights

While this trope is more at home in action flicks, it’s certainly no stranger to horror and zombie stories. I’m talking, of course, about when one character is completely surrounded and outgunned by another group. The interesting thing about this trope is that the character in question can be a good guy or a bad guy.

Whether they’re a good or bad guy usually affects how they react to such a situation. A typical good guy is likely to assess the situation, realize that his/her options are limited, and surrender. A badass anti-hero, on the other hand, might just stand off against the group until some sort of third party comes around and decides things one way or another. Bad guys, on the other hand, are going to turn the tables. They might pretend to surrender to get into the good guys’ base. Or they’re just slaughter everyone and walk away unscathed.

About this Episode:

I’m not sure how well it comes across here, but the other characters are slowly encircling Sam, making things that much tougher for him.

Oh, and that Jesus thing was an April Fool’s thing. He’s not going to be around again, other than for special occasions like everyone’s favorite character (Scrimshaw). I think Jesus and Scrimshaw are going to get along well.

Discussion Question: I Need Your Questions

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, I’m trying to build up my YouTube channel a bit, so I thought it might be fun to do a question and answer feature. Nothing fancy here, just me answering your questions about making the comic, zombies, LEGO®, or whatever else you happen to come up with. Before I start doing this, I want to prime the pump a bit and get a dozen or so questions to start with.

So, what do you want to know?

15 thoughts on “Episode 461: Enough Already”

  1. I missed that episode with jesus. I laughed. absoltely brilliant. Would be good as a dream spin-off or something. Also makes me think of south park.

    • Hah, thanks!

  2. I have a few questions:

    What brought you to make the comic? (thats probably the most obvious question)

    Why did you choose lego? My friend can make an incredible zombie from a GI Joe action fig.

    What were the hardest things about making the comic?(lighting,cats ruining the sets etc.)

    Do you have anyone help with building your sets? They look complicated and tricky to master alone.

    Thats all, its just stuff thats been bugging (or I’ve just been wondering)so yeah…

    PS Check your emails, I have a few ideas there.

    Lots of love: Shifted :3

    • Awesome questions; thank you!

      I didn’t get the email; would you mind resending?

      • I resent, tell me if it gets to you.

  3. Hey, did you realise that the watermark still says 2013?

    • Oh hell. I’ll get that fixed going forward. Thanks Kang00.

  4. I’m curious on how much time you spend weekly for Building/Editing ?

    Are you on a routine, a specific schedule or do you build/edit when an idea pops out ?

    What is the hardest part : Building sets (imagine them also) or inventing the story (make it coherent, characters’ bio,…) ?

    If I remember you said you wished you could have started a brickfilm project but a lack of patience stopped you. My question would be, did you choose between making a high quality comic instead of a maybe not so good Brickfilm ?

    • Awesome, thank you, Pi3rk!

  5. Questions?
    1) he suppose to be a “red neck” stereotype?
    2) Custom paint? If so, awesome job.
    3) new camera tricks? They have worked well together to convey the emotional level the group is on.

    • The guy with the ax? Sort of; they’re all sort of “survivalist” stereotypes.

      What are you referring to with the custom paint?

  6. I have a feeling that dad might be waking up sometime, and causing a distractions so that sam can escape.

    • Hah, you never know.

    • How about Abe’s group waiting for him to awake… and take his “revenge” on Sam !

  7. Sudden zombie reanimation and ambush in 3, 2, 1…